July 2015

English Camp



Above: Years ago, Levi was a first time camper and lost in this world. He had suffered through his parents divorcing, friends at school abandoning him and then a move to a new area. At just the right time, God led him to one of our camps and He came to know Jesus Christ. That first encounter led Levi to a decision that was mostly made in emotion. By the time he attending his second camp his life was no different than before meeting Jesus and he knew it. God brought conviction to his heart and in that second camp, Levi gave his entire life to Jesus. He began attending a youth group and church and his life truly began to change. Levi served on my team in this camp and it was joy to have him. He had the opportunity to share his testimony on Gospel Night and many campers sought after him to ask more questions about his decision in the days following. My roommate Matyi who was very quite even shared with me that Levi’s testimony really spoke to him and he could relate to what Levi shared. Matyi shared with me that he then made a decision to believe in Jesus.


Above: One of Levi’s best friends Laci was with us at camp again this year. We have seen Laci progress from being a full fledged atheist to being open to the possibility that God exists over the years. This year, after days of reading God’s word together, various presentations of the Gospel and discussions, Laci remained in his seat after Gospel night. He wasn’t ready to make a decision that night, but it seemed he was running out of questions. Every time I heard someone else talking to him, God was giving them wisdom and the Spirit was leading them to help Laci find answers. On the final day of camp, there was a meeting for those who still had questions about all that had been shared about Jesus. Laci was the only one who showed up to the optional meeting. A few camp leaders like Roger, Val and Coach were there and continued to talk. After a while, none of them felt that Laci was ready, but little did they know, Laci had already decided in his heart that he was ready! He was waiting for someone to ask him again, “Are you ready to put your faith in Jesus Christ”. When the question came, he said, “Yes, I’m ready to make a decision.” In a sincere prayer, Laci said, “I don’t care what my friends think, I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore, I’m believing in you.” Praise God for Laci’s decision and for Laci having Levi in his life to be a spiritual big brother.

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Above: Others who made decisions this week from L to R: Dori, Bogi, Barbi and Matyi. On the first day of camp, Dori shared with her roommate Hugi that she believed in the big bang theory, while Hugi shared that God is our Creator. Through the week, Dori would not only continue to hear about the God of the universe, but also hear counter arguments about why we believe in a Creator as opposed to evolution. But what really struck Dori was the love she saw in each camp worker. She saw that we were completely different and wanted to know why. On the day where we present the Gospel in our morning reading hour, Dori was ready to make a decision. Later that night, Levi and I got to talk with her more and each subsequent day we met and discussed various questions she had about prayer, forgiveness and the new life God had given her through Jesus Christ. When I arrived home, I received an email from Dori: “I managed to tell my family about my decision. To my surprise they were happy for me. Since camp, I’ve been reading through the book of John.” It was a challenge for Dori to tell her parents because her family is Jewish. She has members that are practicing and some family members that are not happy about her decision. Please pray for her to live as light in her family and grow in the knowledge of God’s will as she seeks Him first.

Bogi (pictured second from the left) is from our area. Bogi’s sister Zsofi made a decision in one of our camping outreaches for teens years ago and then had to move to Ireland for a time. Instead of falling away from her faith, Zsofi has flourished and will be a great help to her younger sister Bogi. Please pray for Bogi to grow in understanding of God’s love and plan for her life. Pray that she may be rooted in the word of God and experience the freedom that God has provided through Jesus.

Before leaving camp, we held a special meeting for those who made decisions to believe in Jesus. We talked about the battles that would be ahead and the best way to prepare for the coming trials. Each of them received a Bible and we discussed some basics about Bible study and prayer. Please pray for these campers and others who are already believers but have recommitted their lives. Pray for new growth, a passion for Jesus and His truth and for God’s Gospel to be carried to even more through them. Pray for their protection from the enemy and for them to gain spiritual discernment and wisdom.


Above: The Sunday service in Vecsés after camp. Many campers and families visited and witnessed Levi’s baptism into Christ.

We appreciate your continued support and prayers! Next weekend we’ll be having a camping outreach for teens in the town of Jászfényszaru. Many teens from Petofibanya will also attend including Bogi who just made a decision at English Camp. Please pray for edifying small group discussions and for God’s word to impact these teens’ lives at our camp.

VBS Day 6



Above: A special treat for the kids on our last day of camp. It is hard to believe that this is our 10th VBS in Petofibanya! As hoped for, many parents responded to the invitation to join us on our last day.




Above: Our morning presentation included singing, a evangelistic drama and a special puppet show.





Above: Some camp workers were busy preparing goulash soup most of the morning to be ready in time for lunch.





Above: This was the biggest turn out of parents we have ever had. Arnold (above in green shirt) helped by sharing his testimony along with Tomi, Dezso and myself. The parents got to hear from many different perspectives how the Gospel changed our lives. Praise God for this open door!


Above: Parents had a good time joining in with their kid’s activities.





Above: Heidi spending some time in private conversation and prayer with two teens from her group. Pray that God continues to draw them to Himself (Bogi and Kata).

