June 2008

VBS Day 1


Above: After a smooth and successful registration, we began the fifteen minute walk from the local community center to this year’s VBS site in Petőfibánya.


Above: With many kids returning to VBS from last year, there was already a sense of peace and fellowship soon after their arrival.



Above: Dezső took on the role of a fictional Libarian named Gáspar. One of our first mini dramas had Gáspar offereing the Bible to each person that came into the library seeking for books on various life issues. Afterwards, Erika taught on the Bible being like a mirror which reveals who we are in the inside.





Above: After this morning’s main teaching, we split into small groups according to age and continued to discuss today’s Bible verse and how it applies to our lives. We praise God for those God has raised up in the local church to be a part of leading these small groups in VBS this year. Teenager Gabi K. taught and facilitated a small group with Roger for the first time in his life. Gabi continues to grow in his faith and refine the giftings that God has given him while serving with us.

Hugi gave praise to God in tonight’s meeting for His work in Betti’s life (Dezső’s daughter). Just over a year ago, Betti was so reserved that she never talked out loud to others in school, in church and also at last year’s camp. This had been a problem for years for which they sought help. After many fruitless attempts at finding solutions, Betti’s problem was brought to God in prayer. Just last Sunday Dezső gave testimony to how God healed his daughter, and we continue to see the blessing of that healing at VBS this year. Betti was one of the students in her small group that said today’s verse out loud from memory. As we rejoiced about this news, Dezső added that Betti’s speech is actually at a more advanced level than most of her peers. Dezső gave thanks to God for his daughter’s progress and for the church’s help in praying for her.


Above: Soon after today’s free-time began, where kids can choose various games to play with VBS leaders, it began pouring rain. This caused us to have to shuffle around some of the day’s scheduled events. We are thankful that the rain soon stopped, and we were able to still hold team competitions.


Above: Brenda preparing Petra for one of our competitions.

P1300366.JPG P1300362.JPG




Above: While some were outside competing, others were inside constructing a small Bible which will help the kids memorize the books of the Bible and their themes.


Above: At the end of the day, members from each small group were able to recite today’s verse from memory.

When Miki announced that the day was over and that we would soon be heading back home, there was an echo of sighs. One kid’s jaw dropped in disbelief, saying, “NO!” It is great to know that the kids truly enjoyed themselves and look forward to VBS tomorrow. We praise God for keeping the kids free of injuries in the slippery conditions at play time. We were amazed that with all of the details that had to come together, how smooth the first day went (the first day is usually the most frustrating and challenging). This year’s large team is working well together and their joy and desire to reveal God’s love to the children was evident throughout the day.

Answered prayer and praise:

- Protection from sickness (the team is doing well. Allen had enough strength to serve and to play soccer today with the kids)
- First day jitters. (God blessed us with an environment for the kids that brought Him glory)
- Teenager Gabi K. (Did a great job teaching children for the first time.)
- Kids sensed acceptance and love and were free from fear.

Specific requests:

- Allen still sick and others needing rest. Please pray for healing and for a good night’s sleep for all team members so that we are physically and spiritually refreshed for tomorrow.
- Teenager group. The oldest group seems to be having trouble opening up in discussion time. Please pray for them that they would be able to trust each other and begin to share their thoughts and heart in discussion time.
- Dramas and teaching. Please pray for Miki who will presenting the main teaching tomorrow and for teenager Gabi who will perform a mini-drama at the end of the day relating to the day’s teaching.
- Please pray for the weather that would be most beneficial to what God wants us to do tomorrow.
- Please pray that God would continue to help these kids understand the Gospel and move their hearts to trust in Him for salvation.


VBS starts tomorrow!

P1290391.JPG P1290389.JPG

Above: Questions? Come see us.



Above: “Szent Bilbia” means “Holy Bible”. The theme for this year’s VBS is a journey through the Bible. On the shelves above are all the books of the Bible, and the children will be learning important truths from each book through the course of VBS. We praise God that once again, the local government has offered this property in Petőfibánya to use for VBS for free.


Above: Mani and Val prepping some of the memory verse posters. Val is our camp leader this year and has done a great job getting everything ready right off the heals of our English camp last week. Mani is the daughter of Julika who has written and organized most of the material for our VBS. Julika cannot serve with us at camp this year as she continues to receive chemotherapy in her battle with cancer. We are so thankful for Julika’s work at home and her investment in this camp through providing the theme and necessary materials.


