June 2011


Above: As volunteers, we were thankful for the bonding that took place over the week as kids began to treat us as family and recognized our love for them.

Above: Even small gestures were powerful to us like a hand on the shoulder, a kid using me as a punching bag, a crowd of kids gathering around and telling me about their lives. We’ll miss these kids.

Above: The final skit was powerful for the kids. The main character Sam began putting all of the armor to use in His life in a battle that involved him fending off the deceptions and lies of Satan with truths from God’s scripture that He had learned over the week. As He continued to resist the enemy by proclaiming God’s truth, an angle unexpectedly sprinted from behind the auditorium with two cream pies finishing hIm off.

Above: I was very impressed with the drama team and hope to take some of these concepts back to Hungary for use in future VBS or other camp events.

Above: Parents were invited to a barbecue after camp and participate in closing ceremonies. I enjoyed meeting a few of the kids’ parents and sharing encouraging words with them. The pastor of one supporting church involved in this camp gave a short message to the parents and kids and afterwards each child received a Bible and group photo. Many of these kids are planning on attending a Basketball Camp coming up in a few months where there will be more opportunity to build into their lives and share the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

May the Lord cause growth to those seeds which have been planted through this outreach and bless these children with an understanding of His love through Jesus Christ.


While Ben and I were busy at Soccer Camp, Elianna was attending an art camp at our home church for the week.

Above: Elianna working with a crayon melting gadget (otherwise known as a hotplate).

Above: Elianna showing Pop-Pop her work from the past week.

Above: Allen’s parents, Bob and Su at Elianna’s Art Camp closing ceremony. We were so thankful for financial help that we received to be able to send Ellie to this camp and for this opportunity for Ellie who is a gifted artist. Ellie also had more time with friends she has been connecting with while in the US and we are thankful for these deepening friendships.


Praise God that our monthly support level has reached 80%! With just two weeks remaining in the US it is our prayer and hope that we will receive the added faith commitments to get us up to 100%.

We would enjoy sharing our vision and ministry with you personally or with your small group. It would be great if you could contact us sooner than later. You can reach us at: 302-220-8044

For support information please follow this link.


Above: God has been gracious to clear up the thunderstorms each morning as we begin arriving at soccer camp. We were especially thankful for the cooler overcast weather today.

Above: Part of the daily skit that transitioned into a real invitation to put faith in Jesus Christ yesterday. All the kids went up to the stage, and God knows which ones truly understood and put their faith in Jesus Christ. God was making clear that He is a good Father who does not leave or forsake his children. As I mentioned in my last post, many of these kids don’t have fathers at home and are great need of the love of God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Above: Introducing the shield of faith to the kids which can extinguish the flaming darts of the evil one. The performance communicated the ongoing battle of those who put their faith in Jesus. It was great to see the kids wanting more when the skit ended on a cliffhanger. They can’t wait for the conclusion tomorrow.

Above: Kids making their own shield of faith art with today’s memory verse.

Above: Some of the older players that I’ve been involved with over the past few days. I am thankful for progressively better days with the kids in helping them resolve conflict and keeping them positive. These kids have been quick to connect with me and I enjoy knowing each one by name and knowing more about their unique personalities. One (6 year old) was sure to invite me and my family to his birthday party. One girl that I was speaking to this morning at the registration tables told me about her grandmother helping her study Psalm 23. Many of these kids have believing grandparents or parents that are doing all they can to help their children know the Lord. I recall what Paul said to Timothy:

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well.”

May the Lord pass on sincere faith from generation to generation and bless the minority of these kids who do have believing parents with a deep understanding of God’s love for them in Jesus Christ.



Above: Ben in hot pursuit as two teams battle it out. As we stepped out of the house this morning, there was a light drizzle and the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms throughout the day. God was gracious to hold back the rain, which allowed the kids to be outside and enjoy the day.

Above: The team continued teaching on the whole armor of God, reviewing the helmet of salvation and introducing the sword of the Spirit.

Above: Closing out the day with a bookmark craft that pictures the sword of the Spirit.

As we were finishing up our crafts for the day, one of the boys on my team shared with me that his father was in prison. His mother has been raising him since birth. Another boy chimed in about his father being in prison for 10 years. With such negative experiences, it is sometimes difficult for these kids to understand the love of God our Father. We hope to be an extension of God’s love to them and to personally touch their lives this week.

Above: Ben having some fun with Tyrell.

Please continue to pray for kids on my team who have lived a life of constant fighting and have brought aggressiveness into the camp. Today, one of my kids was in tears form being made fun of, and later in a soccer game a fist fight nearly broke out. I continue to ask you all for wisdom to be a role model and mentor for these kids this week. Pray for them to know encounter Jesus through us and to come to know Him through the teaching each day.


Above: Enjoying some family time together at the Brandywine Zoo. Last week, we successfully rescheduled our return flight with the airlines and will be back in Hungary just in time for English Camp.

We praise God that our monthly support level has reached 78% and we continue to hope and pray that we can be at 100% before returning next month.

