July 2014

VBS Day 6


VBS Day 5





Above: As the kids have had many days of practice singing they are now enjoying doing all the motions in unison.


Above: As we sing one of the more contemplative songs about Jesus, kids sing with their arms on each other’s shoulders swaying back and forth.



Above: Miki refreshing the kids in the morning meeting with his squirt gun.


Above: Timi giving the morning teaching on forgiving others as Jesus forgave us. Some of the teens participated in acting out the parable of the unforgiving servant.



Above: Some of the older kids in our camp this year.





Above: Kids are having a great time with the organized game time every afternoon. I’m thankful for all the hard work the team has put into planning the games out.





Above: Today was the last day for our drama. One of the preschool children said after the show, “The ending was so good, I almost cried.” As you can see the actors had a great time the whole week. Tomorrow, instead of the drama in our late afternoon meeting, we’ll have a puppet show for the kids.


Thank you for your continued prayer support. Please stand with us in prayer for one of the most important days of camp when we invite parents to join us the entire day.

— Praise God for giving great weather for the kids to spend outside! As I’ve mentioned before, this is really important for the daily activities at camp. We’ve had a few storms that have swept through at night while we slept but every day God has given sunshine!

— Tomorrow, parents are invited to come and join their kids the entire day at VBS. Please pray for the parent’s small group time and for new relationships to be built that lead to more opportunity to share the Gospel. Pray for open doors to talk with each of them about Jesus Christ and life in Him.

— Pray for the puppet team. Two of those participating (Arnold and Anna) are first time puppeteers.

— Please continue to pray for rest and restoration for all the team members who have worked so hard throughout the week.

— Please continue to pray for healing for Heidi and Erika. Pray also for protection from injuries as kids and parents participate in games and activities tomorrow.

VBS Day 4



Above: Eniko and Erika showing the kids the motions for each song. Unfortunately, Erika wasn’t feeling well and later went home to get some rest after having a fever and a sore throat. Please pray for healing.


Above: Beginning the day with some of the kids’ favorite songs.


Above: One of the five creative banners that church members designed for each day’s theme. This shield was designed by teammate Heidi and displayed when we learned about the fall of man a few days ago.


Above: Teammate Miki giving the main teaching today on the value of leaving everything to follow Christ. Miki used three stories from the Bible and one teacher commented that the kids did a great job recalling details about each story when they were in small group.



Above: Zita and Val teaching some of the older preschool kids we have in VBS. Her small group is doing a great job learning our memory verses and one even recited his memory verse in front of everyone in our afternoon meeting.



Above: Some of our campers were able to go to Petofibanya’s local mine for a free tour.



Above: Helpers distributing food to 106 hungry kids after free time.


Above: This is Lila and Lina’s first camp. It’s great to see them making friends and enjoying their time with us.



Above: Today’s crown craft. The kids loved it!


Above: Zita and Ben preparing for the afternoon drama.



Above: Zita doing a great job getting into character for the evil queen. All those involved in the drama are doing an excellent job.

— Praise God that although it was forecast to rain again, God gave brought sunshine just when it was time to break up into small groups. We were able to be outside the entire day and the weather has been perfect! Please continue to pray for these last two days to be free of rain.

— We continue to have more disciplinary issues, but there has been nothing extreme. We’re thankful that after a simple face to face talk we’re able to solve the issues that have arisen with some of the campers. As we near the end of camp and kids are fatigued, it is always tempting for some of the kids to begin drifting toward making trouble. Please continue to pray for wisdom as we see to correct them in a way that they know our love for them.

— Please pray for the team serving as the days are very long and mentally and physically strenuous. Pray for great rest and full recovery for a new day.

— Praise God that our camp continues to be free from serious injuries. With 106 kids running around, we recognize that this is God’s grace and protection. Please pray for Erika and Dávid who came down with fevers and sore throats.

— As we near the end of VBS, please pray for those kids (especially the preteens) attending that understand the Gospel and are a point of decision. Please pray for God to draw them to Himself and that their lives would be transformed as they put their faith in Jesus.

— Please pray for Timi tomorrow who will be teaching on forgiving others as God has forgiven us in Christ. Many of these kids are from non-religious families that continue to believe bitterness and payback are normal. Kids in preschools here are taught to hit back when they are hit. The teacher will take the hand of the child and make them hit another child that has offended them. Pray that the truth of God’s word may help them to see how much they have been forgiven by Jesus and to extend the same mercy toward others.

VBS Day 3


Above: This photo captures what is happening in our small groups. The kids are bonding with each other and one teacher commented that they are treating each other like family.




