Monday ESL

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Above: Heidi's beginner class.

We were thankful for a new student, Csilla joining Brenda's class tonight. She said that she also would like to bring a friend next week and possibly her 19 year old daughter. We are thankful for new students and hope that God will draw them to Himself through this program.


Above: Mirella (in Roger's advanced class) chose to stay for the optional Bible hour. It seemed as if she was intrigued by our study of God's word. We studied Jesus' prophecy that He, the 'Son of Man' would be rejected, be put to death and on the third day be raised from the dead. We also studied Jesus' requirements of denying self and taking up our crosses if we wish to follow Him.

In other news, our brother Gábor who gave encouraging testimony in church yesterday received work today! Praise God for His provision.


Above: I also got a call tonight from teenager Gabi S. who had to move from Petőfibánya to the other side of Hungary because of college (Gabi pictured second from left). Last week when visiting us in Petőfibánya, we prayed for his friend Dani who has begun to ask Gabi questions about the Bible and about God.


Above: Gabi's friend Dani. Gabi told me tonight that after giving Dani an evangelistic apologetic book called "Is Jesus God", Dani inquired about studying the book of Revelation together with Gabi. Please pray for Gabi as he considers this new opportunity, and for Dani's salvation in Jesus Christ.
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