Open Door in Bogács



Above: Pulling into Babi’s driveway and greeted by Áron, Gyüszi and Babi. Once again, our meeting in Bogács took place in Babi's house. Babi greeted us outside and apologized that her house wasn't very warm. Although the weather is finally truly feeling like spring, this night significantly dropped in temperature. Her house, like most other families in this area is heated with a wooden oven. Even though windows are cracked due to poor oven ventilation, there remains the constant smell of smoke building in the room. Every now and then a family member swings the door open bringing in a burst of fresh, but cold air.

There was a smaller group gathered tonight. Babi, her husband and son, Gyüszi and his wife Melinda and one of Gyüszi's friends who ended up leaving as I was talking with Babi before getting started with the Bible study. In our conversation, it became clear that Babi still carried around the weight of guilt about a specific sin that she had already repented of and confessed to God. God led me to talk about the necessity of not only believing God's Word that He forgives, but also personally receiving that forgiveness. I was surprised to see Gyüszi often cutting in the conversation and correcting Babi's wrong understanding about God. At one point, Babi said, "Maybe God is busy with more important matters than me, maybe He's off somewhere else." Before I could answer, Gyüszi said, "God can hear all of us at the same time. He is in all places. And God has resources that do not run out. He has been providing from the beginning of the world and He still provides." Gyüszi went on to tell Babi what he had learned a few weeks ago in our Bible study saying, "God knows your thoughts even before you speak them!" The irony in this conversation is that Gyüszi didn't believe in God when we first began our studies and Babi was the one with the most faith. Now Gyüszi was encouraging his older sister and helping her to gain a greater understanding of God through what he learned from Scripture.

I have been incorporating a Bible study method that is designed to train others in a simple way to study the Scripture, understand what God is saying, and obey what is understood. I have modeled how I do the study for 9 weeks and after prayer felt that tonight it was time to turn over the facilitation of the group to Gyüszi. This would mean, he would read the chosen Scripture, then allow the group to rephrase what they just heard in their own words. Then he would ask three questions: 1. What does this passage reveal about God. 2. What does this passage reveal about man. 3. How should I apply this to my life? This form of study keeps God's word central and Scripture is the teacher while the facilitator is the person who simply directs the group's attention to Scripture and the three questions. Gyüszi did an excellent job facilitating the group as we finished the story of Moses and the Passover. Gyüszi has times of great discouragement in life as there is the continued threat that social services will take away his kids because of their current living conditions. Instead of hopelessness, it is clear he is turning to God and hoping in Him for deliverance.

Please pray for Gyüszi and his family to be able to remain together through God’s grace. Pray for healing for Babi’s eye and for God to provide work for those struggling financially in Bogács. Pray for our Bible Study times to lead them to Jesus and to understanding the Gospel.

Open door in Apc


Above: Our new friends Zsolti and Vincse (Vin-cheh). God filled Sharon with compassion toward Vincse months ago when she saw Vincse digging through trash in our town to provide for her family. On one occasion handing off a bag to Vincse with some helpful food items, Vincse said, “May the Lord bless you.” Soon after, it became clear that Vincse was our sister in Jesus Christ! After inviting her into our house for prayer and also to our house group, she attended a few weeks later with her husband Zsolti who is also a believer. Both of them have had a difficult past few years, Vincse suffering from a respiratory sickness and Zsolti struggling in his faith. It turns out that the church they had previously attended did not offer them much help to grow spiritually. As we continued to meet, it became clear that they have a heart to spread the Gospel and a love for Jesus that was now being renewed through fellowship with our body in Petofibanya.


Above: The town of Apc where Zsolti and Vincse live. This Thursday it is our hope to begin a new Bible study in their home in Apc, which is a neighboring village of Petofibanya. We have long sought God’s direction as we desire to see a church planted in this town. Zsolti and Vincse have already spread the word and we hope to see family members and friends attend next week. Please pray for this new work and for God to build up Zsolti and Vincse in their faith in Christ. I believe they are key people in God’s plan to bless this village. Pray that God may also provide for them in their poverty so that they have enough for their own family and enough to extend generosity toward others (which they have a heart to do).

Prayer walk in Rozsaszentmarton



Above: Eszti, Marcsi and Brenda (just back from the US) prayer walking through the town of Rozsaszentmarton. As we put more emphasis on prayer as a team as the foundation of church planting, every other week we’ve been joining together to prayer walking through Rozsaszentmarton.



Above: The colossal church building in Rozsaszentmarton that we pass by when praying through the town. It is my prayer that there may be a people raised up as God’s living church that become more glorious for Christ than this building. So many in this town hold onto religious traditions, yet they have no personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. In this town, if you are not Catholic, you are a sect. This mindset has given us great resistance in bringing the Gospel to kids through our puppet ministry in this town’s public school. One family that attended one of our children’s day outreaches in the local community center was publicly shamed in the town’s Catholic church for associating with us. Please pray with us for breakthroughs in this town that open doors to spreading the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Church Planting Training

Last Saturday we held a special time of church planting training for various members of our church and other growing leaders from other towns that we have been mentoring.

Above: Attila (also serving with Pioneers in Hungary) leading our first session.


Zsolti in striped shirt and his wife Ildikó (turned away from camera) from Jászfényszaru attended the church planting training. They have been commuting to our church for months and have a desire to see a church planted in Jászfényszaru. Teammates Miki and Dezso have been mentoring them and helped launch a Bible study in Zsolit and Ildikó’s home last week. Among those attending was a coworker that Zsolti has been reaching out to. Please pray for this new work as well in the town of Jászfényszaru.

English club in Rozsaszentmarton

Above: Some students from our advanced class: Dezso, Erika, Mercedez and Eszti. Our fist hour of class involves conversation about our personal lives. Many times, God opens up opportunity to share the hope we have within us and students like Mercedez have taken notice. Just last week she began asking more questions from teammate Erika who then forwarded various short films about Christianity. On Friday, Nick Vujcic is coming to Hungary. If you are not familiar with his story, you can read about his ministry here: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org. After discussing his visit in class, Mercedez expressed interest and now is planning on attending Nick’s presentation in Budapest on Friday with Erika and her family. Please pray for Mercedez to come to know Jesus Christ personally.

Could it finally be here?


Above: Ellie and Kira jumping for joy in the mountains behind or village. After a long battle with freezing temperatures, we think that Spring is finally here! We have enjoyed the beautiful weather God has sent over the past few days.


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