Above: Eniko sharing today’s teaching on salvation through Jesus. Gabi is stuck in the ‘sin’ box and Jesus shows him that He is the way, the truth and the life. Choosing to believe in Jesus’ finished work leads to freedom from sin and a life in fellowship with Jesus.



Above: After our morning time with all the kids together, we break into small groups and review what we’ve heard in the morning session. This gives the kids more time to interact with God’s word, ask questions and answer questions about what was taught. I was invited to share my testimony in the teen group this morning. There were questions about what finally made me decide on believing in Jesus, questions about what changed and questions about what it means to seek God.



Above: After the kids discuss today’s teaching, they have workbooks with activities designed for their age group. These books will be a great take home item to remind them of the verses they learned throughout the week.


Above: As you can see, our teachers are required to have fun along with their small group.


Above: Camp workers taking a few minutes to gobble down soup with their make-shift lunch table.








Above: At afternoon free time, the kids have an opportunity to write and decorate creative letters to fellow campers or workers. This is always a hit with the kids.


Above: Some of the late afternoon group game shots.


Above: It was hard enough to complete the obstacle course without Eniko jumping out of the bushes and squirting the competitors. No problem, later Roger was able to drench Eniko with a bucket of water.


Above: Everyday at free time I take a group of kids to the local soccer field.



Above: Our closing meeting where we sing together and the kids view another part of our ongoing drama about the kingdom of light battling the kingdom of darkness.




Thank you for your continued prayer support!

— As we have reached the midpoint of camp, there have been a few disciplinary issues with kids. Please pray that we can handle these problems with grace, wisdom and love.

— Praise God that every aspect of the camp from the morning meeting, to distribution of lunch, to games, crafts and the drama have been going very well. As I mentioned earlier, this is a record number of kids and we are thankful for all the workers giving their all to make things run smoothly.

— Praise God for various parents and visitors stopping in throughout the day who witness what God is doing at this camp. One retired preschool teacher brought her daughter and grandkids to get a taste of what they could be doing next summer.

— Please continue to pray for good rest for the children and for the camp workers. Some reported having difficulty sleeping while others reported they had a great night’s rest. Pray for God’s peace to guard them, and for them to be refreshed for a new day tomorrow.

— A few more kids came down with fevers today. Please continue to pray for healing and for protection from the spread of any virus. Praise God that with all the activities going on, there have been no serious injuries to the children.

— Praise God for the whole day of sunshine and a cool breeze the whole day! Please continue to pray for no rain as we need to be outside most of the day for the activities we have planned for this number of kids.

— Please pray for Miki tomorrow who will be teaching on giving up everything to follow Jesus contrasting the story of Zacchaeus and the Rich Young Ruler.

VBS Day 2


Above: After waking to the campsite from the local community center, the kids gather for our morning time of singing and teaching. Because of the size of this facility, we had to limit the number of kids we could allow to attend camp. We praise God for so many interested and also for the foundation being built in those who are returning year after year.




Above: Kids enjoying craft time.


Above: What are you snacking on around 10:00? The kids in Hungary are used to this.





Above: Katie who is staying with us this week and pursuing missions has been helping out all this week at camp. Miki convinced her to try the crate climbing tower.



Above: Kriszti who is helping at this year’s camp is recovering from surgery and chemo-therapy from a brain tumor. She initially began attending volleyball over a year ago and afterward began attending one of our small groups in Rozsaszentmarton. After attending regularly and hearing the Gospel, Kriszti put her faith in Jesus. We praise God for her recovery and her serving with us at this year’s VBS.


Above: Val with some of the kids in her small group at game time. They had to seek missing puzzle pieces on the camp grounds and race against the other teams to put them together.



Above: Getting the costumes ready for drama time.


Above: The kids still have plenty of energy and excitement at the end of the day.



Above: Some of the funny shots from this afternoon’s drama for the kids. Benjamin is playing the role of one of the two princes who will learn to fight a spiritual battle.

— Praise God that instead of the forecasted rain, God provided beautiful sunshine. Please continue to pray for good weather so that the kids can enjoy the activities we have planned outside.

— Heidi and Sam are continuing to recover. Please continue to pray for them. One of the two kids who came down with a fever yesterday was able to return today. Please continue to pray for the rest of the kids to be free from sickness and for those who are sick to be healed and able to attend

— Teammate Val wasn’t feeling well today. Please pray for healing for her body.

— Please pray for good rest for all the volunteers and kids attending camp. These are long days and our bodies need to recover.

— Tomorrow we will share the way to escape sin and death and be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for Eniko who will be teaching in the morning. Pray for the Gospel to be clear and for the children’s hearts to be drawn to the Father.