March 2007

Children's Playhouse and Puppet Show in Selyp!


Above: Today we held a Children's Playhouse Outreach in the town of Selyp. We were able to use the local "KULTÚRHÁZ" (Culture House) which is a blessing.

P1730275.JPG IMG_0484

Above L: Andi (who was baptized a few weeks ago) committed her time to serve with us today. We were thankful for her help in preparing food, helping with crafts and also game time. Maybe someday she will be called to carry out an important role in the church plant in Petőfibánya in children's ministry.

Above R: Ben finding more objects to use as swords. Watch out Brenda!




Above: We were thankful for a 'full house' and also new faces. We praise God for parents staying the entire time and also being able to hear the gospel.


Above: Looking out into the audience as they watch the puppet show.



Above: Julika leading craft time.



Above: God blessed us with a beautiful day for our game time!


Above: Easter Egg Hunt!!!! The kids had to find paper shaped eggs with the words from today's memory verse: "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, ...he was buried, and he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures." (1 Cor 15:3-4) After their team successfully collected the eggs, they had to put them in order and say the verse out loud in unison. You can hear them at the end of the video clip below.

Praise God for this open door in the town of Selyp to proclaim the gospel message! Thank you for your prayers that strengthened our impact today in this needy town.

P1490526.JPG P1500025.JPG

Above: Gabi S. serving with us in the orphanage ministry. Tomorrow, we look forward to a special worship service as our dear friend Gabi S. will be baptized! Please continue to pray:

• for Gabi as he prepares his heart for this special day.
• for those friends and family that attend who have a distorted view of God, or of who we are as a church.
• for Peter who will be preaching tomorrow's message.
• for the message of the gospel to be clearly proclaimed and understood.

Day 6 Puppet & Drama Ministry!


Above: Today our team traveled to the village of Szarvasgede to perform our puppet show in the local preschool. The church above is situated directly opposite the school.




Above: Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?" Because she thought he was the gardener, she said to him, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will take him." Jesus said to her, "Mary." She turned and said to him in Aramaic, "Rabboni" (which means Teacher). (John 20:15-16)


Above: We're packed in so tight, that Brenda has to watch out for the wooden gavel attached to Miki's puppet's hand as he struts his puppet back and forth.


P1720811.JPG P1720844.JPG

Above: The children are quick to flip through the children's magazine we hand out after each show. Inside they find more stories (from a Christian perspective) about Easter accompanied with puzzles and games. They also receive a CD with the puppet show soundtrack and various songs.


Above: Not letting Heidi go without a hug.

Tomorrow, we will be holding a Children's playhouse as an outreach in the town of Selyp which is a 3 minute drive from Petőfibánya. We will be performing the puppet show, as well as having songs, games and teaching. Please pray for us as we hope to develop new relationships in Selyp. This may be the next area where we our team seeks to plant a church in the future.

Janka and Heidi seemed to be doing much better today (praise God!). Miki seems to be coming down with a cold. Please continue to pray for our health and strength in this intense time of ministry.

Highlights from today!


Day 5 Puppet & Drama Ministry!



Above: Holding up the picture of the empty tomb as Janka teaches about Jesus Christ's resurrection.

We praise God for a good day serving together in two schools to over 120 children. We thank God for the warm reception we had in both Nagykökényes and Lőrinci. Two of our team members, Janka and Heidi were feeling physically uneasy today. Please pray that God would continue to protect us from sickness and bring healing where we need it. I failed to report yesterday about God's protection. After our last show, while holding the large speaker, Miki lost his footing and fell off a raised platform. We praise God that he stood up without injury!



As of today, we have reached our midpoint in this year's Easter Puppet and Drama outreach. Thankfully, we have a light schedule tomorrow which will allow for some healthy rest! Please continue to lift us up as you think about this ministry of proclaiming our resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ!


Above: Tonight I was able to meet with Zoli and Gabi S. for our discipleship Bible study. As I seek to equip these young men to continue meeting (when we are on furlough later in the year), I have given them a rotating schedule of leading in my presence. Zoli did a great job tonight facilitating our study on the reality of Jesus coming in the flesh and how He is our faithful High Priest. (Hebrews 4:14-16)

We also talked more about baptism, as Gabi S. prepares for his baptism this Sunday! We rejoice in his decision to be baptized and look forward this special day. Please pray for Gabi S. as this decision has caused some friction in his family. Please pray for him as he prepares to give testimony about his relationship with Jesus. And please pray for his mother who will also attend the baptismal service (this will be her first visit to our church).

