March 2015

Breakthroughs in Bogács

Breakthroughs in Bogács

As we entered the final stretch of road into Bogács last night we prayed that God would rescue, save and deliver and that Jesus would continue to build His church in this needy town. We prayed that He would lead us to people of peace to take His Gospel further. God gave us more than we asked and imagined for this particular night.

As is our custom, we pulled into the dirt road, muddied by rain, and parked in front of Pujka’s house. Kids simultaneously arrived on bikes smiling and waving with excitement. After settling down in Puljka’s house and discussing how they were doing, we sang together, prayed and prepared to begin our Bible study. This is when one of Pujka’s daughter’s, Maci, barged in and began saying to my teammates Hugi and Brenda, “Are you coming, let’s go, let’s go!” They had no idea what Maci was talking about. Maci took them to meet a friend who lived a few blocks away. I found out later that this friend (Ilona) works with Maci. Ilona was frequented by a sect in the area and would share with Maci what she was learning each time they visited. Maci then shared with Ilona what she was learning from us as we studied God’s word together. They would discuss this at work every week and were trying to determine who to believe. We’re so thankful for a new ‘person of peace’ in Bogács who has invited Brenda and Hugi into her home for a weekly study! Ironically, Maci seemed to be the most distracted and trouble making participant in our weekly studies from week to week. I had no idea that she was bringing what she had learned to work each week!

While Hugi and Brenda were meeting with Ilona, I held a study with Pujka and his wife Katyus. We’ve been praying for Katyus’ salvation as she seems closer to making a decision each week. Katyus was paying close attention in the study and was able by God grace to summarize some of the teaching that applied to her own life. She recognized that she would need to make a decision to repent and believe in her own heart and could not be helped simply by the prayer of others. She then began sharing her experiences with me that sounded similar to what her daughter was experiencing before she was delivered from a demon. I continued to talk about God’s love and the Gospel and assured her that she could be delivered just as Jesus delivered her daughter. When I asked her if she would like prayer she said yes, but all of a sudden she became nauseous. I talked about the Gospel again and the gift of the Holy Spirit given to all those who repent and put their faith in Jesus. I asked her again if she would like to be set free and follow after Jesus by faith. Laying my hand on her, I prayed and also led her in simple prayer saying, “Jesus, help me. Help me to understand your truth. Lead me by your Spirit. I want to follow you.” Immediately, the nauseousness left. I asked her if she could still hear the oppressive voice. She couldn’t. Please join us in continuing to pray for Katyus! Pray that she would experience hearing God’s voice this week instead of the enemies. Pray that she would have clarity in her heart to make the decision to put her faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Soon after praying, Hugi and Brenda returned from Ilona’s house and we prepared to leave Puljka’s house to visit another woman, Edit, in the village that invited us to her house last week. Edit had attended one study at Puljka’s house about a month ago. Entering the house, I passed two men in a small room watching TV and I followed Edit to her kitchen where we sat down. Edit also has a background with the same sect that frequents Ilona and was also trying to figure out who was telling the truth. Soon after sitting down, I asked her if there was someone in the house that needed prayer for healing. She nodded and pointed her chin without speaking to the room I had just passed. I wanted to clarify, “Someone in that room? Who?” She said, “My husband. He has a problem with his back.” I said, “Can I pray for him now?”

I turned the corner and saw her husband Andras and I introduced myself (interrupting his TV show). “I heard you have back pain. Can I pray for you to be healed right now?” He looked a bit surprised, but said yes. He was able to stand but because of previous back surgery he had constant pain even standing. I asked him, “On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst, where is your pain?” He said, “It’s a 7”. “Right now?” “Yes, right now it’s a 7.”

I laid my hand on his lower back and began to pray thanking our Father for His grace and for the finished work of Jesus Christ. This prayer couldn’t have been more than a minute. I removed my hand and said, “Ok, try it out. Does it still hurt?” This was the hilarious part to me. It was as if he expected it to hurt so he gave a knee jerk nod of the head as if saying yes it still hurts. But as he moved, his face became more and more surprised. I asked again, “Does it still hurt? Where is the pain, is it a 5 now, a 4?” At this point he was smiling. I said, “Is there any pain.” He still didn’t answer and was just moving more and more. Then he touched his toes and said, “It’s gone. I don’t have any pain.” He grabbed my hand and said what do you have in there? I laughed and told him that I was a believer in Jesus Christ and that it was not me who healed him this night but Jesus who lives. As he continued to move, he began lifting his right leg and saying, “My leg doesn’t hurt anymore either!” The entire household witnessed this healing.

