Thursday English Club

We had a good turn out on our first day of our new semester of English classes. We are now offering the community two time slots to attend to accommodate those with the all too common shifting work schedules. Four attended our morning class and ten attended our night class.

At our break time in or morning session, we made our way out to our dining room for coffee. Brigi, a new student asked how in the world we came to live in PetÅ‘fibánya, a town in the middle of nowhere. Through explaining our story, Tünde (another new student) jumped into the conversation asking, "What do you mean God lead you here? How do you know? Is it like some kind of feeling?"

I was able to explain to Tünde that through prayer, meditating on Scripture, and listening to wise Christian teaching and counsel, the direction God was leading me in my life became clear. It was clear that she was seeking guidance in life. We found out in our game time that she has moved over thirty times in her life. When we asked if she was staying where she resides, she said, "I still haven't found my place."

At break time I continued the conversation by asking her, "Are you a Christian, do you believe in God?" She said that she grew up with a Catholic background and later was involved in Buddhism. She said she would classify herself as a believer in God but not associated with any one faith. She then began talking about her world view with pauses after each sentence seeking for a nod of my head in agreement. But I couldn't agree. She began sharing how we are all one with God, a part of him and in a sense are all God. I politely answered, "I do not believe that. The Bible teaches us that God existed before me and created me. I am not God, nor am I a part of God. I cannot speak things into existence as God. I cannot create as God creates. I am His creation."

She replied, "You can't create? Just this morning at the bus stop, I created an opportunity to come to this class." She went on, "I wanted to learn and there happened to be a poster at the bus stop. How do you explain that?" I replied with a smile, "We were in this very room a few weeks ago praying that God would bring people that are seeking to this class. God brought you." Break time was over and we had to begin the second hour of our lesson. After class, I gave Tünde a book which explores the claims of Jesus Christ, presenting truth in an understandable way for those without much exposure to the gospel. She received it gladly and said she would read it. Our request has been that the Lord draw those to this class that He is already drawing to Himself. Tünde is an answer to prayer! Please pray that Tünde would find Jesus and finally have peace in life through her relationship with Him.
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