If you would like to join our monthly support team, you can find information here: support


Above: Ben warming up with other kids as we began our first day of soccer camp in Wilmington. Although we had hoped to be back in Hungary by now, I am thankful that both Ben and I can participate in this camp because of our extended stay. We hope to reach many kids through this outreach and will be sharing the gospel with them throughout the week. My responsibility is coaching the 10-11 year olds and it was clear within minutes of getting to know my team that I had my work cut out for me. Would you join me in asking that I have the wisdom to speak into their lives and to be an encouragement and role model throughout the week?

Above: Tyrell (center looking at camera) had a pretty tough day. I had to pull him aside multiple times and was close to calling his parents because of his behavior that was disrupting and upsetting the other kids. Thankfully, after some one-on-one time with Tyrell, he came back into my group and was able to finish out the day. Some of the kids in my group know each other and have a history of animosity toward one another. I hope to be able to teach them about making peace and most importantly about the One who made peace with us through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. Pray that these kids would come to know Jesus.

Above: Teaching time after a few hours of soccer. The volunteers from multiple churches creatively presented the truth about needing the helmet of salvation.



Above: Ellie trying to fly away... but we’re not leaving as scheduled. That is, not according to our schedule.

We are so thankful for the jump in our monthly support need from 61% to 75% over the past two weeks! We have also received numerous one time gifts that also help in the long run. After prayer and consideration with leaders, we still felt that we could not return to Hungary just yet. We have extended our stay to July 5th and hope that within the next three weeks to gain the remaining 25% of monthly support we need to raise.


There are a few ways you might be able to help get us back to Hungary fully supported.

1. It doesn't matter how little or how much, but the commitment to support monthly, quarterly or annually would get us back in Hungary serving long term.

2. You may have a small group or contact with another church that would expand our support base. You could be an advocate for us and set up a time we could speak with them. Then Contact us.

3. You could continue to pray specifically for an additional church to partner with us and for the remaining support to come in.



Above: Hungarian partners in ministry Miki and Erika continue to get the community together for volleyball. This has been a great way to build relationships with young married couples and others who have never visited our church.



Above: Walking just behind our small town to hike up the local mountain. Hungarians love hikiking and God has opened up many opportunities to share the gospel and person testimonies as kids are gathered around a camp fire after a long hike.



Above: I’ll have to ask Miki about what he was hauling up the hill in this picture. Our custom is to collect firewood after getting to the top of the mountain, before the sunsets. Afterwards we usually play games together before singing, smores and a discussion about Jesus Christ.


Above L to R: Ricsi and Dávid. Dávid will be attending our English camp just this year. After attending our teen outreach consistently and visiting church we believe he is very close to making a decision to put his faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for this young man.





Above: Enikő and church member Eszti helping out with facepainting at Petőfibánya’s summer festival. This is a great opportunity for our church to be in the community, for evangelism and inviting families to our summer VBS in August.




Above: Our advertisement for VBS and other tools that we use with kids to explain the gospel while they are doing crafts.

Please pray that God would send new kids to VBS this year, and that those who have attended in the past would gain a greater understanding of God’s love and the gospel!

Please pray for our team in Hungary as they are busy writing curriculum and planning for this year’s VBS.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!


Two years ago, our children huddled in a small doctors office with us as we shared with them that our baby at that time had died. That was our third miscarriage. Since the day our kids learned that we are expecting another baby, a normal prayer from our kids includes the words, “Please help the baby not die.” What a reminder of the fragility of life, and the power of the One we turn to who sustains all life.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.” — Psalm 139:13
Sharon had her 16 week checkup today and we praise God for hearing a heartbeat and seeing a very active little girl! We praise God for protecting Sharon through this pregnancy and for protecting this new precious life that He is knitting together.

Above: A short video of our very active little girl. God has been merciful to us.


One of the determining factors of our return to Hungary is our monthly support level being raised. Our greatest need at this 11 year anniversary of ministry in Hungary is a larger monthly support team.

It doesn't matter how little or how much, but the commitment to support monthly would get us back in Hungary.

Our monthly support level has not budged since we have been back and remains at 61%. We are praying and hopeful that some of you, who have given off and on in the past, might join our monthly support team.

Without a change in our financial support, we have to reconsider next weeks departure date and possibly extend our time in the US. As we have important roles in facilitating VBS and participating in English Camp which is right around the corner, it would be our desire to leave as previously planned. PLEASE consider how you might help. PLEASE pray for us as we seek God’s direction for next steps.



Above: In the Summer, our church moves our service to Miki’s home once a month. This is a great way to invite people who wouldn’t step foot in church to join us for family games, goulash soup and worship service in his home.


Above: Dezső’s daughter Betti and church member Niki.


Above: Team member Roger with Gabi who is one of the young men attending Bible school from our church. Looks like Roger’s daughter Emily is having fun with Miki’s dog.


Above: Gyula, a teen from Petőfibánya began attending our church just this year. His father, pictured in the foreground was brought into our fellowship through Gyula.


Above: Church member Peti invited his sister (right). We are thankful to see her come to this family day worship service. Peti continues to pray for her and hopes for her to experience the same salvation that he has obtained through putting his faith in Jesus Christ.