Day 4 of Puppet & Drama Ministry!

P1700722.JPG P1700717.JPG

Above L: Csaba has been a great help in the hard work of packing, moving and lifting the larger parts of our set.
Above R: Julie along with Dave and Bob (pictured below) traveled from Budapest to see us in action today. Julie played a major part in writing this year's Easter drama, and composing the musical composition with Dave and the rest of Pioneers' Area Resource Team.



Above: This was our first time performing in the town of Erdőkürt. It is a village of around 600 people and we later found out that over 10% of this village attend either Catholic church or Lutheran church. We are thankful for the way they received us and our message today.


Above: We praise God for Palánta Mission's passion for the gospel to be brought to the next generation of Hungarians. Palánta Mission is a non-profit organization that is responsible for creating the puppet show, and the accompanying CD and magazines that we distribute after the show. They train teams from various churches (like ours) to perform in public schools in their respective regions throughout Hungary. Currently there are over 70 puppet teams that have been equipped by Palánta. We praise God that the door remains open in public schools every Easter and Christmas to share the true story of Christ's life and resurrection.

P1700966.JPG P1700992.JPG

Above L: Janka teaching about the Old Testament sacrifice of an innocent lamb to cover sin, and the once for all sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God for our sins.
Above R: A child holding up the picture of the empty tomb: He is risen!


Above: Some of the teachers from the village of Erdőkürt.

P1710250.JPG P1710259.JPG

Above: Hey Miki catch! A little protein to bring back some strength for our next show in Selyp.



Above: Hey, wait for me! Csaba quick to help with the heavy stuff again.


Above: Brenda and Heidi loosening up before the puppet show on an old piano in Selyp's middle school.


Above: Kids laughing? Miki must be at work. Miki is gifted in coming up with creative ways to connect with the children quickly. They are usually laughing within seconds of his first words.

P1710499.JPG P1710336.JPG


Above: We were amazed at how many kids we knew from this school from our VBS and our ministry at the local orphanage. God has opened so many doors to develop relationships and have an impact in these children's lives. We pray that the seeds that are sown would remain, sink deep and grow to maturity!

Thank you for your support through prayer! Tomorrow, we will perform our puppet show in two schools. Please continue to pray!

Day 3 of Puppet & Drama Ministry!



P1700386.JPG P1700111.JPG


Above: Our first destination was one of two preschools we would be visiting in Hatvan. There was a encouraging outburst from one of the kids while Janka shared the Easter message after the puppet show. While Janka explained that Jesus died on the cross, and was ready to get to the resurrection, one of the kids beat her to it. He yelled, "He's alive, He's alive!" I'm not surprised, as this is one of the preschools where Janka holds a weekly Bible study for the children. When we walked in this morning, they caught a glimpse of her and all shouted, "Janka!" with joy.

After the puppet show, one of the preschool teachers shared that the kids had just been to a professional puppet show yesterday (a secular presentation of Easter). She told us that ours was better and that the kids payed closer attention in ours. Praise God!

At our second destination for the day, we found ourselves in need of God's intervention. Though we were scheduled to perform, they had no record of our coming. After asking for God's help, and Janka meeting with one of the teachers, we were allowed to perform. This is one of the larger preschools, and over 100 children were able to hear the Easter message here today. After the puppet show, one of the teachers was a bit aggravated when we followed up by reading a verse from the Bible and reiterated the Easter message. She said, "Now why is it necessary to talk about it again" among the other teachers.


Above: In between shows, Miki sought to repair a connection in our speaker. We were able to get it back together in time for the next show.

P1700400.JPG P1700414.JPG

Above: Having a bit of fun before the show starts in our final destination for today.


Above: Our final stop was a school for those with learning disabilities and behavioral problems. We know some of the kids who attend this school because they also live at the orphanage we visit monthly.

P1700661.JPG P1700646.JPG


Thank you for your continued prayer support!

