January 2019

New Year Update

2019 is truly a happy NEW year for the believer. It is a year we are blessed to have NEW born lives that carry a hope that will not disappoint. It is a NEW year to experience the wonder of God who made all things NEW when we put our faith in Jesus. It is a year to rest in the NEW covenant, having Jesus as our righteousness and peace with God. It is a year to experience NEW mercy every morning from the Lord who is our portion. And when each of us experience unique trials, tests and challenges, it is a year to sing to him NEW songs of praise because He will be faithful to give wisdom, sustain, strengthen and deliver. 2019 is truly a happy NEW year for those who have their faith and hope in Jesus Christ!

In the final stretch of 2018, we completed our second week of puppet ministry to proclaim the good news of Jesus the Savior being born. Take a look at this short film for a glimpse of our experience.

We also were able to have a year-end baseball party, inviting parents to attend and “Play ball!” One of the most difficult challenges in our area is reaching fathers. We were grateful to see a few dads show up as well as a few moms! This ministry continues to help us sustain relationships built in the summer through baseball and VBS camps.






We had a special Christmas worship service and were thankful to have many visitors from the community.

Above: Some of our younger members praying before service.

A team from the church plant in Jászfényszaru put together a wonderful drama about how the birth of Christ touched the lives of various people. I love seeing how God has uniquely gifted the members of His body and how they use their talents and giftings to express the Gospel.




To close out 2018, we held our worship service on New Year’s Eve and afterwards spent the rest of the night together playing family games, singing and praying in the new year.





One of the amazing miracles that happened in 2018 was the return of some sisters that had left a year and half ago in a church split. God has been working out reconciliation and has truly blessed our times together as we have been meeting, praying and studying God’s word in relation to various questions. One of those women recently commented after our New Year’s worship service: “As we were worshiping together, God showed me the Spirit coming upon each member of the church. As the Spirit touched each one, the outer body was split and I saw light that shined brightly from within each member. I heard that although we only know in part, we will soon know fully if we put our focus on Jesus.” May that be the focus of the new year…together as one body putting our focus on Jesus!


Thank you all for your partnership with us in Hungary! We wish you all a blessed NEW year as you know Jesus more and He is known more through you. (Allen, Sharon, Ben, Elianna, Kira and Ziva)