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Hugi looking over the script of this years show. We praise God that for the second time, she has committed to serving with us in this ministry. Practice for the puppet show is going well. However, we are struggling in preparing for the dramas that we will present for the teens. Please pray for us to be able to be ready for this Friday for our first show in Petőfibánya's public school.


While we do have teens that attend our Sunday service, only two of them are saved. Most of the other teens are so worldly and lack discipline that they have caused disruption and distraction in our services. In order to not shut them out completely and keep the door open to minister to them, we are directing them to our Friday night outreach. By God's grace, if they come to know Christ, they will no longer be disrupters of worship service and rather participate in praising God with us.



This Friday teen outreach continues to gain momentum. We moved the start time up one hour in order to have musical worship and small group Bible study together. We were thankful for the added help of Heidi (pictured above left) who previously lived in petofibanya and served on our team. Mani (pictured to the right of Heidi), also came out to help as well.


Above: The old men battling against the teens in table football. Unfortunately, we couldn't withstand the undefeated champs Gabi K. and Zoli.

Please pray for us as we continue to develop this Friday night ministry.


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Above L: On Sunday, Peti who preaches every other week, encouraged us to examine our willingness and commintment to prayer. He reminded us that God sometimes allows suffering and overwhelming situations to enter our lives in order to draw us closer to Himself. It is in those times that we are surrendered in prayer and truly fully depending on His deliverance.

As Peti had been in prayer over the past year considering our invitation that he serve as an elder in our church, God confirmed that he should move to Petőfibánya and serve with us. Peti is engaged and plans to be married to Edina later this year. Please pray that Peti would be able to find an apartment in Petőfibánya and a job that would provide for them financially as they serve along side of us.

Above R: Julika continues to go through various tests as doctors determine the next steps to take in battling her cancer. She is in need of wisdom and direction from God in this difficult time. Please pray for healing! We met with Julika last week to discuss her ideas for our VBS which she usually leads. She shared how she had come to know Christ in VBS camp when she was nine years old. Someone was teaching on John 14, where Jesus said He was the way, the truth and the life. It was at that moment that Julika understood that Jesus was the way of salvation. We hope that through Julika's work in our VBS that there will be many more children that turn to God at a young age as they hear and understand His word.


Above: Sharon wishing Eszti a happy birthday after service with Scripture and prayer.


Our Monday night English classes were far from full, as sickness continues to keep students resting at home. Even our family and half the team are in different stages of the flu.

Church members Gabi K. and Hugi attended as well as Istvan (eesht-vawn) and his 13 year old son Dávid. We studied Jesus' teaching of having to be born again when He met with Nicodemus. I am not sure where Istvan stands in relation to the Savior, but our team has often worked with his wife who is a believer. From what I understand, he does not attend church, and these may be his first steps in moving closer to the Lord.


Csilla (ch-ee-la) who has been attending since last year informed us that she may no longer be able to come because of serious health problems. From what I understand she may even have to go to the US for surgery. Please pray that God would draw her to Himself through this difficult time in her life. Pray that we would know a proper course of action to show God's love and encouragement to her.
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