Thank you Lord...
- Team is healthy! (This is rare for us when we go into a ministry like this)
- Team is unified. (I am thankful for each teammate helping, and their attitude toward one another)
- Message is being told! (Without distraction-all technical equipment working well-and materials holing up)
- Relationships are being maintained (The only exception is Petőfibánya, where we don't know if they will invite us back at Christmas)
- No one really knew this, but I smashed my big toe last Friday in sports ministry. I actually thought it was broken or sprained. I was concerned about being able to perform in the Drama in this condition. God had mercy on me and has brought me back to 90% within three days. Praise Him for healing!
- Everyone seems to be getting enough rest (our kids are sleeping well)

Day 2 of Puppet & Drama Ministry!

Miki's wife Erika told me about the controversy raised from our performance on Friday in Petőfibánya. Erika teaches at Petőfibánya's public school. As far as we know, she is one of two teachers who are Christians (Anita is the other). Erika said that the last time we visited there weren't any problems because we talked more generally about Christmas and God's love. But this time, through our drama, and through my message, we crossed the line of acceptance in some teachers' eyes. I talked about the reality of Satan deceiving many to remain in slavery to sin to a final destination of hell. I contrasted that with God's desire to give them freedom through His only Son Jesus Christ. I then proceeded to present the gospel. Afterwards, I invited the teens in Petőfibánya to our sports ministry and to our church service on Sundays. One of the teachers was very offended, but thankfully, Erika was able to have more time after our performance to talk with her. Erika also shared about another teacher who was very thankful for our performance and is very open to hearing more about God. This teacher even sends her child (who is in pre-school) to Janka's children's Bible study once a week.

Our dilemma is clear. We have been given an opportunity to bring truth into public schools, but we have to be careful as to how we deliver the content of this truth. We don't want the school doors to shut, not allowing us to continue yearly to sow seeds to these children and teachers. We also don't want to water down the message as to present nothing of value. Please pray for us to continue to minister in this calling "be[ing] wise as serpents and innocent as doves." (Matt 10:16)



Above: Today, we first traveled to the town of Heréd (about a 10 minute drive). We praise God for all things working together in our puppet and drama presentation.



Above: Janka teaching about covering of sin through sacrifice of an innocent lamb, and the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ who was the ultimate sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins.

Serving in Heréd was night and day compared to Friday in Petőfibánya. The students and teachers payed attention. The children knew the answers to questions. The kids seemed to enjoy the time, and the teachers always greet us with smiles and remind us that they await our return. One teacher approached us after the show and told us about her English class. She was thankful to hear me speak in English with translation and enjoyed the show. It was very encouraging!


Above: Distributing gifts to teachers and students after the show. This year the teachers get a book about the miraculous aspects of creation. The children get a CD and a magazine that has more about the true meaning of Easter.





Above: After the puppet show, the teens came to see our evangelistic drama. This is a great way to communicate visually what Jesus did to free us from the bondage and penalty of sin. Afterwards, I was able to read various verses from the Word and encourage the students to choose the resurrected Jesus and find new life in Him as His children.

P1690625.JPG P1690712.JPG


Above: Afterwards, we headed out for the town of Hatvan which means sixty (It is sixty kilometers from Budapest). Here, we ministered to those with developmental disabilities and learning disabilities. It is always a joy to see these young adults smile, laugh and sing along with us. Of all the places we go, they win the price for the most hospitable.

P1690757.JPG P1690754.JPG


Thank all of you who are praying daily for us! God blessed us today and answered your prayers!

Tomorrow, we will return to Hatvan to perform in three schools. We are strengthened and our ministry is more effective through your faithful prayers to our Lord!

Sunday Worship


Above: Spring hath sprung in Petőfibánya.

Tonight, we were encouraged as we continue to see growth in the members of our church.

P1690028.JPG P1690042.JPG

Above: Andi's sons, Milán and Mark


Above: Worship team practicing before starting at 5:00.



Above: Andi, who was baptized last week, shared about the 'aftermath' of her decision. Throughout the week, people who know her approached and asked questions like, "Have you abandoned your religion? I don't see you at the Catholic Church!" "Why don't you guys meet in a church building?" "Why don't you pray to the Virgin Mary?" "Why did you have to be baptized? Weren't you christened as a child? Andi answered with comments like, "I haven't abandoned my faith, I believe in God and we study the Bible in church." "The building is not important, but the fellowship is important." "I don't see where the Bible teaches us to pray to the Virgin Mary. St. Stephen was also a good man, but we don't pray to him as Hungarians. I go to God through Jesus Christ." "I was christened, but at the time, it was not my own decision. I am being baptized now because I have personally chosen Christ."

