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Above: Spending some time over the weekend with friends from our organization that serve throughout Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.



Above: Fun in the conference room. Ben makes use of all available real estate by running around like a fighter jet. Elianna and Kira find a nice hiding place while playing tag with the other kids.

This three day retreat provided needed fellowship with fellow church planters, and encouraging times of prayer, teaching and worship. In preparation for leading a discussion on church planting at the retreat, I was reminded of the passion of God to accomplish His plans to redeem people from all nations through Jesus Christ. In Isaiah 37:32, God responds to Hezekiah's plea for help at a time when the enemy taunts him with pride and disdain for hoping in God. At times in Europe, things look really dark. At times, the enemy taunts us as well saying, “'Don't let your God in whom you trust mislead you when he says...the harvest is plentiful” (Isa 37:10 and Luke 10:2) But we must remember the passion of God and His ultimate power to fulfill His word. “The intense devotion of the LORD who commands armies will accomplish this.” (Isa 37:32) The LORD has an intense devotion that is not weakened by circumstance. He has an intense devotion that is not distracted. We can press on with a firm belief that our God is passionate to save and will destroy the prideful taunts of the enemy.



Above: Church member Hugi with teammate Brenda.


Above L to R: Hugi, Lidia and Marika. Last month, teammate Brenda initiated a prayer hour with some of the women in our church. Since that time, these women have been growing closer to one another and faithfully lifting up requests before our church service. On Sunday, we went directly from the retreat to our church. Marika was overjoyed to tell me about something that had happened to her daughter Anita over the weekend. Some of you may recall that Anita is a regular attender of our church. She struggles with schizophrenia which is treated with medication. For the past few months, Anita has asked questions about the differences between Christianity and other world religions. She also came to me asking about the validity of the Bible and whether it was trustworthy. I often challenged her not to be settled in not knowing rather to strive to know and make a full commitment to Jesus Christ. She is well versed in the Bible, but it seemed that the truth was still veiled from her heart...until this weekend. As I stepped foot into our meeting place, Marika told me that her daughter Anita had put her trust in Jesus on Saturday. With Hugi listening in, Marika said, “Do you remember what I asked you to pray for two weeks ago?” Hugi replied, “That Anita would be able to fully receive Jesus Christ into her heart.” Praise God for clear answers to prayer and for moving these women into an edifying ministry of prayer for the body. Since that time, I have had two meetings with Anita who confirmed the good news of her faith in Jesus Christ.


Above: Anita sharing what happened over the weekend with Dezső.

For the past few weeks, we have been holding a class on what it means to become a Christian and why we practice baptism. Norbi (Lidia’s husband), Érzsi and Anita attended the class and are preparing to be baptized this Sunday. We rejoice in their decision to believe in Jesus, and their obedience in following Him in baptism.


On Monday nights I have been meeting with Dezső and Gabi for leadership Bible studies. I am encouraged to see continued growth in both of these men. Though I plan the lesson to the best of my ability, we allow the subject matter to flow with personal questions and observations. Last night, Dezső inadvertently taught half the lesson. I was rejoicing in my heart as he took many of the lessons being taught to a deeper personal level and was mentoring teenager Gabi in the process. Dezső continues to be in a time of testing before we appoint him as an elder of the church, while Gabi is being trained for a future role as a leader in teen outreach. I praise God for His power at work in both of these men and look forward to them bringing glory to God as they follow Jesus’ example of servant leadership.


This thursday, October 9th, we will be offering a new semester of English. We have dramatically changed the format and hope to meet a lot of new people in Petőfibánya and the surrounding towns through this club. Please pray that the invitations that we have been handing out and posters we have hung up would be effective in getting the word out. Please pray for our team as we make the final preparations for the first club meeting. It is our desire that those that come to this club would not only benefit from learning English, but more importantly would come to know Jesus Christ and the good news of salvation He offers.
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