Weekly Update

School Outreach

Above: Sándor, the president of the Baptists’ non-profit organization made a special visit to our school in Petofibanya for a thanksgiving celebration.


Above: Sándor shared his life story and how his journey led him to a personal relationship with God. At the end of his testimony he asked if there be any who were interested in pursuing God, “If God was real”, to stand to their feet. The majority of all those in the room stood. There were not only kids of all different ages who attended but also parents. It is clear there is a deep spiritual hunger and we know that Jesus is the answer to that hunger. Unfortunately, the response was not all positive. Many parents were offended by what Sándor shared and we’ve been working through the aftermath over the past week. We’ve been striving for peace and seeking to keep bridges in tact to continue to share the Gospel with many who remain atheists. Please pray that the seeds planted through this outreach in the childrens’ hearts would flourish. Pray also for wisdom and for doors to remain open to share the Gospel in our hometown’s middles school.

Drivers License Test

We asked for prayer for our drivers license test a few weeks ago. Well, to make a long story short, the seven of us showed up at the office where we were to take the test. We all arrived early and waited for the doors to open. The man overseeing the test finally came and began calling out names to enter the room for testing. One by one, the room emptied while none of our seven names were called. As he finished and lowered his clipboard I inquired about what was happening. He told us that we were scheduled one hour earlier. Apparently, our driving school instructor gave us the wrong testing time… oops. We then headed to the adjacent office having to reschedule our testing time. After a few hours of waiting, we finally have it rescheduled for December 10th. We ask that you pray for us, that what we studied and prepared for would be retained for this upcoming test.

Jaszfenyszaru English Club

In our last update, we shared that over 60 people (probably closer to 80) came to our first english club meeting in the town of Jaszfenyszaru where we are seeking to plant a church. We have since met two more times and the numbers have not dropped off. We’ve even seen new people show up that their friends have invited!

Above: Roger, our mastermind behind getting us ready for teaching our various classes each week helping a beginner class.

Above: Brenda helping as we break the larger group into smaller numbers for more interaction.

Above: Zsolti (joel-tee) is a church member who lives in Jaszfenszaru and is part of the core group planting in this town.



As our team meets for planning and prayer we are seeking for ways to be most effective in sharing Jesus with our students. We are already planning a Christmas party at the end of December and look forward to use that time for more testimony about our Savior. Right now, we are taking advantage of the impromptu conversations at break time. Last week one young man named Attila asked me, “So how did you end up in Hungary?” I love this question! I was able to tell Attila about my faith in Jesus Christ and brief stories about how He directed me in my life. It was clear that he was intrigued and shared how he also was at a time of great transition. Please pray for more and more of these open doors to share the hope that we have in us. Praise God that He worked out the logistics with the number of students we have and there has been a positive response.

Christmas puppet ministry starts Wednesday!


Above: Erika and Hugi practicing this year’s Christmas puppet show in our basement. This year we praise God that we have enough volunteers for two teams which helps us reach more schools and takes the burden from falling on just one team. We have a record 29 schools that we’ll be traveling to and we need prayer for this important evangelistic ministry! Our first show is this Wednesday.

Click here to send us an email if you would be willing to pray daily for this outreach from Dec 3rd to December 20. I’ve prepared a prayer calendar you can download here: Christmas Prayer Calendar

Ziva turns three!

Above: Last week we celebrated Ziva turning three. You can see her in her preschool class above ready to devour her cake.

Above: Hungarian tradition has the person celebrating the birthday distributing the cake first.


Above: Kids in preschool wishing Ziva a happy birthday.

We’d appreciate prayer for Ziva as she has been coughing and feverish today. Please pray for complete healing and a good night’s rest. Thanks for your continued prayer and financial support! God is doing great things in Hungary and we are grateful for all of you that partner with us in this ministry.

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