I told Andras that I would be meeting with his wife and studying more about Jesus who healed him. I left him in the TV room and I went back to the kitchen to answer some of the questions Edit wanted to ask about ‘our’ faith. A few minutes into answering questions, I noticed that her son and husband turned off the TV and were standing in listening. Since it was already late, we would have to leave for the one-hour commute back home. Edit is expecting us again next week.

Praise God with us! We rejoice as He is pouring out His love and sharing His Gospel with two new families in Bogács! It is important to note that this is after many ‘mundane’ hours and meetings that sometimes seemed uneventful. Praise God for equipping us and sending us with His strength so that we are able to persevere and see breakthrough nights like these. Please pray for Katyus, Ilona and Edit and their families and pray for us to have wisdom to know how to continue to minister to them.

Puppet Ministry Day 11-12


Above: Our first stop on Tuesday was the town of Ecseg. Although the kids were a bit rowdy at the beginning of our presentation, as soon as the puppet show began, they completely quieted down and paid close attention.





















Above: On Wednesday our first stop was in the town of Heréd














Thank you all for your continued prayer support! God has been faithful in keeping the rooms free of distraction and we have absolutely no problems with the puppet show. Some schools have been more rowdy than others in our singing time, but when the puppet show is going and when Eniko teaches the Gospel, God has made the way for the message to come across clearly. We’re nearing the end of this year’s Easter puppet ministry with one show tomorrow and then three more shows over the next few days.

Please pray specifically for Eszti’s children (now Alina and Darius are sick). Pray for Eniko as she has been suffering from a sore throat and cough over the past few days. Pray for Miki to gain the rest he needs and for his wife Erika as she had experienced contractions last night (she’s not due for another month and a half). Pray that the message of the Gospel continue to be proclaimed through this presentation and for continued protection for us and our families in this season of ministry.

Puppet Ministry Day 10



Above: Middle school kids on their way to today’s show in the town of Héhalom.


Above: We’re thankful that our message is not only for these kids, but also for the teachers who attend.



Above: Eszti tossing the ball to the kids as the room fills up.










Above: Before the show today, I noticed that Marika (seated far right in pink) was limping as she helped carry chairs into the room. After asking her what was going on with her leg, she shared that she had been having problems for the past week with pain. I asked her if I could pray for her. Half embarrassed and surprised she said yes. As I laid my hand on her shoulder I thanked Jesus for her and for His grace to heal her. I said, “Try it now.” You should have seen her face! Jesus healed her on the spot. As we had to continue setting up I didn’t have time to talk to her more until after the show. When I ran into her again, I asked, “What did you feel when I prayed for you?” She said it felt like what we refer to as ‘pins and needles’ and also heat. I shared with her that Jesus not only is able to heal us physically, but even more important, spiritually from sin. Since Eniko had done a great job already explaining this in the puppet show, I just reiterated what Eniko had said to Marika. Praise God for his grace in reaching out to Marika, touching her with healing and explaining the Gospel to her. Please continue to pray for a new generation of kids to encounter God’s grace and truth and to surrender their lives to Jesus who is worthy.


Above: Eniko holding up a present with a chain representing sin which keeps us from the greatest gift of fellowship with God. She then talks about Jesus being the key that takes away the problem of sin and opens the present to reveal the cross of Jesus Christ that made the way for us to have peace with God.



Above: Eszti (far right in red). You may remember that Eszti’s daughter Elianna was sick last week (she’s doing better now) and just last night her son Szabi seemed to come down with the same sickness. Teammate Eniko continues to recover but could still use prayer. We still have a full week ahead and need you to join us in prayer for our team and this ministry to a new generation of Hungarians. Please continue to pray for healing, for restoration and rest at night and for the Gospel to be proclaimed.

Tonight we also have our English Club happening in the town of Jászfényszaru. Last week we asked the advanced class if they would be open to do a Bible study in English. They all said yes! Please pray that Jesus would reveal Himself through these studies since some of these students have misconceptions because of false teaching. Pray that their eyes would be opened and that God’s truth would set them free and lead them to put their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. (Students: Bogi, Nesti, Melinda, Kinga, Kati and Dori.)

Puppet Ministry Day 9





Above: Priceless expressions as the kids react to one of the more suspenseful parts of the Easter Puppet Show in Kálló.