Praise the Lord for directing Andi in her responses and giving her the perseverance to stand firm in her faith. Please pray for her as she is very much a minority in our town of Petőfibánya. Pray that she will continue to mature in her faith and in her understanding of God's word.


Above: Janka shared with the church her joy as she celebrated her 15 year spiritual birthday, knowing Jesus as her Savior and Lord. Afterwards, Csaba and Janka officially announced their engagement tonight. They are planning their wedding for August. We are thankful for the opportunity to have been meeting with them over the past month for premarital counseling.


Dezső brought the message from God's word tonight. Dezső continues to grow in His faith and is gaining more experience using the gifts God has blessed him with. On most Sunday mornings, we are able to meet and study important topics related to leadership and our faith in Jesus. Dezső's wife Marcsi and his mother always feed me the best Hungarian food after our time together. They are such a blessing!


Above: Dezső's oldest daughter Regi celebrated her birthday with us tonight. Heidi encouraged her with scripture and prayed for her. Heidi has developed a good friendship with Regi and continues to have opportunity to share more about Jesus Christ with her.


Above: The treasures in my life! Kira is beginning to reveal more and more of her unique (and cute) personality. She points at different objects and is learning what they are. She is also able to walk while holding onto my hands. Pretty soon, she'll be off and running-yikes!

Tomorrow, we are off early in the morning to continue this year's Easter Puppet and Drama ministry. Please keep us in your prayers!

Friday Day 1 of Puppet & Drama Ministry!

After practicing hard all this week, our team performed in Petőfibánya's public school to begin this year's Easter Puppet and Drama ministry.



Above: Petoőfibánya's public middle school.


Above: We had to quickly set up our puppet stage, as the kids were already pushing at the entrance to come in. We praise God that just yesterday, our show time was moved up an hour earlier which allowed for more students to attend.





Above: After the puppet show, Janka shared the gospel. Unfortunately, it was difficult to share this treasure with them as most children in Petőfibánya's school have trouble paying attention. The teachers weren't much help, as most of them ignore the kids and carry on conversations in the corner throughout the presentation. Every year, we see the contrast of behavior of the kids in Petőfibánya and other schools. We always comment afterwards, (as we did again today) "there's a reason we live in Petőfibánya." It is very sad to see what type of behavior a godless community produces. It is very disappointing to see that hardness of heart and indifference has a powerful influence on these kids.

P1680575.JPG P1680589.JPG

Above: Heidi and Brenda helping out with our second presentation to the teenage students.


Above: Some of the teens who attended our drama presentation. I had the same struggle as Janka when presenting the gospel after the drama. There were groups of teens scattered throughout the audience who made it their goal to distract. There was never a moment of quite, but always a hum of conversation among students.

I was most angered, not because of the students actions, but how their actions kept others who wanted to hear the message from being able to pay attention. I was thankful for one teacher (Anita) that we know from the neighboring town of Selyp, who sat by a young boy while watching the drama. Anita is a Christian, and she was explaining what was happening in the drama to the young boy.

Many of the teens that attend our Friday Sports Outreach remained quite and payed attention. I am thaPnkful for the relationships I have been able to develop with these guys over the years and how they show respect in our interactions. I'll see many of them tonight as we hold our sports outreach. Please pray for more conversations about Jesus Christ with these teens. Please pray that God would have mercy on Petőfibánya, and break the enemies stronghold on entire families and generations. Pray that our church would live among these people as His ambassadors calling out, "Be reconciled to God!".

Monday ESL


Above: Heidi's beginner class with Jutka, Miki and Feri.


Above: Brenda's intermediate class.

Tonight, we held our last English class this semester. If the Lord provides the people and resources, we hope to start a new semester in September.

Saying goodbye is always difficult for our students, as they consider our meetings more than a formal class. Two of my students wrote on the board, "today is our last class, but don't be sad, because we love each other". These students have really bonded with each other and with us as well. Please pray that we would be able to maintain these relationships and continue have opportunity to direct them to the Savior.


Above: My students: Heidi, Szandi, Gabi and Hajni. Dezső is on night shift this week, so he couldn't make it.


Above: Feri and Eszter stayed after for our optional Bible study. We discussed the concept of 'home' and whether we are basing our life decisions and lifestyle on the truth of eternity, or the limited view of this world being all there is to offer.