Above: Ben trying out our tree climbing post that we set up for VBS.

Photos from Sunday Worship Service



Tomorrow morning we kick off day one of our VBS. We currently have 58 kids registered from 7 different small towns, including our hometown Petőfibánya. Most of the areas these kids come from have no evangelical church and no gospel witness. It is our hope that they truly understand God’s love for them this week and the new life they can obtain by believing in Jesus Christ. We have a total of 26 people serving together and ask for your help as well by praying for us. I will attempt to update the blog daily for the next six days, so check back to see the latest news and prayer requests regarding VBS.

Current requests:
- Allen is sick, family also showing same symptoms. Please pray for healing and for protection from sickness for all those that are serving and attending camp.
- First day jitters. Please pray that we could communicate well with each other in patience, in love, in unity and that God would give us success in creating an environment for the kids that brings Him glory.
- Pray for teenager Gabi K. who will be teaching children for the first time.
- Pray for the kids to sense acceptance and love and that they would be free from fear.
- Pray that the teaching throughout the day would draw the children to Jesus.


Camp Overview


Thank all of you who have been following the camp prayer blog over the past six days. We were truly strengthened by your prayer support and were privelaged to see God at work in the hearts of many of the students.



Above: We praise God for the continued support of our home church BVBC in delaware, and for members Sandy and Adria who served with us this year.


Above: Zoli, Gabi, Erika, Miki and Niki in the foreground from Petőfibánya presenting an evangelistic drama on the night Jamie preached at camp. I was proud of each of them, for the hard work they put in before camp and for their boldness in presenting the Gospel to the campers through this drama. Praise God that he kept our bodies healthy for the performance.



After a stirring message by Pioneers teammate Jamie at camp, we offered anyone who put their faith in Christ the opportunity to be baptized the following day. Joco (Yo-tso)(glasses headband) was the first to approach me. Joco has been a Christian for some time, but throughout the camp, God was convicting him to recommit his life to Christ. As I was preparing Joco for the baptism later in the day, Anikó (un-ee-koe) came to me with a Bible in hand. She was also already a young Christian, but felt God leading her to recommit her life to Christ. That day’s activity for campers was swimming at the Balaton lake, and many campers gathered around to watch as we worshipped God through prayer, song, teaching, testimony and finally through baptism.


Above: Ricsi was my roomate last year and he was very quiet and hard to connect with. This year I didn’t have much opportunity to talk to him. However, later in the evening after the baptism service, Ricsi (above) came to me wanting to talk. He said to me, “Everything that you said in the Baptism service, I believe. Last year I didn’t understand and I didn’t get it. But this year, I understand.” As we continued to talk, it became clear that he really did understand that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, come in the flesh, who died for his sins and was raised on the third day. As I explained to Ricsi that it would be beneficial to pray and tell God about what he has come to believe, Ricsi said, “I don’t know what prayer is, how do I do it?” Ricsi has absolutely no religious background and like many campers, this has been the only opportunity in their lives to hear the Gospel. After explaining what prayer is, I recommended that Ricsi take some time to think again before he decided. What I didn’t know is that Ricsi was in the same room as the teens (Gabi and Zoli) that we have been discipling from Petőfibánya. Late at night, God used Gabi and Zoli to encourage Ricsi and to pray with him! Ricsi came to me the next morning and told me, “I thought about everything and I have decided to believe.”


Above: I was concerned for Ricsi after camp and how anyone would be able to minister to him in his new found faith in Christ. God was more concerned. It turns out that Pioneers teammates Tamara and Attila (with newborn Levi above right) live 20 minutes away from Ricsi. Tamara told me that she was specifically praying for Ricsi through the week and that they would somehow be able to connect with him. Tamara and Attila recently moved to their current residence to join a Hungarian couple in planting a church. Ricsi is planning on visiting Tamara and Attila next week.


Above: Hugi (who-gee) with husband Gábor. My greatest joy this week was hearing about the behind the scenes work of the believers from Petőfibánya. Gabi and Zoli played an important role in Ricsi’s choice to trust in Jesus. Hugi’s love for God and life testimony softened campers hearts in conversation group times. When asked what is one of the most important things in your life in conversation group, Hugi said, “MY church.” What a joy to see that the work that began in a small apartment in Petőfibánya six years ago has now grown into touching others’ lives outside of this small town.