After the show our team was invited in the teacher’s lounge. The teachers shared about the struggles in their community with a population primarily made up of Romani families. Over 80% of the kids who attend school are on a type of welfare system. There are drug problems with the young teens and girls are getting pregnant as teens. We could sense from one of the teachers that she was speaking with care and not complaint and shared that their community needs more people ‘like us’. As we continued to talk it was evident that she was a believer. Please pray for Kálló, that God would raise up workers and send them to this needy area.



Above: Our team happened to arrive as the kids were out at recess. It was fun to be greeted with excited faces and kids jumping and clapping as they recognized we were bringing the Easter Show.











Praise God for these open doors that allow us to bring the good news of our Savior to kids across northeastern Hungary! The team is doing a great job together and God has continued to provide strength and healing. We’re thankful for a few days of rest before we’re back out again on Monday. Please continue praying for those who are sick, Eniko, Peti, Eszti’s daughter Ellie. We appreciate your partnership in the ministry through prayer!

Puppet Ministry Day 8

Lorinci Preschool


Above: Our first stop was in the town of Lorinci which is a town neighboring Petofibanya. In the past we have tried to do various outreaches and Bible studies in this town, but the doors seemed to always close. We’re thankful for the opportunity to continue to sow seeds of the Gospel in these kids lives and also thankful for recent developments in this town that reveal doors being opened. Please pray for a church planting church to be planted in this town and for God to send harvesters to this area.



Above: Eszti was able to perform in our first show this morning, but got a phone call toward the end of our show that her daughter Ellie (in preschool) began throwing up and would need to be taken to a doctor. The preschool Ellie attends was the destination for our second show and unfortunately Ellie would not be able to see the puppet show this year. Please continue to pray for protection for our children and specifically for healing for Ellie.

As I mentioned in our previous post, this was the first day for our second team that will be finishing out visiting the rest of the schools we have scheduled for our Easter Puppet Ministry. Praise God that they worked really well together and did a great job with their various responsibilities.


Above: Some parts of our puppet show can get pretty suspenseful.





Selyp Preschool


Above: Miki uses our introductory time to read through the lyrics of one of the songs that is full of Gospel truth. We sing the song in the beginning and at the end of the show. These kids were quick learners and did a great job singing with us.


Above: Miki filling in for Eszti who had to take her daughter Ellie to the doctor.



Above: Peti also serving for the first time in our Puppet Ministry. After drifting away and struggling in his faith for the past 6 months, we’ve seen a change of heart in Peti, true repentance and restoration. We praise God for this young man that has such a servants heart and is now back on track pursuing Jesus Christ. Please pray for the young men in our church who are still adrift, that they would also repent and be restored.





Vanyarc Preschool


Above: An elderly woman getting her garden ready in the town of Vanyarc as warmer weather has made it’s way to Hungary.





Above: After our show in Vanyarc we were able to pray for Zsuzsa (above) who is the head teacher of this preschool. She has had issues with her voice going out and is currently in therapy. She was very thankful for our prayers and it opened the door to talk a bit more about our faith in Jesus.


Above: The blessing of a beautiful view and a spectacular rainbow on our commute home.

Praise God that the second team did a great job with their first day of Easter Puppet Ministry. We’re grateful for your continued prayers in this season of ministry. We are encouraged in hearing responses of kids who proclaim that Jesus has risen from the dead and rejoice in hearing them singing the songs we’ve brought even as we are leaving. In the midst of this ministry, the enemy continues to attack. Please pray for Eniko (who became sick today) who is responsible for sharing the Gospel message after each show. Pray also for Eszit’s daughter Ellie to be restored. And please also pray that our team including their children could rest deeply through the night.

Puppet Ministery Day 7


Above: Miki helping the kids in Gyöngyösoroszi learn our new song this year. Some of the lyrics say, “I know that He lives, lives, He lives!” It is encouraging to hear the kids quickly learning the lyrics and filling the auditorium with the truth of Jesus’ resurrection.









Today was the conclusion of the first team’s rotation and tomorrow our second team will begin their first show. We ask that you pray for this new team to remember their parts and be used by God express His love and compassion to these kids. Eniko will continue to teach the Gospel message after the puppet show. Please continue to pray for her protection.

Please pray especially for our team’s ability to rest tonight. Unfortunately, our sleep was disrupted again last night as Sharon awoke with an ear ache, Kira awoke with a nightmare and Ziva awoke with coughing. This is not surprising in this season of ministry as there are various counter attacks the enemy employs to bring disruption. Please pray for those serving and their children. Please Pray for healing for Sharon, Arnold and Monika. Thanks for continuing to partner with us!

