December 2013

Puppet Ministry Last day









Rózsaszentmarton Preschool


Above: Kriszta, one of the workers at this preschool, knows us through first meeting us at volleyball in Rozsaszentmarton. She is also now attending an evangelistic Bible study and told us after today’s show that she invited someone else to the study as well. Please pray for those God has brought us into relationship with like Kriszta, that they would come to know Jesus Christ.

The child in Kriszta’s lap (photo above) was very afraid to come into see the show and in tears. Soon after Miki began, he cheered up and had a great time learning about the true meaning of Christmas.






This is only our second time in this preschool in Rozsaszentmarton. The first time we were invited was only because of the headmaster not being in and a worker inviting us to the preschool after seeing our show at the retirement home in town. Later, the headmaster found out and did not invite us back the following year. This year, by God’s grace, the door has opened again and we ask you to pray that it remains open.




Above: Invited by the headmaster for some fresh coffee before we began our show in Csécse.





Hatvan Elementary


Although not our first time in Hatvan, this is the first time we have been invited to perform in this particular elementary school. We’re thankful for the warm receptions, the participation of all the kids in singing and answering questions and the compliments of teachers at the end. It seems that this will not be our last time serving in this school.







Our team is exhausted but joyous as we finished our last day of Christmas Puppet Ministry. God protected us as we traveled to 30 schools in Northeastern Hungary and allowed us to sow seeds of the Gospel to over 1,700 kids. Each team member clearly had a heart to selflessly serve and surely were just as blessed as the kids who received what we offered in this ministry. We thank all of you who stood strong with us in prayer and lifted up our important personal requests throughout the past two weeks.

Tomorrow, we’re having our Christmas Celebration/Outreach in our hometown of Petofibanya. We have kids from the public school who attend teammate Eniko’s Bible classes preparing songs and reciting poems. Kids and adults from our church will be singing and our drama team will also be performing. Please pray for the Gospel to be clearly communicated through teammate Dezso’s message and through the various presentations throughout the night.

We appreciate your support in prayer and are so thankful for so many of you who have given financially to sustain our life and ministry here. As we reach the end of the year, we find ourselves in financial need. If you would like to give financially toward our ministry which helps us to continue serving in Hungary with outreaches like this, you can find more information here: SUPPORT.

Puppet Ministry day 12


























Above: Our fourth show for the day was quiet a commute to the town of Vanyarc. As we traveled around 2:30, the skies were already getting dark as the sun sets early in Hungary’s winters. With all the traveling we did today, in some areas where the roads were a bit slick, we praise God for his protection.




Above: The headmaster of Vanyarc’s preschool joining in on the fun as Miki leads ice-breakers. This is definitely not the norm at most schools where many teachers are reserved and seem disconnected.




Above: Miki and Erika’s children Anna and Bence joined us and enjoyed watching the show from behind the stage.



Tomorrow, we’re off to our last four shows and are very thankful that many of you have persevered in prayer for us!

• Today, there were more issues than we’ve had the past two weeks with behavior of kids. We would appreciate your prayers for the kids in our final four shows to be able to pay attention and especially be drawn in as we share the Gospel after the show.

• Please also pray for a great night’s sleep that would allow our bodies to recover and be ready to serve with strength instead of fatigue. This includes praying for the kids of those serving to sleep well.

Puppet Ministry day 10 & 11



Above: Kids gathering in the auditorium in Jászfényszaru as we begin our first show on Tuesday morning. For the past two years, teammates Miki and Dezso have been commuting to this town seeking to initiate a church plant. This is the first time we have been allowed in this school and we had a great reception from the kids and the teachers. After the show, one of the teachers said the show was not only great for the kids but she was deeply moved as she watched. We praise God for this open door in Jászfényszaru and for a great first impression that most likely will lead to more opportunity in this school.








Hatvan X 2

After the show in Jászfényszaru, we traveled to the town of Hatvan where we would hold back to back shows since there were so many preschool kids.









