Weekly Update



Above: Our morning class drew an additional four new students. One of the students, Edina (center under wreath), has spoken on and off with Sharon for years. Sharon actually met with Edina earlier in the week to help her with conversational English.


Tünde (right in red) brought her friend Klári. Tünde is the woman last week who began asking questions about how I determined God’s will for my life. She told me this week that she began reading the book that I gave to her but it was a little too difficult for her to follow. Please pray that there will be more opportunity to talk to her about Jesus Christ.


Above: New teammate Roger distributing a discussion guide for tonight’s English club class. In our second shift of English Club, we had an increase of numbers as well. Another Edina (not the one mentioned above), who we have been acquainted with for over four years, dropped by with her boyfriend Feri. Edina was one of our first students years ago when we started the program and she also attended a few of the Bible studies four years ago. I can remember clearly how she could not accept the idea that God has made a way that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ. She insisted that we must have to work in some way to obtain favor. We lost contact with her for three years and now tonight may be the beginning of new opportunities to talk once again about the claims of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Edina to come to understand this great gift that God has offered to the world through His Son Jesus Christ.


Above: I had to split these guys off into the kitchen because they were at a more advanced level. Jozsi (seated center) was a new student tonight. His parents (father the local florist and mother local social worker) stopped the other day to talk to me while I was playing soccer with Ben and Ellie at a park behind our house. They told me that their son Jozsi would have come last week, but that he was fearful and didn’t know anyone. I reassured them that he would have a good time and I could see that he felt right at home after a few minutes with us. Jozsi’s parents have sent their younger children to our VBS in the last few years and are open to spiritual things. Please pray that this would be an opportunity for another family to come to know the Lord in this town.




Above: Matyi (above center) is one of the new teens that has begun attending Friday nights. Bence (above right) has known us for years. He was one of the few teens who would often stay to discuss the Bible when we played soccer last winter in a local rented out gym. Before game time, Miki presented a clip from a film and we discussed various thoughts the world has about God. Most all of these kids have absolutely no church/rellgious background and this may be the first forum where we are raising spiritual questions. It is sad to see so many of these kids following the current of atheism, indifference to God and running after a meaningless life. We hope that we can have an impact in these teen’s lives and reveal to them the Gospel through our lives and our words. Our challenge to them tonight was to begin seeking God with faith and believing in His promise that “he rewards those who seek him.” (Heb 11:6) Pray that God would draw these teens to Himself and create in them a hunger to know the Way, the Truth and the Life personally.



Above: Ben helping mom hollow out a squishy squash.


Above: Kira and Elianna laying down their imagination on our entrance walkway with chalk. Lets be glad they didn’t use permanent marker.


Above: O.K., which one of you clowns has been erasing the pictures with your bottom?


Above: Interesting shape found the kids cracked this walnut. Maybe it’ll be on CNN.
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