Puppet Ministry Day 6


Above: Norbi, Miki and Zita. Today we had three shows in the town of Jászfényszaru. This is a town where we are seeking to plant a church. Miki has already been able to teach in their public school and we’ve had various outreach to kids. Zita has had Bible studies in her home in Jászfényszaru and we hope to see more people come to faith through our English club that we hold each Monday.




Above: Kids singing the words, “On the third day He rose from the dead” with jumping motions.



Above: Because of various members dealing with sickness and other matters the team had to shuffle responsibilities again today. Praise God they did a great job working through solutions.



After our show we were invited into the teachers lounge for tea and cookies. After some conversation I found out that one of the teachers, Magdi was suffering from a sore throat. I asked if I could pray for her which clearly took her by surprise. It was just another way to express God’s compassion toward people and after praying for her two times, the pain left. Another teacher who was in the lounge attends our English Club. May God do a work in their hearts to draw them to Himself!

Jászfényszaru Preschools

After our first show in Jászfényszaru’s middle school, we traveled to two different preschools just minutes away from one another.


Above: Another teacher that attends our English Club in Jászfényszaru.


Above: Lots of antics going on behind the puppet stage.













God has provided beautiful weather over the past few days which makes traveling, packing and unpacking the trailer so much easier. Praise God I was able to get my muffler replaced today with no problems! All three shows in Jaszfényszaru went well and God continues to give us favor with the community. Just last night in our English Club in Jászfényszaru I asked the advanced class if they would be interested in doing a Bible study together. We received a favorable response and will be beginning one soon. Praise God for these open doors and connections with key people in the community.

Thanks for your continued prayers. After many weeks of not getting a full night’s rest because of Ziva being sick and waking often, over the past few days our family has been able to rest through the whole night. Praise God!

Please pray for puppet team members Monika and Arnold who are now unable to serve because of sickness. Pray for protection for the rest of the team (there are many sicknesses going around right now). Please pray for the second team who will be practicing tomorrow and beginning to serve over the next nine days.


Puppet Ministry Day 4 & 5


Above: Our first stop on Friday was the village of Egyházasdengeleg. You’ll see school halls lined with sneakers as Hungarians distinguish between inside and outside shoes.







Above: Part of our show includes shadow puppets. In this scene, Mary the mother of Jesus being told by an angel that Jesus has risen from the dead.


Petofibanya preschool




Above: Teammates Roger and Heidi’s daughter Emily who attends Petofibanya’s preschool.


Above: Ziva (center) was doing well enough (after being sick last week) to attend the puppet show. Our house is just a 5 minute walk away from the preschool.




Above: Teammate Heidi with her son Sammy. The day before the show, Sammy fell and had a serious gash on his chin. After being checked out, the doctors determined that he would not need stitches. Please pray for complete healing and for protection for our children in this season of puppet ministry.



Above: Teammate Monika was not able to serve today (Monday) because of sickness. Thankfully, with two teams that have prepared for this show, Hugi was able to fill her spot. Please pray for Monika.

Monday Jobbágyi



Above: We’ve seen such a change over the years in Jobbági. Previously this school was one of the toughest to present our show with so many kids causing disruption. Today they paid close attention and were very respectful, even presenting hand crafts as gifts to the team after the show.






Above: Eniko sharing how Jesus is the key to opening God’s gift of forgiveness and restoration to the Father. Praise God that her message is without compromise and we are able to clearly share the Gospel in these public schools!



Above: Continuing to distribute gifts to students and teachers that include a children’s magazine and CD with our puppet show, songs and other stories that help them to come to know Jesus.

Apc preschool



Above: Jennifer (purple shirt center) is the daughter of church member Vivi who is currently expecting. Vivi was saved over a year ago in one of our house groups in the town of Apc. I received a text message just as we were headed to Apc for our puppet show in their preschool that Vivi had to be taken to the hospital because of labor pains. We praise God that after being examined she was released to go home. As I’ve mentioned before, Vivi’s pregnancy has been diagnosed by doctors as high risk. Please continue to pray for Vivi and her child.




Petofibanya Middle School



Our last show for Monday was in our hometown of Petofibanya. It is great to see so many faces of children that have come to our Summer Vacation Bible School. God has also opened the door for ‘religion’ classes where teammate Roger helps to teach weekly.



Above: Edit, who is a well respected teacher in Petofibanya’s middle school was saved last year and continues to grow in her faith. She is very active in reaching out to students and teachers with the love of Christ. Edit shared that her grandson Marci (pictured in her lap) is already talking about our summer VBS.