This morning, we were able to perform in our hometown of Petofibanya. This is the preschool where Ziva will be attending and where all our other kids already attended. We have long standing relationships with the preschool teachers.


Above: One teacher, Edina (with child in lap in front of TV) has come to us asking for prayer over the past week. Her husband Feri, who years ago attended our English Club in Petofibanya moved to England to find work as a last resort. Over the past week he lost his job and his apartment and was in danger of being homeless. God was gracious to provide a shelter for him and we’ve been seeking to help through prayer and various contacts. We ask you to pray for Feri as well, that he would be able to work and find the means to rent again.




Above: This is Kitti who’s mother Vera began attending one of our Bible studies a few months ago. Teammate Heidi’s daughter Emi is best friends with Kitti in preschool and Roger and Heidi have been reaching out to their family for over a year. Heidi could also use prayer as she meets with Vera tomorrow and discusses some matters that Vera is seeking advice about.






Hatvan Special Needs Center







Petofibanya Elementary School






Above: Ákos (blue shirt middle) is the son of church member Judít who was recently saved. Ákos is an answer to prayer. Years ago, when Miki and Erika heard that Judít was struggling with infertility for some time, they told her they would pray. Judít had already been to medical specialists having no success. God was gracious to answer prayer and blessed her with Ákos. Both Judít and her husband Joplin attribute his birth to God’s answer to prayer. Please pray for Joplin who is now attending a bi-weekly Evangelistic Bible study and is not yet a believer.


Above: Miki’s daughter Anna and our daughter Kira helping out in our show in Petofibanya’s elementary school.

It’s been a very good past two days where we continue to experience God’s provision and blessing. Seeds of the Gospel are going out by His grace and there are some kids that commented in today’s show that they have collected the CDs and magazines we have been distributing for years. These CDs carry the true message of Christmas and Easter and provide the children with a great foundation that could transform the rest of their lives.

We have two more days left, both with four shows. Please pray especially for the puppeteers who need strength for these last two long days. We’re feeling the drain of the full schedule and need your prayers! Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!

Puppet Ministry day 9





Above: This school cares for kids with Down’s Syndrome and other developmental challenges. It was encouraging to see them participate in Miki’s ice-breaker games, using their imagination along with us and enjoying having a pretend snowball fight.



Above: I was thankful for another opportunity to meet Szabi (in blue shirt above). He suffers much, hitting himself and has clear injuries all over his body. Reni seated next to him is a believer in Christ and we’re thankful for the care and compassion she gives to Szabi. After the show they allowed me to go into the classroom and spend some time praying for Szabi. I would ask you to pray as well for this boy’s deliverance from such torment.









Similar to Jászberény’s school, Pásztó tends to kids with special needs including learning disabilities, behavioral problems and mental challenges. Teammate Erika used to teach in this school and had many that were filled with joy to see her again.




Above: Feri, who lives in Apc in the house we hold a weekly Bible study also attends this school. Feri was taken in by Zsolti and Vincse as his birth mother had no means to care for him.







Above: Kids volunteering to hold up various words as Eniko reviews the lessons learned in the puppet show and explains the Gospel.


This was a great start to our last week of Christmas Puppet Ministry. Though children with behavioral issues attend both these schools and we’d experienced problems because of that in the past, these two shows went very well today. The children in both schools were engaged through the whole show, participated in singing and question and answer time and were very grateful for the evangelistic gift packets they received afterward.

Please pray for continued strength as this week is packed with not only Puppet Ministry, but various Christmas outreach opportunities. After the puppet shows tomorrow we have a mini-Christmas concert in the public community center and after that I’m headed to the town of Bogács to hold a Bible study. We need rest, we need healing and we need strength as we continue tomorrow! Thank you for supporting us and this ministry through your prayers!

Puppet Ministry day 8










Jobbágyi’s gym has always been a challenge to our sound equipment with the large room leading to echoing and a muffled sound. Also, with the number of kids in Jobbágyi if any chatter begins in the room, the whole room fills with distracting noise. I praise God that this group of kids were very well behaved and the teachers were quick to shush any beginnings of chatter while the show was going on. The principal of the school was also present throughout the show and even had a group of kids say a special poem they memorized for us after she lit an advent candle.





