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Above L to R: Eszti, Hugi, Marika and Istvan, Dezső and Marcsi. We are thankful for the continued commitment of couples who are seeking God’s wisdom as to how to be pleasing to God in marriage. This is a powerful time of fellowship and prayer when we split up into men’s and women’s groups. It is a ground rule in our group to focus on our responsibility and not to speak negatively about how our spouses may be failing. Our desire is to have the wisdom to understand our role in marriage and the strength to fulfill it. After our prayer time in separate groups, we join back together for formal teaching. It was encouraging to see that after the formal portion of class was over, a conversation began about the roots of the high rates of divorce in Hungary. It became clear that the church has a high calling to stand as a beacon of light in a culture full of deteriorating families related to divorce.



Above: Norbi and Lidia. Lidia was baptized last year and has been growing in her faith. She has recently taken responsibility in facilitating a small women’s prayer group that meets before church. Norbi has been attending our church off and on for many years with Lidia. His heart was changed as he had a greater sense of life without direction and meaning when lived without God. We praise God for leading Norbi to repentance and making a choice that leads to a sure destination of forgiveness of sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ.


Above: Béla and Érzsi. Érzsi began attending our church last year after seeing our Christmas Musical in the neighboring town of Selyp. God was gracious to heal her from depression as she spent more time in fellowship with us. As she heard teaching each week, it became clear that our church was different from religious institutions. She saw our desire to worship and the reality of our personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We praise God for giving Érzsi understanding of the Gospel and leading her to a place where she could be challenged to move from ritual to a relationship with God.


Above: Before service, I had some time to sit down and talk with Béla. He has had a tough past, with his mother dying when he was three and his brothers and sisters also passing away. He told me the story from his childhood of the local priest preaching away in church, and later seen in a drunken stupor on the street. His father would say to him, “See Béla, there’s your priest.” He told me how evident the hypocrisy was in his experience with another denomination and he highlighted how different “those Baptists” were in his life. He said the other denomination held up their noses and didn’t look into the eyes of the people, but the Baptists interacted and helped the common people. He saw how they were persecuted for their faith and risks they took. It was clear that a foundation had been laid in this 68 year old man’s past to feel comfortable attending our service tonight. Béla even praised God in prayer for healing his leg in our congregation last night. He knew that many of us had prayed for him as Érzsi brought the requests to church. Please pray for Béla to come to a deep understanding of the Gospel, that he would put his faith in Jesus Christ. Pray also that he would begin attending church (after this positive experience) with Érzsi.

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Above: Dezső (standing left) continued his series of messages through the book of Romans tonight. Through personal failures and life experience, Dezső highlighted the power and destructive nature of sin. He brought us into a greater awareness of our inability to surpass the righteousness of the Pharisees, and our utter hopelessness as we do things we know we don’t want to do. At the end of his message Dezső then turned our attention to the amazing gift of God’s grace that cleanses us from all evil. “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! ”— Rom 7:24-25

Prayer Requests:
- Monday mentoring.
Pray for Dezső and Gabi as we continue our studies on servant leadership.
- Wednesday Discipleship study. Pray for a successful launch of our first discipleship weekly study for church members.
- Thursday English Club. Pray for open doors to share the gospel and for wisdom in preparing and carrying out activities in the club.
- Friday Teen Outreach. Pray for relationships to be built with new teens. Pray that they would be drawn to Jesus and saved from the destructive plans of the enemy.
- Sunday Sermon. Allen will be preaching in Jászberény on Sunday. Please pray for wisdom and protection as he prepares and for the church to be built up through his message.
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