May 2011


Above: Elianna at the local playground. Our friends Matt and Karen have been gracious to provide the second floor of their home for us to stay in while we are in the States. We are very thankful for their friendship and generosity. The kids love the playground which is just a block away, but they are still getting used to the humid weather. In Hungary, hot days are not so ‘hot’ because of a lack of humidity.

Above: Our kids reconnecting with ‘mom mom’ and ‘pop pop’. One question we are always asked while living in Hungary, “Don’t you miss living in the US?” Our answer is always, we primarily miss family.

Above: Sharon’s Aunt Sara and ‘Poppy’, Sharon’s 91 year old grandfather.

Above: Michaelann, Sharon and Karen all attended LIberty University together. Michaelann recently took a road trip to see our family and to introduce us to her son Carson (being pushed by Ellie on the swing).

Above: Kira at the dentist for the first time... love that smile. We praise God for a friend who provided for our family to have full check-ups, cleaning and dental work before returning to Hungary. It looks like only two members of our family have cavity creeps to deal with. I won’t tell which ones.

We are very thankful for our time reconnecting with family and friends in the US and spending time in small groups sharing how God has been at work in Hungary. Our scheduled return to Hungary is June 15th, but in order to return we need to have our monthly support raised to continue serving long term. If you have opportunities where we could speak in your small group or church, or if you would like to meet with us personally, there is still time! Please contact us to schedule to meet in the next few weeks.

Please pray for God’s provision of the remaining monthly support we need before returning to Hungary!




As many of you know, summer is a time where our church is invited to many village holiday celebrations. Just a few days ago our church served in the neighboring town of LÅ‘rinci for their “Childrens Day”. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about our church, share the gospel through spending time doing crafts with kids, and inviting families to our VBS.


Above: Gabi was in charge of helping kids with the “Good News Tree”. This craft has different colored beads that represent different truths of the Gospel. I’m so encouraged to see Gabi taking part in this outreach!



Above: Miki busy making baloon swords, animals and hats for the kids.


Above: Teens Gyula and Norbi tagging along.


Above: Miki and Erika’s daughter Anna (left) with girlfriend Betti. Anna is recovering well from having her appendix removed just weeks ago. We praise God for providing healing.

Praise God for many church members participating in this community outreach and for the freedom to share the gospel and distribute invitations to our VBS. Please pray as our team is in the midst of creating curriculum and planning for this year’s VBS!