Thank you all for your continued prayer support! God has been gracious, giving us strength and using us to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins and resurrection from the dead. This is a battleground and we need your continued support. Over the past week, we’ve had two puppeteers’ backs ‘go out’ and Jesus healed them both. We’ve also been fighting sickness (on the team and in our kids). After finishing the third show today, while on my way to pick up my daughter Kira, my muffler broke off and lodged into my back bumper. God was gracious to have me at just the right place where I could easily dislodge it. I am thankful that it fell off after our shows and not in the midst of traveling from school to school. Tomorrow, I plan to have it replaced. God is answering your prayers for us. He is faithful. Keep praying.

Puppet Ministry Day 3


Above: Our first visit was to the town of Kisbágyon, where the kids were quick to remember Miki’s name (who always leads the singing time).





We had our first bought with technical difficulties this morning as our main speaker was not functioning properly for the majority of the first show, cutting out at times or blasting loud at others with no warning. By the second show things were fixed and it is working fine now (praise God).



Above: Eniko sharing the Gospel with a wrapped present that unfolds to display the cross. It was great to hear the answers kids were giving about the life of Jesus. The message of his death for our sins and resurrection as our Lord and Savior are being proclaimed clearly.




Above: Our second show for today was in the small village of Bér. Praise God that their are teachers in this preschool who are believers! They often ask for song lyrics after the show so that they can continue to sing them with the kids throughout the year.










Above: Some of the members of the team that is taking on the first week and a half of puppet shows: L to R: Norbi, Timi, Eszti, Monika, Eniko, Arnold and Miki. As you can see, we have lots of fun together while serving. This is Norbi and Monika’s first time as puppeteers on the team.

We appreciate your continued prayer support!

Puppet Ministry Day 2


Above: As we ‘ease’ into our Easter Puppet Ministry we’ve only had one show each day. Today’s presentation was in the town of Jászberény. This school has students with various mental and physical disabilities.









The puppet show had a calming effect on many of the kids and it was great to see how they were drawn in and followed the story from beginning to end. We were thankful to extend God’s love to these special kids. Praise God that all of our equipment is working well and we have had no problems in traveling. The team is doing a great job!

One of our team members Jennifer had to unexpectedly travel to Germany this morning because of the death of her grandmother. Another teammate was able to take her place in the show. Please pray for Jennifer as she is the only one in her family that is a believer. Pray that she would be strengthened and sustained by God’s grace as she is there with them and used to reveal the hope that she has found in Jesus.

Teammate Miki’s wife Erika is expecting and has been dealing with a high white blood cell count that the doctors are concerned about. They have not pinpointed the cause and suggested that she may have to be put on be rest depending on results from her blood tests. Erika still has 2 months in her pregnancy and definitely does not want to be stuck in the hospital. Please pray for healing and restoration for Erika.

Puppet Ministry Day 1


Above: God provided beautiful weather for our first day out doing Easter puppet ministry. Our first destination was the town of Nagykökényes.




Above: It didn’t take much to get these kids joining in singing and laughing with us. Aniko, the teacher on the right, actually lives in a town next to ours. She moved there with her husband Istvan, who serves as a go-between with the Baptist Church and the public school in our town. Her husband Istvan is also very active in sharing the Gospel with his daily Bible classes and seeks to minister to the teachers (the majority of whom are not believers).






Above: We have a few new puppeteers (including Norbi in green) serving with us for the first time. We praise God for raising up enough people to form two teams which allows us to visit more schools and lighten the burden from falling on just a few.




Above: Our show is designed to allow for a time of teaching after the puppet presentation is over. Eniko did an excellent job presenting the Gospel in simple terms for the kids.


Above: Panni watching us pack-up the trailer outside after the show.

We had a great first day of puppet ministry. One area the enemy often attacks is our rest at night. We ask that you pray for the team and their children’s protection, and that they would all sleep well this night. Tomorrow, we’re off to a school that is almost an hour commute. Please pray for safety while traveling and that the Gospel would be proclaimed and God’s love poured out at this school.

Weekly Update


Above: By God’s grace we returned safely to our hometown of Petofibanya after a very encouraging mini-furlough in the US in February. We were grateful for the opportunity to see many of you face to face and share the great things God has been doing in the hearts of Hungarians.



Above: Greeted by some of our close friends as we attended worship service on Sunday afternoon.




