Bogács Update

Tonight, Gyüszi directed me to Babi's house (Gyüszi's sister) once I entered the town of Bogács for our weekly Bible evangelistic Bible study. Walking in the front door, I found Babi, sick and and covered up on the couch in the kitchen. I greeted her with a smile and could see she was discouraged. Moments after I arrived, another family member entered and handed her some medicine. Babi went on to explain how she was not only physically sick, but feeling spiritually hopeless. I sought to turn Babi's attention to what God had been doing in her life and how He had brought obvious healing in the past weeks. I reminded her of the hope we have in Jesus and His great love for her which was made clear in HIs sacrifice for her sins on the cross. Babi was so depressed that she was not asking for prayer but simply agreed when I asked if I could pray for her. I laid my hands on her and brought her to Christ in prayer. Afterwards, she glared at her husband and said, "Really? I can't believe this. It's like a great weight has been lifted from me!" For a few more minutes she remained on the couch as I sat directly in front of her with another friend Jozsi who joined us for the Bible study. Then, she threw off her covers, got up and began serving people coffee. The change in her countenance was truly amazing and I couldn't help but think of the time when Jesus touched Peter's mother-in-law and healed her of a fever. "He touched her hand, and the fever left her, and she rose and began to serve him." (Mat 8:15) Babi was even smiling and moving about the room like a energetic child. Praise God for His grace in bringing healing physically and encouraging her spirit. Whatever oppression she was experiencing when I entered had been taken away by Jesus. She sat and listened as we began our Bible study continuing the story of Moses freeing God's people from Egypt.


Above: Gyüszi (left) and Ödon (right). Ödön who hasn't been able to attend for the past few weeks was able to come tonight and was very active. He was amazed at Pharaohs hard heart and wondered why God just didn't kill him. I listened as Gyüszi and Jozsi explained that God was using Pharaoh to display His ultimate power over those who claimed to be gods and arrogantly defied God. I was thankful to hear from various men that they had watched TV Easter specials on the life of Jesus and recounted to me what they had seen over the weekend.

These families are struggling to make ends meet and living in tough conditions. Would you pray with me for them to put their faith in the Risen Christ. Pray also for God to provide for their many needs and minister healing to Gyüszi's mother Aranyka (respiratory sickness) and Babi (head and eye). Babi continues to report that the pain she once had has not come back since praying for her. I continue to ask Jesus to open her closed eye that she might see again. In the midst of our Bible study on Tuesday, I saw that Babi was touching her closed eye and squinting her face. I stopped and asked, "Is everything o.k. Babi?" She said, "It's like I'm seeing a small beam of light in the corner." Please continue to pray that Babi's eye would be restored by God's grace. Gyüszi who is my main contact in Bogács has been very discouraged this past week as the threat of his kids being taken away looms. He shared with me how much he has been praying. He even asked me if there was anything that I needed prayer for and promised to pray for me. His faith continues to grow and he needs your prayers!

Easter with family


Above: Sharon’s cousin Sam, his wife Marina and daughter Leyla came to visit us over Easter. Sam lives in Italy with his family and we were thankful they made the long commute to spend some time with us.


Above: Hiking in the mountains behind our village (Petofibanya seen above Ben’s head).


After a wonderful Easter break celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we were back out sharing this great news through our Puppet Ministry in the town of Hatvan.






Above: Mary approaching the tomb only to find it empty. “You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; he is not here. See the place where they laid him.” (Mark 16:6)



We praise God for His continued protection and provision in this Easter Puppet Ministry. When Miki asks the question, “What is Easter really about?”… it is a joy to hear kids shout out in the audience, “The resurrection of Jesus Christ!” We’re very privileged to be able to sow these seeds of the Gospel to these kids and teachers. Once again, even though we had a large room full of kids, they did a great job paying attention when Erika began teaching at the end. Praise God for this answer to prayer and for His Good News continuing to be shared with more and more in Hungary.
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