Above: Since this was a combined show for the elementary school and the preschool, the preschoolers had to bundle up and walk over to the school’s auditorium.










We praise God for providing strength help though out our first week of puppet ministry. We’ve had no problem with our vehicle, small issues with the stage that were easily repaired and protection as we traveled many miles. We’ve already distributed close to 700 evangelistic gift packets to the children and also provided evangelistic books to teachers who attend the show. Praise God for this season of sowing many seeds that we pray will take root and flourish to the glory of Jesus Christ. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll have much needed rest and be back out on Monday for our last week of puppet ministry.

Praise God that Timi’s daughter Sára’s cast was taken off successfully on Friday. Please continue to pray for both Sára and Timi for healing of their injuries on their hands.

Please pray for the team to be fully recovered and rested for a new week of ministry. Some are still sniffling and coughing and congested.

The weather has been great here for traveling with no ice and no snow. Please continue to pray for safety in traveling.

Puppet Ministry day 7





Above: When we first arrived to Szarvasgede, the girl in blue in the photo above was in tears curled up in one of the teacher’s arms. It could be that she just wasn’t happy that her parents dropped her off at preschool, or she could have been afraid of the team setting up the puppet stage. Praise God that as Miki began engaging the kids with games and singing, she began participating and smiling.







Above: As we packed up our stage the kids received their CDs and christian children’s booklets we distribute at each show. These booklets containing coloring pages, Biblical stories and other fun family projects.






Above: Taking the kids on an imaginary sleigh ride.




Above: Part of the show involves this character above who takes advantage of his Christian classmate by taking his sandwiches from his backpack. The Christian classmate tells him that he can have the sandwich and seeks to apply what he just learned from his grandmother while they read the Bible together: Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. The Christian student invites his classmate to dinner with his grandmother and it is at this dinner that the grandmother tells the story of God sending His only Son Jesus into the world. After the show Timi or Eniko (depending on the day) review the lessons learned in the show and share the gospel. God is so gracious to allow us to sow these seeds in public schools all throughout our area. Kids are hearing the Gospel every Christmas and Easter through this ministry and receiving materials that they can continue to read and listen to throughout the year.




Above: Children from elementary school making their way over to the preschool for today’s show in Bér.









Prayer requests

Tomorrow, Timi (in purple above) will be taking her daughter Sára to have a follow up examination for her daughter who dislocated her thumb. Please pray for healing of Sára’s thumb and also for Timi’s own hand that was injured when she fell last week just before we began puppet ministry.

Thank you for your prayers for good nights of rest. God has been gracious allowing us to sleep through the night and helping us feel refreshed each new day. Please continue to pray the same tonight.

There are many sicknesses spreading through schools and preschools right now and we ask you to pray for the children of those on our team. Please pray for protection from sickness and healing for those who are beginning to show signs of sickness.

Praise God that all of our puppet equipment has been working well without major issues. We’ve had a few things that needed repair today, but again, nothing that stopped the show. Please continue to pray for God to protect all the equipment and use it for His glory.

Praise God that I was able to go into town after our shows this morning and pick up the rest of the evangelistic gifts we will be distributing next week. Praise God for His provision and protection in travel.

Puppet Ministry day 6




Above: Miki quickly brought smiles to the children’s faces in Selyp. It’s amazing that even at such a young age the kids have a vivid imagination and love playing alone with Miki as he helps them picture playing and sledding in the snow.





Above: Elianna (pink dress) is Eszti’s daughter that many of you had been praying for last week. This is the preschool she attends and she was excited to see our familiar faces and she was simply being cute as usual. Praise God for bringing healing to her and allowing her to return to preschool in time to see our show.


Above: Have you ever seen a Bible this big? The kids are always intrigued when Miki pulls out this custom made Bible with select verses that we read to the children. Although the kids in this preschool were very excited and showed much interest, we felt sorry for the teachers and workers who looked depressed and just sad the entire time we were there.





