Puppet and Drama Ministry Last Day



Above: Sharon, Kira and Elianna in front of Petőfibánya's preschool, our first destination for our last day of Easter puppet and drama ministry.


Above: Gabi K. lent a helping hand today, as he was off from school on spring break. Gabi would also love to serve with us in this ministry, but he is in school while we travel and perform. Maybe someday, he will take my place.


Above: Directly in the center (striped shirt) is Miki's son Bence who also attends Petőfibánya's preschool and is in the same class as Elianna.



Above: Elianna with her teacher Edina, and Ben with his funky new hair style. Its funny that I used to wear my hair the same way when I was younger (but I think he looks cooler).





Above: Our second and final stop was in the town of Lőrinci. Everything went very well in both schools, and the kids were entertained, well behaved and attentive when Janka shared the true meaning of Easter. Below is a taste of what the kids saw in the puppet show:

After finishing the Easter puppet and drama outreach, it is our custom to have lunch together and offer encouragement to each team member as to how God used them through the 9 days. This is an especially moving time for Hungarians as their culture is almost void of encouragement from families and in the public school system. We were grateful to God for keeping the door open in these public schools and for the seeds planted in over a thousand kids' hearts. Thank you all for your prayers which strengthened our ministry and effectiveness in these public schools. More and more we are hearing children shout out the right answer when we pose the question in auditoriums, "What is the true meaning of Easter." I heard multiple times children in preschool and in middle school shout out: "Jesus' resurrection!" Praise God for continuing to spread the good news that His Son has come as the Savior of our sins, and after paying the price with His own life, was raised from the dead on the third day.


Zoli, and Gabi K. came early in order to study the Bible before our game time. We discussed the heart of King Solomon and his response when given the chance to ask for anything from God.



Above: Let the games begin! The majority of the teens are still coming only for our game time, but I am thankful that this is an opportunity for them to be off the streets at night.

P1210716.JPG P1210718.JPG

Above: Two teens that we haven't seen for some time (Ádam, and Oliver) dropped by and stayed to the end. It turns out that Ádám lives a few houses down from our new house. We hope that both Ádám and Oliver will continue to attend on Fridays. Please pray that the Lord would draw them to Himself.
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