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Above L: No, that's not our new car. It's the Turó Rudi Mobile! What's that you say? It's one of Ben's favorite snacks here in Hungary. Turó Rudi is a type of sweet cheese that is wrapped in a thin chocolate layer. My taste buds aren't partial to it, but I grew up in America.

Above R: Our friend Laura and her child Micaiah. On Tuesday, we journeyed into Budapest for a visit with our friends the Mitchells. Their daughter Laura and her son Micaiah were visiting from the states, and we wanted to see Laura before they returned.

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Above L: Nice hair! Later on Tuesday, Sharon joined Brenda for a long awaited appointment with a highly recommended hair dresser, while Allen returned home with Ben and Elllie. Above R: Wide eyed Kira after a refreshing bath.

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Above L: We noticed this week that Ben's two bottom teeth have decided to begin their wiggling journey out. Remember that sensation when you were a kid? Yuck. Above R: Elianna bringing to life her picture with just the right colors.


Above: No, this isn't some form of discipline. This has to be one of Ben's games that has to do with castles.


Above: Friday night, we gathered together for soccer. This is a great way to get to know others in town and develop relationships. We pray that these relationships will lead to them seeking to know Jesus.
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