December 2006


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Monday ESL


Above: Dezső inviting Hajni to our Christmas outreach 2 weeks from now. Hajni has never stayed after for our second hour of Bible study, but she told Dezső that she may be interested in one of our housegroups. Hajni recently moved to Petőfibánya and has also recently begun to develop a relationship with Miki's wife Erika. Please pray that she may come to know the Savior.

After reminding the students that next week was our last ESL class, they all sighed and said, "it's just not enough!" We hope that next year we will be able to continue this ministry. In the mean time, we hope that many of our students will come to Jesus and regularly meet at church.


Above: Our second hour of Bible study. Before the study, Miki led us in an English worship song. Afterwards, we discussed Jesus' question to the sick man found in John chapter 5. "Do you want to get well?" Spiritually, we must answer this question and recognize that Jesus is the only One who can make us well. Dezső did an excellent job translating even though he had a tough and tiring day at work. After the discussion, we invited the students to our worship service this Sunday where I will be sharing the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and explaining the gospel. Please pray that students would respond to the invitation and come to service. Please pray for me as I prepare, and for Orsi who will translate my sermon for this Sunday.

Sunday Worship


Above: Some serious 'chub'.


Above: Dezső (playing bass above) did a great job leading our musical worship time. This is the second time he has led this part of our worship service and continues to grow as he uses his giftings for God's glory! We are so thankful for God drawing Dezső and his family to Himself and bringing them to a mature faith.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Dezső has had lots of opportunity to share the gospel at his workplace. Erika (picture below) was one of his co-workers who responded to the gospel and Dezső and his wife Marcsi brought her to church tonight for the first time.


Above: Erika (Dezső's co-worker) with Erika (Miki's wife) and Hugi.

P1540357.JPG P1540345.JPG

Above L: Andi talking with Erika. One of Andi's son's had a serious head injury this past week. Andi expressed her gratitude for the prayer support she received through the Body. The doctors said it could have been much worse and he has been released from the hospital. Praise God!

Above R: Péter and Miki. Péter delivered an excellent message on the qualities of a true Christian that are ever increasing as we become like Christ. Péter is currently attending seminary through an extension program and is a traveling teacher (truly gifted by God!).

P1540275.JPG P1540276.JPG

Above L: It was a joy to see Milán and Gabi T. return to church for the first time in many months. Gabi S. (in black) has been a great help in inviting them to come back. Zoli (arm around Gabi) participated for the first time in our musical worship team. I was very proud of him. We praise God that both Gabi S. and Zoli have been actively involved in ministry since their salvation. I look forward with great hope in what these men will become in Christ.

Above R: Ádám and his friend Samu also returned tonight after a long break from church.

Some of you may remember a man named Feri who attends our ESL program on Monday nights. We have often invited him to church since he openly confesses his faith in Jesus and even told me about his conversion experience. I was overjoyed to see him with his daughter Petra enter our service tonight for the first time! Our teammate Janka did an excellent job with her class for the kids, and Petra seemed to have a good time. Feri asks for prayer for his wife to be open to 'trying out' our service. It would be a blessing to have another entire family grow in their faith in this church. Please pray for them.

Weekly Update

P1540099.JPG P1540114.JPG

Above: Ben and Elianna-can you tell they are brother and sister?


P1540134.JPG P1540150.JPG

Above L: Getting these teens in spiritual shape. Above R: Gabi K, and Gabi T. And of course don't forget Gabi S. sitting far left in the larger picture above. That's three Gabis! Gabi T. used to attend our sports outreach and bible study, but disappeared for some time. I was thankful for Gabi S. bringing him back tonight. We learned about the contrast of a surrendered life to Jesus and a life quenching the Spirit.


P1490322.JPG P1530303.JPG

Above L: Hugi (center) Above R: Gabor, Hugi's husband. We had an enjoyable dinner with Hugi and Gabor at our apartment on Friday night. Towards the end of the night, Hugi began to ask more about baptism since I had given her some reference materials about this step of following Christ. It was a great opportunity to explain the pictures of the gospel within baptism with Gabor also paying close attention. Gabor told me that he has definitely noticed a change in Hugi's life since she has chosen to believe in Jesus. They also recognize God's intervention in their lives, when He provided in hopeless times. Please continue to pray for Hugi as a new believer and Gabor who is seeking.

After dinner, I rushed to the local public school for our friday night sports outreach. I was greeted with a crowd of 20 kids waiting to get into the building. We have a great time playing soccer together for an hour and half. I leave the last half hour as optional to all the kids. Most of them left, but I was thankful for the four who stayed. In this way, I am able to teach God's word to those who are truly interested and wanting to know more. Tomi was one of the kids who stayed. Tomi has also visited our church previously, but because of his schedule and helping his parents build a house, he has not been able to attend. Please pray that God would draw him back to church so that he would be encouraged and learn more about God's Son, Jesus Christ.