VBS Preparation


Above: Julika showing our location for a day of preparation for our upcoming VBS camp. If you look directly above her finger, you will see our hometown Petôfibánya.


Above: We literally had to cut our way into where we will be holding VBS. We first had to break a rusted lock off the outer gate. Afterwards Miki created a path with a weed-wacker for the others to enter the cabin to begin cleaning.


Above: We kept our distance from teenager Zoli as he helped us by chopping down stray branches.

P1390957.JPG P1400033.JPG

Above: While Miki, Dezsô and I tackled the gigantic weeds outside, the others battled spiders, wasps and months of dust and dirt build up.

P1390923.JPG P1390983.JPG

Above: Janka and Dezsô adding to a mound of weeds that we will burn later in the week.

P1400102.JPG P1400106.JPG

Above: As if Miki and Dezsô didn't have enough strenuous activity! Ready your log for battle!


Above: Taking a break after a long day's work.

We are thankful that we received this property to use for free for this years VBS (our first in Petôfibánya). Last night it began pouring rain, and we praise God that this morning the rain had cleared out allowing for us to prepare this property the whole day! Please pray for us as we will continue cleaning and preparing for next weeks VBS.

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