Our second stop for the day was in the neighboring town of Lorinci. We’ve had problems with power going out in this preschool many times in the past, but we’re thankful that we had no problems for today’s show. All the equipment is working great and as you can see, the kids were immersed in the show.












Above: Our last stop for the day was in the town of Bogács where we also are holding a weekly Bible study. Pujka, the father of the household invited us to have the show in his house, and the kids invited family and friends.





Above: Mazsi, Brenda, Katyus and Izabella. All three of these women pictured with teammate Brenda have put their faith in Christ over this past year. Praise God for delivering His good news to the poor and bringing His love to this family hidden away in Bogács.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We are feeling better each day from the burden of sickness and our team has had the needed strength to serve. I also praise God for our car working perfectly well in the cold weather and His protection as we travel on back roads with the trailer. I’m thankful that my friends in Bogács were able to meet many from our church in Petofibanya for the first time tonight who serve on the Puppet Team. They were very touched that so many would come out and serve them in this way.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we are off tomorrow to three different schools and need God (as always) to provide strength and bless us with success is proclaiming His Good News!

Puppet Ministry day 5






Above: We were greeted with enthusiastic kids who enjoying singing along with us in Kálló.





Above: Erika distributing gifts after the show to teachers and students. We praise God for the support that has come in to buy the 2000 CDs and evangelistic material needed for our Christmas Puppet Ministry.




Above: Miki having a pretend snowball fight to get the kids laughing before the show in Nagykökényes.









Thank you for your prayers that God is answering. Many of us are still feeling a bit sick, but God gave us the strength and help we needed to serve with joy. Please continue to pray for complete healing and for the blessing of a full night of sleep. We have a long day tomorrow as we’ll have three shows, our last in the town of Bogács where we’ve been holding a Bible study over the past year.

Puppet Ministry day 3 & 4

Sunday in Gyöngyös

We heard many stories from our friends at home at how difficult it was to travel in the unexpected snowstorm that hit the east coast. Thankfully, God sent the snow there and not here in Hungary and traveling to Gyöngyös was not an issue.


Above: Miki introducing the team and doing some ice-breakers with the audience in Gyöngyös.




In years past, we always sensed a bit of resistance from the audience getting involved and singing along. This year, parents and even grandparents sang along with their kids and followed in the motions for the songs. The program offered to kids in Gyöngyös is advertised as non-denominational and we’re thankful that we were able to focus on sharing the Gospel in this meeting that drew many from various denominations.





Above: Timi taught for the first time in our puppet ministry. She’s sharing the responsibility with teammate Eniko. Timi has had a rough past few days, struggling with sickness and even falling and injuring her left hand. She praises God for healing He is bringing but could continue to use your prayers for complete healing. We’re thankful to see her growth over the past few years from attending the puppet show with us, to serving as a puppeteer, to now sharing the Gospel after the show.


Monday in Gyöngyösoroszi












Even though we were running a bit late to Gyöngyösoroszi, we were able to quickly set up the stage and get the show started without any problems. We praise God for the joyous participation of all the kids in the audience and how they were able to pay attention throughout the show. After the show, we were invited to the teachers lounge where we spent some time in conversation over coffee and tea. One teacher shared her observations that over the years the kids in her school have ceased to show any respect and are on a downward spiral in terms of their behavior. In response to a sense of hopelessness we heard in her comments, we were able to share our hope that we have in the power of God to change our hearts and our need for God. Pray that the seeds we are sowing would bear fruit in the various communities we travel to and that God would lead many to His Son, our Savior.

Here are some specific prayer requests.

- Please pray for healing for Miki, Allen, Sharon, Ziva, Jennifer and Timi. Yesterday, we were hit with another sickness with coughing, congestion, sore throats and stomach and ear pain. Please join us in asking for healing and strength as we have just begun a challenging week of ministry.