We praise God that our heart’s desires have been met in this year’s camp of clearly presenting the Gospel to the lost and connecting student’s with members of local church plants for follow up.




Above: The Mercer kids and the Driskill kids were judges for talent night. A mysterious woman showed up to MC talent night slightly resembling Cathy.




Above: Ben’s boo boo. Seated from L to R: Ellie (belly), Ellie (bean), Kira, Anna, Ben and Bence. Sharon and Heidi had their hands full at camp as they were responsible for watching over the kids. Other than a few scratches and falls, the kids had a great time. Ben was even able to go fishing for the first time in his life and caught a fish.



Above: We had a moving worship service as members gave testimony of God’s work in their lives. Dezső, who unfortunately was not able to come to camp because of work, had an opportunity to share the gospel with a co-worker. Dezső told the story of how 15 years ago he was an alcoholic, how he lost his whole family and had no means of living. He told the man about God’s word and how God’s truth gripped him. He told him about the life change that God provided by His power through Jesus Christ. And finally, he told the man about his daughter Betti. Betti spent many years not talking to anyone. They tried everywhere to find a solution and nothing seemed to help. Once Dezső and Marcsi were saved and began attending church, we began praying for Betti. His young daughter began to change. Then one day in school, she was randomly called to the front of the room with 3 other girls to sing in front of the whole class. Through God’s amazing grace and power to heal, Betti sang. Dezső shared that when he mentioned this miraculous work of God, the man began to cry. Please pray that Dezső’s testimony would be used in this man’s life to draw him to Jesus and that he would be saved.


Right off the heals of our English Camp, we will be busy this week preparing for our VBS in Petőfibánya. We have lots of work to do in preparation and coordination of various team members. There are already 50 kids registered from our town and surrounding towns. Please pray:

- For those teaching that they would have wisdom as they prepare for their lessons in advance.
- For Val who will be leading camp.
- For Miki who is doing administration work this week for camp.
- For the multinational team to communicate well with each other, and to serve in unity and love.
- That we would be refreshed and have the strength we need.
- For the salvation of children and parents who will attend.
- For the preparation of the grounds and various details that need to be finished this week.

We're at Camp!


Above: Ellie (belly), Ellie (bean) and Kira making their way to camp.


Above: Team converging to carpool to our camp destination. Unfortunately, just before the caravan was about to pull away, one of our teammates had a fender bender in the parking lot. Thank God that there were no injuries and only caused some unfortunate paperwork and a slight delay.


Above: It was a long, traffic ridden drive to Lake Balaton, but we got to see some really interesting bikes on the way that kept the kids entertained.


Above: Hungarian teammates Erika and Miki arrived safely. We are so happy to be serving with them in camp this year!


Above: Roger welcoming this year’s team of workers.


Above: The winning team on our ice-breakers competition night. God blessed us with beautiful weather and granted safety in traveling to camp. We were thankful for some time to get to know each other before the campers come as God has brought workers from various parts of the US and Hungary together. This is a beautiful hotel and we trust that the campers will enjoy their time starting tomorrow. Please pray for us to sleep well tonight and that the campers would safely arrive tomorrow.

1 Day to English Camp!


Above L to R: Cathy, Sandy and Adria at the infamous Ferhegyi Airport in Hungary. Sandy and Adria looked in good spirits even after lugging a ton (or make that 120 lbs) of clothes back that had been provided for our kids. They jokingly said that the packing and hauling of our stuff was the easy part knowing that the hard work was about to begin in English Camp. Tomorrow the staff will meet at the camp site and go through orientation before the campers arrive on Sunday. Please pray for all of the staff who have traveled from the US to adjust to the time change and get some solid rest tonight.

2 Days to English Camp!

We are excitedly looking forward to this year’s Evangelistic English Camp. For the past two weeks, I have been meeting with teenagers Zoli, Gabi and his sister Niki to prepare them for the various challenges we will be confronted with when seeking to share the gospel with others. We discussed three major things that we must maintain in order to be effective ambassadors of Christ in this year’s camp.

1. Influence (the teens must be in the world as salt and light, but not be of the world and fall to the influence of cliques that quickly develop in camp)
2. Unity (keeping short accounts and constant fellowship with a goal of maintaining peace and strengthening one another’s faith)
3. Servant attitude (turning away from the temptation to engage in complaints, gossip and dissatisfaction. Always ready to encourage and help.)