“For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” (Hebrews 13:14)

After closing our study hour, Feri and I had some time to talk about future plans. Feri plays on Petőfibánya's club soccer team. He told me that this may be his last year committing to this club because of other commitments. I encouraged him to consider ways in which he may be able to help in the future with the teen ministry in Petőfibánya. Most of the teens in our neighborhood have no positive male role models, and many of them no fathers. Many of them have been labeled helpless and useless. Feri seemed very open to the prospect of helping in the future. Feri also mentioned that some of the young men he meets with heard good things about our church. Feri told them, "Yeah, I know them and go to their english program. You should visit sometime." We praise God for His work in building the church in Petőfibánya and we look forward to seeing more fruit this year! Please pray for God to continue to enrich Feri's faith in Jesus.

P1680172.JPG P1680183.JPG
P1680187.JPG P1680193.JPG

After ESL, we held our first practice for this year's puppet show. We also continued to fine tune our drama for this. Every year at Easter and Christmas, we present a puppet and drama show in public schools. This is a great opportunity to teach the truth about Jesus Christ's life, His death and His resurrection. This will be an intense week for us as we prepare for our first show this friday in Petőfibánya. Please pray for our team as we prepare to sew seeds of the gospel in public schools throughout this region.

Sunday, Andi's Baptism

P1680138.JPG P1680134.JPG

Above L: Our 'low tech' baptismal. Seeing the need for a transportable baptismal setup, Miki and I bought this container last year at a garden variety store. The actual use of these containers are for the process of maturing grapes for making wine.

Above R: Csaba being greeted by a high five from Kira.

P1680052.JPG P1680044.JPG

Above L: While watching Kira, Ben and Elianna, Sharon was somehow able to play the flute with the worship team tonight. She did an excellent job!
Above R: Dezső, Heidi and Brenda.


Above: Andi giving her testimony. She closed with this Scripture:

“See what sort of love the Father has given to us: that we should be called God's children - and indeed we are! For this reason the world does not know us: because it did not know him. Dear friends, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet been revealed. We know that whenever it is revealed we will be like him, because we will see him just as he is. And everyone who has this hope focused on him purifies himself, just as Jesus is pure. ” (1 John 3:1-3)

Unfortunately, Andi's husband did not come tonight to see Andi's steps of faith as God's child in baptism. She has not received approval from the world in this step and opened herself up to ridicule. I am thankful for the boldness God has given her to continue following Him, no matter the cost. Praise the Lord!



Answers to your prayers:

• Jesus Christ was glorified tonight through our worship, the teaching, our prayers and this baptism. There were no distractions!
• Andi's testimony was very encouraging. We had 3 guests who came tonight who do not know Jesus. Laci (who attends our English classes) came with his wife Gyöngyi. It was their first time in our church. I believe the message from Peti and Andi's testimony will only leave them wanting to know more about Jesus.
• Péter's sermon presented clear Biblical teaching on baptism and communicated the gospel clearly.
• Allen was able to facilitate the service successfully.
• Miki's house offered a very friendly environment for the baptism. The logistics worked out great!


Above: Dezső talking with Hajni, who at one time attended our Bible study and worship services. Hajni informed us that she is heavily into the occult. Dezső had an extended time after the service to talk with her about the freedom we can find in Jesus Christ. Please pray for Hajni to realize the futility of following someone less than God (and an enemy to God). Please pray that she would be convicted of her sin and turn to Jesus for salvation.

Friday Update


P1670675.JPG P1670570.JPG

Above: Yes, sons are a gift from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward. (Psalm 127: 3)


Above: Petőfibánya's playground. The town was awarded money to build this playground when we first moved here. We see it as an unexpected special gift from God for our kids.


Above: Ben, Kira and Elianna being themselves.

"Hey, where did everybody go?"

My Pioneers teammates, and Hungarian partners in ministry are away for the weekend. Brenda and Heidi are at a conference for single missionary women, and Miki, Dezső and the teens are attending a Christian conference held yearly in the town of Debrecen. I trust it will be an encouraging time for each of them, and look forward to their return on Sunday for our baptismal service for Andi.


Above: Andi with her sons Máté and Milán. Please pray for Andi who will be baptized this Sunday!

Sunday Monday Tuesday...