Thank all of you for your prayers. This was a great VBS and we look forward to seeing how the many seeds planted will bear fruit for God’s glory!

We would appreciate your prayers as we now prepare for English Camp (10 days away). We have a team from Petofibanya preparing an Evangelistic drama and a few younger campers from our area that are in need of salvation.

VBS Day 4 & 5



Above: Every day the kids walk from the local community center to our camp site. The above shot gives a better perspective of the number of kids attending this year. We praise God that even with the increased number, there have been very minor injuries in free time. The kids are sensing that we are coming to the last day of camp. One teacher shared that a child in her class asked, “Why can’t camp be two weeks instead of one?”




Above: Eszti teaching on the life of Moses and how God gave him a special calling.


Above: Dezso giving his testimony to the teen group. There are some in this group that have begun asking follow up questions with various leaders. One camper from the town of Rozsaszentmarton told Dezso that now she wanted to read through the book of John at home.


Above: Edit serving with joy and helping the kids learn their memory verse.



Above: What’s camp without horseback riding?


Above: No, that is not facepaint. While riding a horse, a lone thorny branch caught Kira’s cheek and gave her a pretty bad cut.











Day four and five have been great! Thank you for your prayers for strength and for the gospel to be proclaimed with clarity and power. Tomorrow (Saturday), will be our last day of camp. Parents are invited to attend and participate throughout the day. We’ll have a special small group for them to attend and a drama and puppet show as we continue to communicate the Gospel. Pray for those sharing the Gospel tomorrow and for God’s Spirit to move to bring conviction to those attending.

VBS Day 3



Above: After shouts from the kids requesting their favorite song, Miki sings, “God loves you, what more could He do?” This song talks about Jesus’ calling, His miraculous works, and his voluntarily giving of himself to save us. This is a slower song where the kids have a tradition of locking arms and swaying back and forth as they sing.



Above: Today, Miki taught on the account of the criminal on the cross who called out to Jesus and was saved. God’s amazing grace, is brand new to so many of these kids who only know a ‘god’ who needs to be impressed and can only be approached through religious works. Praise God that these kids are being blessed day after day with Scripture and stories that proclaim the Gospel and the grace we find in the finished work of Jesus Christ.



Above: The Spirit led us to some important themes in our small group discussion today. We discussed the amazing reality that God is self-sufficient and therefore His love is not a love that is given based on what He will receive in return. We contrasted the world’s definition of love which is full of conditions and temporary with God’s love that was displayed while we were yet sinners. We also talked about who determines the standard of truth we have put our trust in and by whom we have formed our world view. If the standard of my life (the truth that guides me) is based on my feelings, that standard is unstable. That type of standard has led to so many divorcing and making choices that have brought pain to others and others have used that standard to bring pain to us. More than anything, I’m hoping that our discussions are stirring them to begin seeking and be awakened from living in indifference towards God and His truth revealed in Scripture. I want them to see that Jesus raised from the dead is the Truth, the Way and the Life.

After our study was over, Bogi (from our English Club in Jászfényszaru) was curious as to how our fellowship viewed ‘outsiders’. In her experience, denominations in her area were very closed. She recognized that we were very inviting toward those who were not believers. I shared that we judge how to act toward others the way Jesus acted toward others. If the way our church interacts with sinners and the world is not the way Jesus interacted with them, then we have a problem. I shared that I welcome all ‘outsiders’ in and hope to give them an opportunity to hear God’s truth and His provision for a way to be saved through faith in Christ. As I read the Scriptures, it seems to me that Jesus was the harshest with those who were religious and he was gentlest to those who had great need because they knew they were sinners. He gave all of them opportunity to hear the truth. God continues to work to stir Bogi’s heart and is drawing her to Himself.



Above: Miki and Heidi split their group up today meeting with boys and girls separately. They’ve been focusing on the topic of identity and how God values us. Children in this culture grow up being shamed constantly and are rarely affirmed that they have any value. God wants them to know that even though they have rebelled and turned away, He desires that they turn back and be restored because He highly values each one of them.










Above: Gabi trying to cool off the kids after some fun games in the sun. The weather has been great and God has kept the rain away.



Above: At the end of the day, we have an ongoing drama about an old shoemaker set in winter in the days leading up until Christmas. While reading God’s word, he recognizes that there was no place for Jesus when He was born. The old shoemaker thinks that he would gladly help Jesus if he had an opportunity. One night, he hears the voice of Jesus telling him that he will be visiting. The shoemaker has encountered many guests over the past days, but still no Jesus. The guests who have stopped by have had various needs, some have been beggars, others poor and the shoemaker has helped each one. He’ll soon find out the truth of Matthew 25:39, “‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”




Above: Our youngest Ziva with our oldest Ben. Ben celebrated his 14 birthday today!

God continues to use this VBS to impact hearts. Many seeds are being planted that will bear much fruit. There are kids with us that have returned for the past 8 years. May this investment in their lives lead to them putting their faith in our Savior. Please continue to pray as we have reached the half point of VBS. Continue to pray for good rest, strength for a new day and for the Gospel to be proclaimed in all that we do tomorrow!