This is a special group of teens that God has raised up. It is so encouraging to hear them pray in our meetings for the campers’ salvation and for the various aspects of camp to bring glory to Jesus Christ. This is the first time that a group of teens from Petőfibánya will be serving with us through drama ministry. We cherish your prayers!


Teenagers Gabi S., Zoli and Gabi K. tossing a hundred pound rolled up carpet down the steps nearly decapitating me.


Above: O.K. boys, break time is over, back to work! Our teammate Brenda has had to move multiple times in Petőfibánya because there is often no guarantee of getting an extended lease. We are proud of how she is handling these stressful changes in life just before two intensive camp ministries (English and VBS).


Above: Charming design, but we were glad to disassemble this old kitchen to transfer Brenda’s cabinets, sink and countertop from her old apartment.

The interesting thing about his move was that it didn’t involve a moving truck. The new apartment that God provided is actually just one flight of stairs below her old apartment. With the teens’ help, we were able to finish the move in a few hours.




Above: Tonight’s small group, and Niki and Zoli helping with child care during the study. Tonight we talked about the importance of starting with a proper goal in marriage in relation to our spouse. In many cases, interactions between a husband and wife are derived from a goal that is self-focused. Actions, words or lack of words are used in order to manipulate in order to ‘get what I want’ with no regard with what my spouse needs. As those redeemed by Jesus Christ, with a new capacity to love, we can change the goal of manipulation to a goal of ministry. We can actively seek to minister to our spouse’s needs without demands that they reciprocate and without expectations they must first fulfill.

“You must let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth, but only what is beneficial for the building up of the one in need, that it may give grace to those who hear.” — Eph 4:29

Here we see godly action (seeking to use only edifying words) based on a godly goal (for the building up, that it may give grace). We must transform our thinking as well in marriage. We must make it our goal to love our spouse for their building up, that it may give them grace and not for satisfying my needs first that I may be pleased. Having a foundation of security and significance in the love of Jesus Christ, I am enabled to give instead of constantly take in the marriage relationship.


Above: Ben and Elianna messing around with the bicycle pump. It is always fun to see them entertaining each other.



6 Days to English Camp!




Above: Ben’s graduation ceremony on Friday (yes, preschool graduation).


Above: In classic black and white attire, the girls and boys presented various poetry and songs as they were sent off to begin a new season of life in the first grade. We praise God for the progress Ben has made over the years. It was clear in the presentation and from complements of others that he is fluent in Hungarian. As I was preparing for a sermon this week, I told him about the process I go through as I first write out my message in English and then translate it into Hungarian. Ben told me that he would just write it out in Hungarian (easy for him to say).


Above: Praise God for leading us to eachother. We are getting closer to our ten year anniversary on August 8th.



Above: Anyone want some cherries? Kira showing off her collection as the others continue searching for the ripest cherries on our neighbors tree. We are thankful for the opportunity to get to know our neighbors and for their generosity in sharing cherries.





Above: Elianna took a tumble on her last day at preschool.


Above: Yes, it hurts, but isn’t the heart shape cool?



Above: Once again, we were invited to participate in Petőfibánya’s Miners Day celebration. This gives us an opportunity to introduce our church to the community and also get the word out about our VBS coming up in a few weeks.



Above: Ben’s preschool class repeated their graduation performace for those who attended the Miners Day Celebration. Ben was stuck in the front row. He told me afterwards that he was nervous in front of all the people but didn’t show it. He did a great job.





Above: Those that came to help us with facepainting, crafts, baloons and handing out invitations to church and VBS.


Above: There were lots of activities available for the kids, including bumper cars.