- Praise God for helping Ziva sleep through the night! Though she seems to still be struggling with sickness, she is sleeping much better. Eszit’s daughter Elianna is also doing much better! Thank you for your prayers.

- Praise God that we’ve had no more issues with our audio equipment or stage. Please continue to pray for these various technical things to work well so that there would be no distraction from the main message.

We appreciate your prayers for us and this ministry.

Puppet Ministry day 2


Above: Miki and Erika helping load our trailer early morning as we prepare to travel to the town of Heréd just 10 minutes away.


Above: Thankfully the roads weren’t too bad as God gave us safety as we traveled.





Above: As we have attended this school for years, it’s always a joy to see new first grade faces that will be hearing this Christmas message for the first time.




Above: It was great to see all the kids joining in on singing along with motions.





Above: Eniko holding up a poster with the words, “Overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21) as part of her reviewing some of the things that happened in the puppet show. One of the puppet characters is a Christian who goes out of his way to seek to bless a fellow student who is picking on him and taking advantage of him. In the end the Christian invites this abusive student to his grandmother’s house for dinner where he learns about God’s love in sending Jesus Christ to the world and also becomes a believer.

This show speaks to real problems that kids are facing in their own lives. I learned from Erika today that the show in Rozsaszentmarton yesterday nearly brought one of her daughter’s classmates to tears. Apparently, this classmate was convicted that she was being bitter and mean toward Erika’s daughter. After the show, this classmate went to Erika’s daughter and asked forgiveness.



Above: Erika giving the teachers and students this year’s evangelistic gift packets. We often hear stories of kids (now much older) who loved listening to the CDs we distributed with the real story of Christmas and various short stories and Christmas songs.

We’re thankful for God’s grace in blessing today’s ministry in Heréd. We appreciate your continued prayers support.

• Please continue to pray for healing for Timi and Eniko who are teaching this year (sore throat/colds, Timi’s recovery from falling)
• Please continue to pray for our daughter Ziva and Eszti’s daughter Elianna. Both continue to struggle with sickness.
• Please pray for our audio equipment to work well. Today when Eniko was teaching, the main speaker had some issues. We’re thankful that these issues did not affect the message.
• Tomorrow, we have a show in the town of Gyöngyös and ask for prayer as we travel in potentially slippery conditions.

Puppet Ministry day 1

First let me share some answers to prayer. Last Saturday, I threw out my lower back playing football and was unable to bend in the slightest way without severe pain. I couldn’t tie my shoes. I couldn’t lean over a sink to brush my teeth. My main role this year on our puppet team would be helping with set up and tear down of the stage and packing and unpacking. I wouldn’t be able to do much with this back injury. By God’s grace and in answer to the prayers of many, my back is well again! I had no trouble lifting the heaviest of equipment like our main speaker and carrying various bags. Praise God for his grace in bringing swift healing!

Our daughter Ziva slept relatively well and showed no more signs of fever. Thank you for your prayers for her. Eszti’s daughter Elianna is also doing a bit better, but both of these children could continue to use your prayers for complete healing and grace in sleeping through the night.

My car which was in the shop overnight was also a prayer request. We didn’t know how serious the matter was after trying to jump start the vehicle unsuccessfully on Wednesday. The next day, I got a call with good news that replacing the battery was the only repair needed and the car was ready to go. Praise God!

As far as other team members, some of us continue to struggle with sickness. Please pray specifically for Eniko and Timi (sore throat/cold). Both of these team members are the ones who are responsible to teach the gospel at the end of our puppet show. Timi’s daughter Sára just dislocated her thumb and Timi herself fell and injured her leg. Please pray for their healing and for protection from the enemy. I also mentioned that I felt I was coming down with something. Praise God that I am well today! Thank you all for your prayers.

Rozsaszentmarton Retirement Home



Our first puppet show would be in the neighboring town of Rozsaszentmarton where we were invited to the town’s retirement home. This is the second time we’ve visited this home and were thankful to be able to share Christ’s love with them.