Above: We had a special guest this past Sunday who is helping us with this year's evangelistic drama in our Easter Puppet & Drama ministry. Julie is a member of another Pioneers team in Hungary which specializes in resource development and training which they offer to church planting teams. Julie wrote a drama about the power of sin, the Savior Jesus who broke the bondage of sin through His death and resurrection, and Jesus' power to save those who put their faith in Him. This was our first intensive practice, and we will continue to practice all of next week. Our Easter Puppet & Drama ministry begins on the 23rd of March.


Above Foreground: Friends at church: Dezső's oldest daughter Regi and wife Marcsi. Background: Hugi and Janka talking with Dezső's mother. It is great to see how God is revealing Himself to Dezső's family.

In Sunday's service, I taught about what it means to come into God's presence as His child. I also taught about the ministry of the Holy Spirit and His power to equip us to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ.


Above: Teenager Gabi S. talking with Julie who stayed for our worship service. After tonight's service, I was encouraged to hear that teenager Gabi S. and also Hugi and Gabor have made decisions to follow Jesus in baptism. We plan to meet with them about this decision and baptize them within the next few months. We look forward to Andi's baptism (this coming Sunday) which will not only be a blessing to her, but also to the church. We hope that unsaved guests, like her husband will attend and hear how Jesus Christ has rescued Andi from the kingdom of darkness and made her a citizen of God's kingdom.


In Monday night's optional English Bible Study, we had a fruitful discussion about motivation in life. Eszter was the only student who stayed (outside of our church members), which gave us an opportunity to be more interactive and personal. Next week will be our last English class for the year as we re-evaluate our ability to maintain this ministry with the resources available. It is my desire to transition these classes into a Monday night Bible study at my house. Please pray for our team as we work though this time of transition, and for the students that we would be able to maintain our relationships with them.



Above: Pioneers Hungary missionaries. Over the past few months, Pioneers Hungary leadership along with Area leadership have been praying and seeking God's will with our team structure. Tonight, we were able to meet in Budapest and discuss the changes that we felt would best utilize our giftings in fulfilling our calling as church planters in Hungary. Many of those pictured above are in the process of deciding which church planting team or equipping team that they will serve long term on. Please pray for them to know God's will in this time of transition for them.

Friday Funeral


Today, we attended the funeral of Dr. György Kovács. György was a man of faith used by God to stir up a passion for church planting and effectively direct a united effort in seeing the gospel sown in unreached areas throughout Hungary. We will truly miss him as a friend and as a prophetic voice in our mission.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
forever.” (Psalm 23:6)


Above: Pioneers teammate Attila (left) translating for William Chandler. The Chandlers traveled all the way from the US as personal friends and as representatives of Pioneers international to honor György.

Benjamin, and also teenagers, Gabi and Zoli rode with me today and we listened to a message on the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the way to the funeral. What a powerful and real comfort to know that Jesus has overcome death and has given those who believe in Him eternal life!


Above: Miki leading in worship with "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me.

“Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for you Jesus, or in awe of you be still? Will I stand in your presence, or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing Halelluja, will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine...”

Please take a moment and pray for Zsuzsa Kovács as she grieves the loss of her husband, and for György's sister who does not know Jesus as her personal Savior.

Day off


Above: This afternoon, Benjamin and I headed over to the playground and enjoyed the warm weather God provided.

The apartment building in the upper right of the photo is our teammate Brenda's new residence. We have been helping her install cabinets, carpet and helped with cleaning to get ready for her move on Saturday.



Ben taking a spin with some other kids he knows from preschool.


Above: The warm greeting I always get from Kira when I return home. I am so thankful for our children.

Monday ESL


Above: Look again at the picture. When one pair of glasses are not enough!

In tonight's Bible study, we talked about God's nature as being just, and God's redemptive work of being the justifier. This was not an easy subject to tackle in one hour, but we thank God for his grace in getting the message across. Dezső (otherwise known as 6 eyes) did an excellent job translating and we were thankful for Laci's presence tonight. Laci (pictured below with his son) is only able to come to our study every other week because of work. Compared to previous weeks, he was less argumentative and more contemplative. At the end of class when I asked if there were any questions or comments, Laci said, "I just need to process these things." Please continue to pray for Laci and his wife Gyöngyi. They are both hearing more and more about God's gift of salvation through Jesus Christ in our interactions with them in small group and in this Bible study.