P1260887.JPG P1260884.JPG P1260882.JPG P1260888.JPG

Above: Top Left: Miki’s wife Erika giving testimony of God calling her back to her first love. “I am also aware that you have persisted steadfastly, endured much for the sake of my name, and have not grown weary.  But I have this against you: You have departed from your first love! ” Top R and Above L: Mki and Dezső leading musical worship. Above R: I delivered the message tonight, reminding the body that a delay does not mean that Jesus is too late to help in any crisis. Jesus delayed for two days when He heard that Lazarus was sick. This delay led to a completely hopeless outcome. Mary and Martha watched their brother die while waiting for Jesus to show up. It was in this utterly hopeless experience that Jesus was able to reveal God’s glory. Jesus was able to show them personally His identity as the resurrection and the life. When we experience crisis, we shouldn’t equate a delay with disregard. Rather, when we trust in Him and wait for Him, He is on the way to personally reveal God’s glory to us. He is never too late. He is never hindered. And Jesus speaks to us today with the same words spoken to Martha. "Didn't I tell you that if you believe, you would see the glory of God?" – John 11:40


Above: Wishing church attender Ildiko a happy birthday.


Above: My little one.

Tonight, I had to send out three teens who were disrupting service. Immediately after sending them out, I prayed in front of the church for them. As I was asking God to forgive them, one of them came to ground level open window and began making disruptive noises. After prayer for them and for the night’s message, I had to send Dezsô out to talk with them again to keep them from disrupting service. In the end, two of the teens returned at the end of then night, showing repentance. The third teen continued (as is his custom) to show utter disregard and disrespect to the elderly in our church. Once the church service let out, some of the members were outside and the teen continued to instigate, spitting and seeking to cause trouble. This infuriated some of the members and the tensions rose as well as some voices. After hearing of the escalation, I stepped into their tight circle. I could tell the members were enraged. One started pouring out his anger as he explained to me how disrespectful the teen was. I said, “peace, peace, calm down.” From that point, I was given an opportunity to explain to them our role in wisely expressing love, even to those who disrespect us. I turned their attention to our responsibility as followers of Jesus, to love our enemies. I reminded them that judgment is God’s unique responsibility and not ours. It is ours to be light and to express the same amount of grace and forgiveness that Jesus has given to us. In the end, I am thankful for the disruption if only for an opportunity to teach that faith isn’t just talk and Jesus’ commands are not to be ignored. Loving our enemies has as much to do with us today as it did for the disciples then. Please pray for the members to learn to love in these tough situations. Please also pray for this young teen who spits in the face of love and laughs at kindness. Pray that the Lord would speak to him directly that he might repent and find a life of peace in Jesus Christ.


9 Days to English Camp!



Above: In preparation for English Camp this year, we have been meeting with the teens for discipleship and also to practice an evangelistic drama which we will perform at camp. It is so amazing to think that just last year at camp, Gabi was moved to rededicate his life to Jesus and has since been baptized and steadily growing in his faith. Zoli was saved at a camp a few years ago and God used a drama at that time to deeply move his heart to receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, by God’s grace, we return to camp with these teens as partners in ministry anticipating God given opportunities to share the Gospel.

There are a total of six of us on the team we have formed for the drama we will present. Please pray that all six of us will have healthy bodies and be able to prepare for this most important opportunity. We have experienced in the past the enemies attack on our health in these times, and we need your prayer support. Allen went to the doctor this week for an abscess on his chest that had become infected. He is being treated with antibiotics and thankfully is not experiencing any pain or discomfort related to the abcess. Please pray for complete healing.




Above: In tonight’s small group, we discussed practical steps we can take to live out God’s purpose for us in marriage. For many of us, we know the truth of God’s word in our mind as information but have difficulty trusting God when it comes to practically carrying it out in our marriages. Because of previous hurts, feelings of rejection and lack of acceptance we sometimes hide behind walls that deny true intimacy and the oneness that God seeks for us to have in marriage. To tear down these walls we discussed our need to honestly express our hearts to God in times of difficulty, to truly believe in God’s full provision of our security and significance in Christ, and to recommit ourselves to minister to our spouse through God’s provision of grace.

“Yes, my spirit was bitter, and my insides felt sharp pain.  I was ignorant and lacked insight; I was as senseless as an animal before you.  But I am continually with you; you hold my right hand.  You guide me by your wise advice, and then you will lead me to a position of honor.  Whom do I have in heaven but you? I desire no one but you on earth.  My flesh and my heart may grow weak, but God always protects my heart and gives me stability.” —Psalm 73:21-26 NET

Summer fun in the Kitchen...







