September 2012



Above: Elianna, Ben and Kira in traditional hungarian black and white for their first day back at school. This would be Kira’s first day in the first grade. All three of our kids attend school in the neighboring village of Rozsaszentmarton where our team is planting a new church.


Above: First graders being welcomed to school in our home town of Petofibanya. This was a special occasion as the headmaster publicly read a letter from the president of the Baptist Mission in Hungary and explained the Baptist’s role in financially backing the school so that it could continue serving the community.


Above: Parents in the back of 1st grade class helping their kids get situated the first day in Petofibanya. Reni (far right) has many connections with various members of our church and we continue to reach out to her.


Above: Most of these kids, like this young 1st grader, have attended our VBS in the past.


Above: Petofibanya’s opening ceremony. While reading through Isaiah, chapter 64 verse 3-5 stood out: “You did awesome things that we did not look for,… From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him. You meet him who joyfully works righteousness, those who remember you in your ways.” This amazing work of the public school in the town where we are church planting being turned over to the Baptist Mission in Hungary is something “we did not look for.” The whole process and the many talks between public officials and Baptists leaders was in the works for weeks before we even found out. Through the many years of doing puppet ministry and various outreaches, we often experienced resistance from this school. Who knew that years later God would hand over the keys to the school and give us the privilege of being on mission to this unreached generation.

Please pray for our team and our church to know how we can best use this open door for His glory and to proclaim His gospel effectively. We need His wisdom and His Holy Spirit equipping us in this calling. The majority of these kids come from very dysfunctional homes affected by divorce, alcoholism, poverty and they have a gnawing sense of a lack of hope. May God bring transformation to this community through Jesus Christ and His Gospel.


Just last week, we were invited to participate in Petofibanya’s community celebration. We were able to interact with many in the community painting faces and giving away balloons.



Above: Jennifer helping me paint faces on Saturday. Jennifer who came to know Christ this year has been gathering mothers together at her house to talk about spiritual things. It is clear that God is using her to share her faith and the hope she has in Jesus Christ. Jennifer and her best friend Timi are preparing to be baptized in early October. We’re very thankful to see God’s work of grace in their lives.


Above: Miki acting as our resident balloon master sculpting and shaping hundreds of balloons for those passing by. Miki was able to connect with the local police chief and asked how we could be praying for the community. The conversation was very positive and Miki rejoiced in finally having an opportunity to build a relationship with him.



Above: Eniko and her friend Monika (that she led to Christ). Just this past week, God directed Eniko to apply to a Bible college in Hungary in order to obtain a degree to officially teach Bible classes in public school. She was able to apply the last day of the deadline, but because of technical problems and last minute requests, she couldn’t satisfy the requirements. After being denied, she wondered how this was all going to work out. The next day she called and they encouraged her to come in for a personal interview even though her first application was denied. After the interview, she was accepted and within the day she had the official papers needed turned in. Praise God for His provision!


Above: Sharon with Eszter and Eszti. Sharon hopes to continue to meet with both Eszter (also a mother of four) and Eszti for discipleship. Please pray that God would use their relationship to bring great encouragement and sustained growth in their faith in Christ this new school year.





Above: Fanni and Jennifer. Fanni who was saved this summer continues to grow in her faith. She sends me the greatest questions via email. Her most recent: If God created Satan why hasn’t he stopped him already? These questions lead to great opportunities to go through God’s word and grow in understanding of God’s truth. Fanni has convinced her mother to begin attending church and has begun witnessing to friends about her faith in Jesus. Praise God. She begins extension classes this weekend.

As a church planting team, we are currently evaluating our current methods and ministries and seeking God’s direction for this new semester of ministry. We would appreciate your prayers as we make decisions that we hope will lead to having a greater impact in bringing Christ’s Gospel to the unreached. It is also our desire to be more effective in discipleship and equipping younger believers for the works of ministry that God has designed for them.

Please pray with expectation, with faith and with hope. E.M. Bounds, author of many books on the power of prayer has said, “Prayer can do anything that God can do.” Please pray for us.

Random Pics




Elianna Joy

Above: Some fun on family vacation.



Above: Friends Cathy and Valeria celebrating 20 years of serving Christ in Hungary.


Above: Hungarian teammate Dezso with his daughters Adrienn and Betti at a recent camping outreach.


Above: Ben and Ellie at a summer camp designed for missionary kids in Czech Republic.


Above: Ziva showing off her new teeth.