Puppets Monday

When we met this morning, many of our spirits were down. Hugi was in tears because of a misunderstanding with a neighbor and Miki is sitll suffering from being sick. I believe we are feeling the physical burn that translates into feeling spiritually drained. December is always a tough month for us because it is a month full of opportunity because of Christmas. After taking it to God in prayer, I saw God offering comfort, strength and help throughout the day. Praise Him!


Above: One of the cute preschool kids from Szarvasgede paying close attention to the show.


Above: This year’s Puppet Team L to R: Brenda, Miki, Roger, Hugi and Heidi.



Above: There is a part in the puppet show when one of the characters says, “I just don’t know any heavenly Father.” At that moment a girl in Szarvasgede blurted out, “But there really is One!”



Above: This young boy who sat in the back seemed to have understanding of spiritual things and was able to give clear answers to Miki’s questions related to the Gospel. After we finished our teaching time, the kids began to blurt out, “Christ died, He died on a cross.” Miki was wise to respond, “And what happened on the third day?” After some mumbling, two kids spoke out, “He rose from the dead!”

I was struck by the thought that each of us in our childhood came to have certain shows (mostly on TV) that we looked forward to seeing that were only presented at certain holidays. It is encouraging that many of these kids that we have seen every Easter and Christmas over the past five years may be developing the same type of longing to see the Puppet show at Easter and Christmas that creatively tells the true meaning of why we celebrate.


Above: After the show, the kids couldn’t wait to open the Christian children’s magazine we distribute as a gift along with a CD with the music and the puppet show.


Above: The headmaster (above center) also invited us for coffee after the show. She expressed her thanks that we come every year and after some pleasant conversation, we were able to invite her to a community event we are organizing for this Saturday in Petőfibánya. Before leaving she asked, “So, you are coming again at Easter?”



Above: Our second destination was the neighboring town of Selyp where we have done various outreaches and Bible studies in the past. This is one of the target towns that we hope to move on to in church planting after the church in Petőfibánya has the maturity to grow without us.

P1430713.JPG P1430718.JPG



After the show in Selyp while Miki was talking about John 3:16, some of the kids began speaking out, “I believe, I believe.”

Overall, this was a great day. I am thankful that all the equipment continues to work well, kids are paying attention and the Gospel through song, the puppet show and MIki’s message afterward is getting out. It helped to have the weekend to rest, and God continues to provide all that we need to press on.

Prayer Requests:

• Continue to pray for rest that refreshes us for new challenges for tomorrow.
• Pray for Miki, his son Bence, and Brenda to be healed of their sicknesses. Pray also for protection from sickness.
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