Catch Up


On Thursday we spent some time getting to know our new neighbor Miska. We often see Miska walking his small black hungarian dog or garndening outside. Miska is in his eightees and lives alone since his wife passed away years ago. Miska was overjoyed to have our children running around his yard and our company for the evening. As God opened up an opportunity, we also spoke about what we believe. I shared my faith in the revealed word of God, the Bible. I shared my conviction that the Bible is the standard by which I judge all truth, and Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible is the one I have put my faith in for salvation. Miska shared about his various studies from various sources. As with most postmodern thinkers, he gathers what he feels to be true and is hesitant to put his faith in one source of truth. I sought to turn our attention to Jesus Christ as the only prophet who conquered death, proving His word was trustworthy and authoritative. Miska in convinced that the Bible is not trustworthy, and there are various sources outside of the Bible through which God reveals Himself. Unfortunately, this view of truth is contradictory as these so called sources all contradict one another in major questions such as: Who is God? Who is man? What comes after death? How can one escape death? I am thankful that through our passionate discussion, we kept peace with one another and are developing a friendship that goes further than just talking about the weather.



Above: Sharon and Elianna in Rozsaszentmarton’s elementary school on Friday. Our team has sought to reach out to Rozsaszentmarton (neighboring village) for years with our puppet and drama outreach. Unfortunately, we are viewed as a cult by the local government which has led to constant denials to enter the public schools with the Gospel. Through various contacts and relationships we have developed over the years, we were finally invited to participate in their children’s day celebration.





We were thankful for this opportunity and for the warm reception. We hope that more doors will be opened in this village where we will be sending Benjamin to this very school. Check out the Hungarian alphabet hanging in his future classroom:



With kids still in line for face-painting and balloons, we had to pack up and head back to Petőfibánya for an afternoon Children’s Bible competition.



Throughout the year, Janka has been meeting with these kids in a Bible class in public school. We praise God for the six children that came to compete in this competition that involved verse memorization, familiarity with Bible stories and communicating those stories.


Above: Janka giving prizes to the first place winners.



Friday night teen outreach.


Above: After some game time in the local community center with the teens, we set out for our Friday night hike. Zoli and Gabi K. helped haul the food and supplies for the campfire.


Above: The toughest part of our hike is this steep incline.



This continues to be an effective way to deepen relationships and turn the teens attention to personally trusting in Jesus Christ. Around the campfire, we usually ask two questions and follow up with teaching from God’s word. The first question was: If Jesus were to ask, "What do you want me to do for you?" (see Mark 10::51), how would you respond. It was amazing to hear the majority say, “I would ask Him to forgive me of my sins against Him.” The second question was: What do you think Jesus wants from you? Hugi’s husband Gabor spoke about Jesus wanting honesty. He talked about how God sees us in entirety with nothing being hidden. Others spoke about Jesus wanting them to trust and believe in Him. We pray that through these discussions, the teens will encounter the living Christ and begin walking by faith in Him in their lives.


Many of us from Petőfibánya car-pooled to Budapest for Peti and Edina’s wedding!


Above: Edina and Peti. Peti will be serving as an elder/pastor at our church in Petőfibánya. He is a gifted teacher, a humble man, yet speaks powerfully with deep conviction. We thank God for Rozsakert Baptist church for their willingness to send him out to bless the growing body in Petőfibánya. This will enable Miki and I to take new steps into surrounding villages for church planting as the Lord leads.


Above: Church members Hugi and Gábor.



Above: Teenagers Niki, Győzö and Dávid also joined us at the wedding.


Above: Friends, Ben and Miki’s son Bence.




Above: Though suffering with severe allergies, and going through struggles at work Dezső persevered in preparation this week to preach from the book of Romans. We were overjoyed to see Kati (Gabi K and Niki’s mom) visit church again. The message that was preached, through testimonies, worship, and Dezső’s teaching seemed to reveal the reality of testing in our lives, the reality of our frailty, the reality of our failures and the magnitude of God’s grace in which we stand.



Gabor (center) gave testimony tonight to how his life was transformed by Jesus Christ. He said that previously life was just waking up, going to work, eating and falling asleep. It was meaningless and the majority of his time was finding things to complain about. God saved him out of this darkness and gave him a new heart and new eyes to see God as His Father, and the sovereign Lord over heaven and earth. Gabor said that life became new, with hope, with joy with peace. He was now able to praise instead of complain and see wonders of God’s power in creation instead of utter darkness. He said, “I’m so glad for this church, because if I didn’t have Jesus I would have remained lost.” AMEN!



Above: The kids playing in Dezső’s car after church.