August 2015

Baptism in Bogács

The heat wave that kept our area in 90-100 degree weather for weeks was replaced with stormy overcast weather. In one sense, I welcomed the change, but I also knew that in just a few days we would be traveling to the town of Bogács for Erika’s baptism. Thankfully, God has given us the privilege of coming to Him through prayer and He is faithful in His response. All the forecasts predicted rain which would cause issues with our plan of baptizing Erika in a local stream. Through our one hour commute to Bogács in rain shifting from drizzle to downpour, we passed town after town. The skies were dark and gloomy. But as we approached Bogács, God pushed away the clouds and we had no rain and perfect conditions to be outside!


Above L to R: Erika with her friend Edit. Edit’s husband Andris next to Erika’s partner Bondi.

Erika has been meeting with us for months at her friend Edit’s house. Edit who had previous connections with a sect heard about us and was clearly seeking truth. Edit invited us into her house to study God’s word and over the past few months both Edit and Erika have been impacted by His truth. From the beginning it was clear to me that Erika wanted to put into practice what God was teaching. A few weeks ago, she began sharing how she felt as if she should just leave the father of her children, Bondi, that she has been with for years. I shared some Scripture about how she might be the only means of light in his life and that God could use her in such a way that he is drawn to God. (1 Peter 3:1, 1 Cor 7:13-16) She had suffered verbal and physical abuse which is common in these families, but she decided to align her life with God’s word and she stayed. She shared with me that after she remained and sought to align her behavior with God’s word, Bondi recognized changes happening in her life and began saying that what she was doing (seeking God) was not foolish. God is already using her to reveal Himself. Erika has practiced this simple child like obedience from the beginning. And when she learned more about the means God has given us to be baptized into Jesus Christ, putting the old life to death and being raised up with Him, she was ready.


Even though her friend Edit has more background reading the Bible and has been on this journey much longer, Erika was convicted that she needed to be baptized, she needed God’s Holy Spirit, she needed a new life of following Jesus by faith. As we prepared to go out to the stream, it seemed people we had not met before were coming from all directions converging at Edit’s driveway. It was there we met Anita for the first time, who had only lived in Bogács for the past two months. It turns out that Anita has been a believer for over 10 years and she rejoiced that we were beginning a work in Bogács. Another woman around the same age as Erika also asked to come along and witness the baptism. This woman had been baptized years ago in a different church but after various trials she fell away from the Lord. I encouraged her that now was the time to repent and be restored. Initially, Edit’s husband did not want to come, but Pujka came over and persuaded him. Pujka was the first to be baptized in this town and we have been meeting at his house for years. His wife, Katyus has been in and out of studies and had various encounters to encourage her to take more steps but she remains hesitant. Yet, tonight Katyus asked if she could also come along and witness the baptism.


Above: Standing on the street by the stream, we took some time to review different Scripture about Jesus’ own baptism and Jesus’ command to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. We also looked at Peter’s response to those who were convicted that they had sinned against God: And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 2:38)



After singing together and prayer, we made our way down to the stream and Erika put her old life to death and was raised up with Jesus Christ beginning her new life in Him! Afterwards Miki and I laid our hands on her and prayed that she receive the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:17, 9:17, 19:6) I was also led to proclaim her freedom from every curse as Christ had become a curse for her on the cross. (Gal 3:13)


I also prayed that she be delivered from demons that once had free reign to influence her life. As I prayed for deliverance, her body jolted. Afterwards, I asked her what was going on. With her quiet smile, Erika said it was hard to explain and put into words, but something had left her. With amazement and joy she said that something that had been in her was gone! I look forward to seeing how Erika’s life will be transformed by the Holy Spirit. Would you please pray for her continued growth and that she maintain her childlike faith in Jesus and His word.

