Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 8


Above: Heves Megye means "Fierce County." We hope to see many churches planted in this Northeastern area of Hungary and we are using the puppet and drama ministry to sow seeds of the Gospel in this area.


Above: Some hand made benches in the gym of Egyházasdengeleg, our first stop for the day. We have been visiting this school over the course of four years and have seen God continually draw the headmaster to Himself.


Above: After the show, the headmaster invited us into the teacher's lounge where we had hot lemon tea and Hungarian biscuits. The headmaster (pictured above) has asked specific questions about faith every year and Miki was able to talk to her for over a half an hour today about salvation and peace in Christ. Please pray for her salvation, that she would continue to be drawn to the Lord and understand the wonderful gift of forgiveness and new life He is offering.



Above: Kids from Egyházasdengeleg enjoying Miki's antics with the guard dog in the puppet show.



Above: Teenager in Egyházasdengeleg trying to free himself from the 'bondage to sin' symbolized by yarn while Janka was teaching.


Above: Many of the kids come to us after the show and ask for autographs. We are able to write Bible verses, and encourage them to look up the references with their own Bibles. Unfortunately, when I asked the majority of the kids if they had a Bible at home, they said no. After writing a John 3:16 reference in one teen's book, she left for a few minutes, and rushed back into the room saying the verse from memory (I guess she found a Bible in the school somewhere).


Above: Our second stop for today was the town of Selyp which is just minutes away from Petőfibánya. Some of the children from this school attended our VBS last year. They did a great job paying attention and the shows today went very smoothly.



Above: This year's puppet and drama team, Brenda, Hugi, Janka, Allen and Miki. Tomorrow will be our last day of our Easter Puppet and Drama Outreach. We will be serving in our home town's preschool (where Ben and Elianna attend) and also the neighboring town of Lőrinci. Please keep up in your prayers that we may finish well for God's glory.
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