Above: You guessed it, that’s a handmade Bible that Miki is holding up as part of the teaching that we present after each Puppet Show. We’re thankful for the creative talents of teammates Roger and Heidi who invested lots of time putting these teaching tools together.

They thoroughly enjoyed the show commenting on how special it was for them and how they desire for us to come again at Easter. In a conversation with one of the workers, Miki asked if there was opportunity to offer a Bible study and she readily agreed. Praise God for these open doors of opportunity in Rozsaszentmarton where we are seeking to church plant.

Rozsaszentmarton elementary school





As we’ve mentioned before, for years the doors to Rozsaszentmarton’s school were closed to our puppet ministry. We praise God for this first show and for the change of heart of the principal (above) who after the show asked that we come again.


Above: Ben (number 19 sweatshirt) standing with his class before the show. Initially, the older kids were just in the auditorium for announcements and were not going to be able to stay for the show. By God’s grace, the teachers agreed to let them stay and Ben’s teacher (pictured left of Ben) sent the message home with Ben that the show was great.











Above: Children from the audience helping hold up key words that Eniko used in sharing the Gospel.


Above: The kids in the audience would read from the large Bible with Eniko explaining each verse. This verse is from Luke 5:31-32: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”





This was a great first day of ministry. We had a few glitches with our audio equipment but nothing that stopped the show. We appreciate your continued prayer for us:

• Please pray for healing for Timi and Eniko who are teaching this year (sore throat/colds, Timi’s recovery from falling)
• Please pray for complete healing for our daughter Ziva and Eszti’s daughter Elianna.
• Please pray for a good night’s rest for our team and for tomorrow’s show in the town of Heréd.

We appreciate your support in prayer and are so thankful for so many of you who have given financially to sustain our life and ministry here. If you would like to give financially toward our ministry which helps us to continue serving in Hungary with outreaches like this, you can find more information here:




Temperatures continue to drop in Hungary and my morning routine of jumping in the car to take the kids to the bus stop for school now included a frigid ice scraping adventure. Later, our car refused to start which most likely is due to the cold and the battery somehow being drained. I hope to have it fixed today. Our teammate Brenda graciously offered to drive to Bogacs. As we pull onto Pujka’s son’s front lawn at 5:00 it seemed like it was already 9:00 at night with no sign of sunlight. We were once again greeted with joyous shouting as the kids rushed to the parked car and embrace us. By God’s grace we are treated like family members and Izabella commented that when we have our Bible study, her family feels like they forget all their hardships and there is peace.


Above: Pujka and his wife Katyus with their grandson.

As we enter we see Katyus, the mother of the household, sitting in her customary spot next to the wood burning stove that also serves as the heater for their house. Her countenance brings us great encouragement as it is now visibly different compared to when Katyus did not know Jesus as Savior and Lord. She shared that she felt a real change in her heart and was now able to pray to God without the oppression that she once experienced.

For the next half an hour, we spend some time mingling and talking about how they are doing. Pujka, the father of the household is a bit downcast as he contemplated the past week of not having much hope of getting out of debt and not having anything to offer his children after all his toil and work through the week. I sought to bring encouragement knowing that the love that he offers his children is something money cannot buy. Although they struggle in poverty they always have the opportunity to love, support and encourage one another. Please pray for Pujka to find encouragement in Christ and to be delivered from this downcast state.


Above: Singing a song of worship before our study together.


Above: Eniko with some of the kids she teaches in a separate room every week.

At the end of last weeks study Katyus began asking more about forgiveness. She was working through how to navigate relationships that have a very rocky rough past and need reconciliation. This week, our study was on the passage where Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother when he sins against him. Through this study, Katyus discovered that God, her King, had forgiven her the entire debt of her sin in mercy and grace and that her King calls her to do the same with others in her own life. Katyus, understanding the weight of what Jesus was teaching, commented in the end, “This is very difficult.” I encouraged Katyus to trust in God who would give her the ability through His Holy Spirit to live more like Jesus day by day. Although this type of forgiveness was once impossible, Katyus is now a new creation in Christ and by God’s grace will find the power and will to forgive those who have wronged her time and time again in her community. Katyus is taking all of these things to heart and knows that Christ’s teaching have immediate application in her life. When Katyus learned that it was sinful to steal even if she was doing it to provide for her children, she stopped. She told us this week that she had opportunity to steal last week as usual, but instead decided not to and to wait to see how God would provide. I would encourage you to pray for Katyus, that God would provide for her family and give the greatest of encouragements to her as she takes steps to obey Jesus Christ by faith. Pray that God would provide something much greater than what she would have stolen for her family. Pray that He would show Katyus and that community that He is a faithful provider of those who seek His kingdom first.