After everyone had returned back to their homes, Anita stayed behind asking for prayer for her wrist that was sprained. She could barely move it because of pain and she showed me the flip side of her wrist which was clearly bruised and swollen. After praying a few times, the pain left and Jesus gave her back full mobility! Praise Jesus for healing her! I’m excited about the new people of peace we met tonight and look forward to seeing how Jesus will continue to build His church. We are so privileged to be invited into His work! Please continue to pray for the Romani families in Bogács. As these women come to faith, pray especially for their husbands (or fathers of their children) to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ. Pray also for Edit and Katyus that are now even more convinced to take steps of faith and obedience in baptism after witnessing Erika’s baptism today.

Teen Camping Weekend

With just a few more weeks of summer before kids are back in school, we held a camping weekend for teens from our area and for the town of Jászfényszaru.


Above: Teens ready to take a hayride to the campsite. Some of the teens that attended also attended our VBS and English Camp. We have been blessed to have an influence on kids like Robin (see below) almost the entire summer.


Above: Roger and Robin getting their tent set up on Friday. As a child, Robin attended our VBS for years, but his parents were not believers and we never saw him coming to other events or church afterwards. Through various other connections, we saw that as Robin grew older he was having a tough time in school. He gained a bad reputation as a trouble maker. It was a difficult time for him and he made life difficult for teachers and other kids. His father and mother got a divorce and Robin was kicked out of one school only to return to his hometown school of Petofibanya where Roger helps teach a Bible class. Thankfully God hasn’t given up on Robin and is drawing him to Himself. We’re beginning to see changes in Robin and after English Camp, he and his mother began attending our worship service on Sundays. It may be coming more and more clear to Robin’s mom that she is building her life on the wrong foundations and she needs Jesus. We praise God for His work in this family’s life and look forward with hope in His grace overtaking their hearts. Please pray for Robin and his mother.


Above: Eszter (far right) has known us for years through VBS. One of her best friends Fanni was saved last year and is planning on being baptized. Fanni remained in fellowship with us, but Eszter seemed to drift away. After sharing my testimony and teaching on relationships, Fanni came to me and said, “Can you help me. I want to talk to Eszter about what you shared but I don’t know how.” We walked over and began asking about where she was with all that we talked about. Eszter shared that she believes but still has questions. She shared that her boyfriend (not at our camp) was a skeptic and as we talked more, it became clear to me that what I shared was stirring in her heart. Part of my story is having a girlfriend who was opposed to my running toward Jesus when I was saved. Eszter’s boyfriend seemed to be doing the same. I asked if I could pray for her and her boyfriend. As I began praying, she began weeping. I believe she is seeing more clearly and she is recognizing that she needs to make a difficult choice. Please pray for Eszter to choose Jesus.








Above: Kinga (left) and Bogi (right) with their two brothers intertwined as they helped teach us traditional Hungarian dances at camp. We first met Bogi and Kinga through our English Club we held in Jászfényszaru. It became clear after the first few opportunities where we shared testimonies of the hope we have in us that Bogi was interested. We then transitioned into doing a Bible study in the second hour of our English Club and Bogi continued to take steps closer and closer to making a decision. Then Bogi attended our VBS as a helper and saw our entire church serving together in unity and with the joy that the Spirit had given us. She continued to bring up questions and God continued to send answers. On the first night of this camping weekend, I saw Bogi sitting with Dezso talking for over an hour. I found out later that Bogi had begun a conversation with him at VBS that they weren’t able to finish…well, they finished that conversation now and the result is that Bogi decided to put her faith in Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord! Praise God for seeking and saving the lost. “I have been found by those who did not seek me; I have shown myself to those who did not ask for me.” — Rom 10:20

Happy 17th Anniversary to us!


Above: A match made in heaven…literally. We praise God for causing us to meet at just the right time and helping us to know His love so that we could love one another according to His good plan. God is faithful.


Above: Family portrait in the sunflower behind Petofibanya. This picture taken just before giant mosquitoes attack us and we scramble to pack up and escape in our car.

Thank you all for your continued support and partnership in ministering to Hungarians!