Weekly Update


Our monthly visit to the orphanage in Selyp. Roland (above) is having fun with our ice-breaker game time.


Zoli helping Tamás with part of our discussion about personality types. As I transitioned into our time of sharing the gospel and Bible study, one of the new girls, Malita blurted out, "What's this? We were just playing games. Is this church or something." This gave me an opportunity to explain to her my greatest desire of sharing God's truth with her. As we interacted with questions and answers, the kids became very receptive and the room was free from distraction (this is rare!). I told the story of creation. I shared with them their innate value as being created in God's image. One of the boys, Sanyi, who is usually distracting began leaning forward in his chair when I pointed at him and told him, "You were created in the image of God. You are valuable to God." I told the story of the fall, the marred image that needs to be restored.


Above: A conversation with Tamás after the Bible study.

Teenager Gabi did an excellent job translating for me. I was able to share the gospel and challenged the kids to not ignore God's gift to them found in Jesus Christ. Sanyi still leaning forward, said, "Why did Christ have to die on the cross?" I returned the question to him, "Why do you think?" I asked him if he thought the Son of God had the power to get down from the cross? Did Jesus have the power to call down destruction upon His enemies? Why did he die on the cross? Why did he remain on the cross? Because of His great love for us, he payed the full price for our rebellion and sin and fulfilled God the Father's plan of redeeming us.

Friday Sports Outreach



Above: Zoli (standing next to me) has been helping me more and more in the sports outreach on Fridays. He opens the evening in prayer and helps me keep the kids in relative order through game time. It is my desire to mentor him and help him take steps in leading this type of outreach.


Above: The kids who stayed for the optional Bible teaching afterwards. We praise God for working in Bence's heart (number 8 in foreground). Months ago, Bence was a source of distraction for the other kids in the study. Now, as you can see in this picture, he intentionally scooted forward and payed close attention to the gospel. This is a miraculous change in this young man.

Sunday Worship


Above: Sunday Worship. Dezső's daughters, Betti and Adri, using the tables as their fort.



Above: We had an encouraging worship service. Multiple people came forward to give testimony as to how God was working in their lives. Our friends Hugi and Gábor returned after a few weeks of some type of hardship. We hope to meet with them more and find out how we can help. Before service, Miki and I met with Andi for our final class preparing her for baptism. Andi gave testimony tonight about our need to be spiritually rich, and how God provides to those who seek Him. Please continue to pray for Andi as she grows in her faith. Pray also for her husband who is not a believer.

Tuesday with Zsuzsa Kovács


Above: We were thankful to be invited by Zsuzsa to come together for a time of worship, prayer and sharing about our brother György who after an extended battle with cancer recently went to be with Jesus.


Above: Memories. Zsuzsa and György teaching house group in our apartment in Petőfibánya in the summer of 2003.

As we remembered György's life and the impact he had as he followed Jesus, Zsuzsa had this to share:

"When György first learned that he had cancer, the doctors made it clear that he didn't have much longer to live. He stayed up the whole night and prayed. Three things happened that night. First, he wrote a poem. (Zsuzsa gave us all copies of this poem which has since then been put to music). Second, György asked the Lord to allow him to finish his book on church planting using the research he had collected over the past three years. God granted that request. And third, he asked to die in dignity. To be honest, I didn't know what that would look like. As you know, in the last days, he could barely stand. He then was sleeping most of the time. And then he went into coma. Then God revealed to me His answer to György's request. The doctors had a great respect for György. They comforted him (this is not the normal in Hungarian hospitals). They didn't take money for their care, which is also not normal. I saw brothers coming from church, from Pioneers, and family giving encouragement. I stayed with György the last twelve days in the hospital. And I saw, that in faith he died. The gates of heaven were open to him. He was ready to enter to obtain eternal glory. György often said, "Lord, I know you can heal, but if you don't I will still worship You.""

Hebrews 11:1-2, 13

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see.  For by it the people of old received God's commendation."

"These all died in faith without receiving the things promised, but they saw them in the distance and welcomed them and acknowledged that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth. "


Above: Praying for strength, peace and perseverance in a time of loss.

Hungary_Friends - 18

Above: Zsuzsa and György in 2003. May the Lord raise up more men like György to stir the church to fulfill our calling, and may he use those touched by György's life to do great works for God's glory through Jesus Christ.