ESL and Puppet and Drama Day 6


Above: Miki and Gabi dropped by a bit early and invited themselves to partake of Sharon's famous coffee. Gabi (above right) is on spring break. Some of you may recall that he had to move to a town called Sümeg which is hours away from PetÅ‘fibánya where he attends school. He was able to attend church last night and also helped us in our puppet ministry today. We are glad to spend this limited time with him before he returns to Sümeg.


Above: Today's only show was in the town of Csécse. This was the first time we have served in this town and we were thankful for the children's and teacher's warm reception.


Above: God has protected us these past six days as we have packed/unpacked and traveled in varying conditions.







Above: Janka continues to do an excellent job explaining the Gospel through illustration and Bible verses. When she asked the kids today if they knew what sin meant, or if they ever heard the word, the overwhelming response was, "No." There was only one child that gave the correct answer. For many of these children, this puppet ministry is their first exposure to the Bible and the gospel. The children today were by far the most attentive we have seen to date. Thank you for praying for them to be able to pay attention and understand.



Above: Julika who will have major surgery because of cancer next Monday chose to serve tonight in the midst of her fatigue and pain. She did an excellent job telling the story of Jesus' triumphal entry, his death and his resurrection. As she spoke, she opened plastic eggs which revealed symbolic objects relating to the story. Most of these students don't know Julika personally and don't know of her current battle with cancer. It was very powerful for me to hear Julika in her evangelistic presentation quote the words of Jesus while he prayed in the garden, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Yet not my will but yours be done." (Luke 22:42). This has been Julika's response from the time she learned that she had cancer. We are so thankful for her and how she has blessed our church by using her various giftings for God's glory. Please pray for God to heal Julika and to provide for all of her needs (and her three children) in the upcoming surgery.



Above: The students putting the Easter story paper cut outs (in English) in sequential order.


The students payed close attention throughout the retelling of the Easter story. The rest of the team (Roger, Heidi and Val) worked most of the day preparing food for this special presentation. The whole night seemed to be a pleasant experience for all the students. Many of them who usually have to leave by 7:00 stayed until the end of this special dinner and Easter celebration together.

Tomorrow is one of our longest days for Puppet and Drama ministry as we will be traveling to three different schools. Please pray for us as we travel tomorrow as snow is being forecasted.
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