VBS Day 5


Above: Julika teaching about what happened after Jesus Christ's ressurection-His appearance to Thomas, His ascension into heaven, and His sending the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

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Above L: Julika teaching today's memory verse: "I am going there to prepare a place for you." (John 14:2) Above R: Dori showing some of the crafts that will remind her what we learned throughout the week.

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Above: While the kids are outside playing in freetime, the staff readies the room for lunch.

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Above: The staff and children working up an apetite at game time.


Above: Later, we took the children on a scavenger hunt in the surrounding forrest. We had a great time exploring God's creation together.

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Above L: Can you find the things on this list (can you understand anything that Heidi wrote?) Above R: A beautiful day for the scavenger hunt.


Above: Julika pointing out a nearby mountain that may resemble the mountain where Jesus ascended into heaven.

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Above: Giving an illustration of how being in Christ protects us from the destruction caused by sin.


Above: As we made our way back from the 'lesson on the mount', we began hearing thunder. We quickly made our way back to the cabin before the rain came. Unfortunately, just as we were ready to hike back to town with the kids to meet their parents, it began pouring. We quickly rushed inside, and Miki led a great time of singing. Less than 10 minutes later, the storm completly cleared up and we were able to walk home in the sunshine (see photos below).

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Above: Our teammate Heidi's landllord 'allowed' one of her children to come to camp with us last minute this year. I was able to meet this child's brother who rode up the mountain with a friend to pick her up today. I was able to get one of their phone numbers and will be inviting them to our Friday sport's outreach.

Tomorrow we will have our final day of camp where we will teach about the necessity of a new birth. Parents have been invited to join us on this day, and we will be holding a small group for them as well where we will study John 3 together.

Prayer Requests:

• Miki is still suffering from a sinus infection. He attempted to see a doctor today, but the doctor was out. Please pray that he would be healed.
• Parents will be attending tomorrow. Please pray for the small group time where we will be studying God's word together. Pray that I would have wisdom as I prepare and lead tomorrows study. Many of these parents have never heard the gospel or stepped foot into church.
• We have a lot of preparation work to do before the kids and parents arrive to the cabin. Please pray that we would have success in preparing the grounds for this day of celebration
• Pray for good weather again as much of our day will be spent outside.
• Pray that we would be able to connect with parents and that they would choose to join us in church on Sunday.
• As always, please pray for physical strength and for a good night's rest tonight for all the staff (and kids).
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