Father drawing people to His Son

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (John 6:44). Gábor who decided to visit our church a few weeks ago has continued to go to different study groups over the past two weeks. Gábor said that after his first visit to our worship service he was filled with joy. He shared in our house group, “My friends asked me where I was the next day at work and I told them that I went to church. They began ridiculing me. I thought to myself, ‘Do I really need to depend on their opinions in life?’ I really didn’t expect anything else from them and I’m not mad at them. To be honest, I have felt that I needed to come for a while but I had problems with pride. I realized that I had to lay down my pride and just go.” Please continue to pray for Gábor who has not yet made a decision but is definitely now seeking by God’s grace.



Above: Sunday worship service. Edit is seated center in brown jacket.

Edit, a grandmother that has been attending our VBS for years with her grandchildren and is a teacher in the public school has been coming to various house groups and attending church since our last VBS. Unlike the general population that we often find ourselves interacting with, Edit is highly educated and has had many years of sustained successful work in her life. In our VBS it was clear that the Father was drawing Edit to His Son as she could be seen sometimes weeping when we sang worship songs. Just last week she requested to meet with Miki since we mentioned in our worship service that there was an opportunity for those who believe to be baptized. Edit sought clarification as to what baptism meant. In that meeting, as Miki shared the Gospel, Edit put her faith in Jesus Christ!

Christmas puppet outreach begins Friday!


God has continued to keep the door open for our puppet team to reach out to over a 1000 kids this Christmas. As our custom, we’ll be visiting close to 30 public schools to bring teaching on the true meaning of Christmas through singing, teaching and a short puppet presentation. What a gift of God’s grace to be able to openly proclaim these truths to a new generation in public schools!


We rejoice that for the first time, the public school in Rozsszentmarton will be allowing us to present our show this Friday! This is an amazing answer to prayer. Rozsasentmarton is a town where we have a church planting work and where our children and some of our teammates’ children attend school. For years now the school’s principal has been denying our request to come. In a recent teachers’ meeting, teammate Eniko was present and asked if the school would desire to have our team bring the puppet show. The principal reluctantly asked the teachers in the room what they thought and they all agreed that we should come. Praise God for putting Eniko in the right place at the right time to open this door that has been shut for so long.

WE need your prayers!

As is often the case entering our season of puppet ministry, we are experiencing various struggles and attacks from the enemy. We know that the enemy is seeking to destroy our plans of sharing the Gospel and he will use all his means to discourage and work against us. And we also know that Jesus has sent us and is with us as the one who has conquered the enemy and will build His kingdom through us. Does this truth excuse us from prayer? Of course not! When Paul spoke to the Corinthian believers about experiencing great affliction in Asia as he proclaimed the Gospel, he concludes by saying, “ You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” (2 Cor 1:11) Paul says that he is helped THROUGH the prayers of others. Paul says that blessing would be granted to him “THROUGH the prayers of many.” Sure, we all know that Christ has won and the victory is His, but we are still in the midst of a battle where God has designated prayer a powerful weapon against the schemes of the enemy. May I also encourage you as Paul encouraged the Corinthians to please pray for us in this season puppet ministry.

If you would be willing to join our daily prayer team please respond via email. We would be greatly strengthened and blessed to have your prayer support! [email protected]

Family Photos


Above: Elianna (far right) in a school play in Rozsaszentmarton on Saturday.


Above: Kira and Elianna helping decorate