Above: Betti (blonde on left) also takes part helping in our children’s ministry. Betti practically grew up in our church and is the daughter of one of our elders (Dezso). So great to see a new generation being raised up knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior!


Above: Timi, one of the moms who volunteers to teach our preschool Sunday School class. Timi also has taken the responsibility to facilitate a women’s weekly Bible study this year. We’re thankful to see her continue to mature and use her gifitngs to pour out the love she has also received from our Father.



Above: Roger leading our pre-teen Sunday school class. Roger also co-leads a Bible class in the public school in our hometown of Petofibanya. Please pray for him as he seeks God’s will in upcoming schedule changes and responsibilities in these ministries.

Monday English Classes in Jaszfenyszaru



Above: While Brenda and our family was away in the US, Roger continued to keep the momentum going in Jaszfenyszaru’s English club. There continues to be a steady stream of people from the community with whom we’ve built relationships. In the advanced class (pictured above), Bogi (black hair on left) continues to ask spiritual questions. The others in the photo are all volunteers from our church in Petofibanya that also take part in giving testimony of how God has transformed their lives. This week we talked about the meaning of mid-life crisis which opened the door to consider questions like: Why am I on this earth? What is my purpose? I was also able to give my testimony as we considered these questions. I believe that God is doing a work in Bogi’s heart and ask that you pray for her and other students who attend. In the future we will be adding an evangelistic Bible study.

Tuesday in Bogacs


Above: Eniko who was saved in one of our English Camps is now joining us as we seek to church plant among the Romani in Bogacs. Eniko loves to minister to children and is continuing to finish a theological degree while working part time. Her desire in life is to minister to children by teaching Bible classes in public schools throughout our region. Please pray that God would give her the desire of her heart. Please also pray for her husband Gabi who has gone from invested and growing in his faith to disconnected and seemingly indifferent. We need men to be captured by God’s love and transformed by His grace!


Above: Puljka (seated left) and Ödön (right) taking part in our weekly Bible study in Bogacs. It was a great reunion after being away for a month. We start our meeting by just catching up with what is going on in life and then get together to sing. Since none of us play instruments, we all sing ‘a cappella’ with all the kids taking part as well. Please continue to pray for Puljka’s wife Katyus (for her salvation). Pray also for Puljka and his daughter Izabella. Although they are active in sharing their faith in the community, they come up against animosity and ridicule. Pray that they may continue to give testimony by the power of the Holy Spirit and be transformed by His grace in their own faith.


Thursday Volleyball


Above: Fanni who attends volleyball has also been attending our fellowship after meeting us in one of our Bible camps a few years ago. Fanni just recently put her faith in Jesus Christ! Please pray for this young woman to flourish in her faith as she follows Him!

Friday in Apc


Above: Vincse with her grandchild Robi. Robi was born premature and God was gracious to bring healing to his body. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Robi’s mother Vivi is pregnant with her third child who has been diagnosed as high risk. In the house group meeting I received good news that the latest tests reveal that her child’s head (water on the brain) is now within ‘acceptable’ parameters. This is great news and I know that many of you have joined us in praying for this child.


Above: Vivi (hard to see in this photo but she’s over 30 weeks pregnant). Because this pregnancy occurred so close to her last c-section delivery the doctors are very concerned with ruptures. Please continue to pray for Vivi and her child!


Above: Brigi happened to be in the area and while walking she felt moved to stop by Vivi’s house just in time for our Bible study to begin. Brigi has some serious health issues and our group was able to minister to her and pray for healing. Brigi was also able to take part in our Bible study.

Easter Puppet Ministry starts Tuesday


God has raised up two teams from our church in Petofibanya so that we can travel to 28 schools this Easter with our Puppet Ministry that will proclaim the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ from the dead.


We’ll be able to proclaim this news to around 2000 kids and as we do each year, we’ll distribute a CD and children’s magazine to each child. This gives them the opportunity to hear the Good News as they take these gifts home and listen throughout the year. The cost of purchasing 2000 gift packets is $1000 (50 cents per packet). If you would like to donate and help us purchase these for our Easter Ministry we have a special Pioneers account that is designated specifically for the Puppet Ministry. Once you click on the following link, you will need to fill in: Hungary Puppet Ministry and for account no. use: 150639. Here is the link: Click here

We also need those who would commit to pray daily for our puppet ministry. This is a battle and we need an army of prayer warriors to join us in this battle. If you would like to be part of our daily prayer team for our Easter puppet ministry from March 17th to April 7th, please contact me at [email protected]. I’ll send you a more information once you contact me.