Sunday Worship


Above: Zoli helping Ben across a freshly mopped floor. Zoli along with Gabi K, Gabi S, Hugi, and Dezső come an hour early to help us set up and to pray together before service.



Above: Hugi gave testimony to God speaking to her through Psalm 139. She also shared how God gave her the encouragement to begin performing the motions for the songs we sing in our puppet ministry in front of the kids. This clearly exposed her hand which has been partially unusable since she was 18. She shared how this gave opportunity for her to give thanks to God for helping her in her life when the kids came to her after the puppet show.

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Above L: Peti brought God's word tonight. He encouraged us to submit ourselves to God, which puts us in a position where we He provides as we follow Him. The flip side is not allowing God to rule different areas of our life which puts us in a position to provide for ourselves. Above R: After service singing happy birthday to Marika who is a newer member of our church.

Sharon had to stay home to care for Elianna and Kira who continue to have fevers. It turned out to be a good time for them as Sharon was able to read them various Bible stories relating to Easter. Please pray for Elianna and Kira to be able to rest well this night and to be healed from these sicknesses.

Tomorrow we continue our puppet ministry and will have a special Easter program for our second hour of English class in Petőfibánya. Please pray for our English students to be drawn to God in this time. I have listed prayer requests from a previous post below for our puppet and drama ministry. We cherish your prayers!

1. Pray for our spiritual and physical health.
2. Pray for strength and the ability to get the rest we need in this intense schedule.
3. Pray for team unity and a love for one another that is apparent to team members and to those who see us in public schools.
4. Pray that we would be protected from all the schemes of the enemy to distract us from the Lord and from fulfilling our calling in this ministry with joyful hearts.
5. Pray for Hugi who is serving with us for the second time. She has a hand that is barely usable from a previous stroke and is performing in the puppet show and drama.

The Show:
1. Pray that all the technical equipment (lights, switches, sound) function in a way that would keep the message clear.
2. Pray for wisdom and strength in setting up, and tearing down the stage and props at each show.
3. Pray that God would help us to remember each of our parts and our lines.
4. Pray that the entirety of the show and our interaction with the children and teachers would clearly proclaim the love of God and the gospel message.

The audience:
1. Pray for the kids and teachers that they would be able to pay attention.
2. Pray that the Lord would draw them to Himself and give them understanding of God's truth.
3. Pray for hearts that would be softened and receptive to God's truth. Ask God to lift the veil of darkness that has blinded so many in this county.
4. Pray that the materials that are handed out would be effective in their homes to continue teaching the gospel.
5. Pray for their salvation!
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