September 2011


Above: As God continues to increase the number attending our church, we had to move our baptismal service from inside MIki’s house to outside. The set up was a bit of work, but well worth it for this wonderful celebration of Jesus Christ bringing salvation to the lives of three young Hungarians.

Above: Gyula, Eszti and Zsófia a bit nervous before coming forward to give their testimony before the church.

Zsófia Cs.

Above: Zsófia’s whole family came out to hear her testimony and witness her baptism. Here is a snippet of Zsófia’s testimony:

“In last year's VBS there was a verse that said, "God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life." I understood that God truly loves me and gave His Son for me. I remember that I just couldn't pull myself together to go to anyone to pray. Soon after VBS there was a camping outreach and I spoke to Eszti and she said, just go talk to Miki. I talked with him and I made a decision. In this past English camp my faith was strengthened and I have since been able to attend church and read the Bible.”

Eszti J.

Above: Eszti. None of Eszti’s family came out to see her baptism and Eszti commented that maybe it was better this way for now. She said that it may have just been too overwhelming to them as they just don’t understand. I told Eszti that her changed life will be an important aspect of her testimony in her family as there is suspicion and confusion as to what this is all about. Here is a bit of Eszti’s testiomy:

“When I was a child I didn't hear anything about God. I attended my first VBS in 2008 where I first began to hear about Him. Thank God that in this year's English Camp I came to understand that God is the One who is always with me, the One I can always depend on, the One that always loves me and I was thankful to understand these truths. God touched me and I was weeping that night. I spoke to Allen and Miki and it was then I truly decided in my heart. From that point on, I'm reading the Bible, praying and thankful for this decision. I’m thankful that I can know this church and that I have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and can trust in Him.”

Gyula T.

Above: Gyula. Gyula’s father and mother (separated) both came to witness Gyula’s baptism. Both Gyula and his mother asked for vacation time (which isn’t so easy to do in this economy) to be able to come Sunday. I remember first meeting Gyula in our English Club and how he would conveniently leave the room whenever I began talking about Jesus Christ. Praise God for the transformation that has taken place in his heart by God’s grace. Here is a bit of Gyula’s testimony:

“I began going to Friday night teen meetings and it was there that I heard about God for the first time. I didn't believe in God and saw everything through a scientific perspective. I wasn't really seeking God, but He was the One that found me. I came to know Jesus through Miki and Allen and I believe He is my Savior.”

Gyula, Eszti and Zsófi have heard the gospel in multiple outreaches, through multiple years and God has been gracious to cause growth to seeds we have planted in previous VBS’s and Camp outreaches. It is very encouraging to see God raising up a new generation of Hungarians that know Him as Father through faith in Jesus Christ. It is great to see parents attending church, hearing the Gospel the first time because of their children’s decision to follow Jesus. Rejoice with us and praise God with us for these three lost sheep who were found by Jesus, cleansed by His blood and given the gift of eternal life as children of God.


Above: Kira, Lucy and Elianna. No Ellie didn’t get a dog for her birthday... that’s our teammate Brenda’s dog.

Above: Elianna and Kira having fun decorating Ellie’s brithday cake. That’s a number “8” on top... yikes!

Above: Ellie decided that she wanted to go to Aquaworld in Budapest for her birthday. The family had a great day together. Check out the highlights above.


• Please pray for Eszti and Zsófia who are back in school and have a difficult schedule. Pray that there will be times for fellowship and ways to encourage them in their growth as believers in Christ. Pray also for Gyula to be enriched in his faith.

• Please pray for Allen as he travels East this weekend for leadership training with PI. Pray for Sharon and our kids as he is away next week.