2021 Baseball Camp Report



This past week, we had 48 kids and lots of teen helpers from our church together for Baseball Camp in our hometown of Petofibanya. We praise God that many restrictions due to Covid had been lifted in time and God provided all we needed in order to make this happen.





The majority of the kids attending this camp come from unbelieving families and we are privileged that parents, year after year, entrust their kids to us for a week. Our camp days include a time of singing, teaching topics related to team work and baseball that also turn our attention back to Jesus and the Gospel.


Above: Noel (above right) who comes from a foster home where teammate Erika works looked forward all year to his second Baseball camp. Although he struggles with agression and anger issues, he had minimal problems at camp and was once again encouraged by the love of Christ he experienced.


Above: Our son Ben (pictured center) was able to take some time off of work to serve with us at camp. It was a joy to be with him as well as serving along side of our daughters Ellie and Kira who are taking on more and more responsibility at camps.


Above: Teammate Roger did a great job planning and putting the entire camp together and bringing devotions each day.

The kids enjoy baseball training, team building games and of course lots of water games. Over the past few weeks we have had record temperatures in Hungary and the water games were a great way to keep cool in the afternoon. By God's grace we had no issue with rain, even as it was forecast on the last day, God cleared away the clouds.



On the last day of camp, we invited parents to come and see what their kids had learned throughout the week. We celebrated with hotdogs and had a great turn out. This is a great way to get to know new families and God continues to give our church a positive reputation in the community.




It was encouraging to see the joy and excitement of all the teens from our church serving at Baseball Camp. They are so built up by being together and using the giftings God has given them to serve the kids. Most of the them will continue to take part in various camps throughout the summer which gives them hands-on experience in Great Commission work. In times like these where we are seeking to lift the name of Jesus on high, there are always counter attacks from the enemy. There was a matter on the first day of camp with one of our teen helpers that caused lots of friction and I believe was aimed at dividing and causing strife. We praise God that He made a way for us to work through this difficulty and maintain a spirit of unity while speaking the truth in love.


We also have teen helpers who are not members of our church like Brenda (pictured above). Brenda has attended VBS in the past and helped in various camps. She is beginning to sense her need for Christ and various people were able to share more about the Gospel with her throughout the week. Please pray for her and for continued open doors to reach out to her in the summer months.


Above: Boti said that before camp he didn't believe in God, but now he does. He is showing more interest and we have connected him with our youth group ministry hoping for more opportunity to help him know Christ in the future.


Above: Our daughter Ellie (right) and Alina (Left) helping with worship at camp.


Our daughter Ellie shared that first time camper Peti (pictured above) was very curious about the subject of hell and brought up his need of going to church to confess his sins. Ellie was able to share that we can confess our sins directly to God in prayer and she was able to answer some of his questions about hell. Later as parents were picking up their kids, he told his mom, "I'm going to confess my sins in prayer tonight." She looked at Ellie and smiled. May God continue to direct Peti in personally experiencing Jesus and coming to an understanding of the Gospel! Ellie has a passion for apologetics and is currently looking into which College she will be choosing to attend next year in the US. Please pray for her as she seeks God's guidance.

On the last day I was invited into a conversation with one of the teen helpers who was asking for prayer. This helper had come to faith years ago in one of our VBS camps, but does not live in our hometown. This makes it difficult to offer continued spiritual support. This teen helper shared about their struggle with bulimia, identity issues and more. I was grateful for this helper's desire to turn back to Jesus who is the only one who can give true deliverance and the help needed. Please pray for this unnamed helper to experience the life changing grace and love of our Savior. Pray that God's truth fill their mind and that all lies and deception become exposed and renounced in their life. Thankfully, this helper is also attending our VBS in the last week of July, so we'll have more opportunity to personally encourage and help where needed.

After a few days of rest, we'll be off to English Camp to reach out to 65 campers in which 2/3 are FIRST TIME campers (Praise God!). We would love to have you join the team of intercessors who will be praying for specific requests as we are there from July 8th - 16th. Because of the sensitive nature of these prayer requests, we ask you to contact us for access to the password protected English Camp Prayer Blog. Email Us

Check out some of these highlight films from our Baseball Camp and rejoice in what God has accomplished!

Reunited in peson


We praise God for freedom to meet again every Sunday in person for worship service. God was gracious to provide the area we use for our summer camps as our temporary meeting place for Sunday Worship through the local government. We've been able to meet in person since May 23rd, and have just been informed that the mask mandate has also been lifted for indoor meetings. We'll be back to our regular meeting space next week!




Above: Teammate Miki's son Bence with his great grandmother and grandmother at worship service.



Above: Heidi with Alina spending some quality time in the open field behind the building where we meet.

Investing in the youth


As school was coming to an end and summer camp season approached, the youth group ministry once again began to grow. Please pray for these teens and young adults to come to maturity in Christ and find growth and encouragement in their faith this summer.

MOPS ministry



I was invited to do some portrait photography for families that attend our church's Mother's of Preschoolers ministry. After the photo session, teammate Heidi (above left) came up with the idea to pray for a few of the mothers who were expecting and very close to their due dates. Afterwards we also distributed an autobiography by evangelist Nicky Cruz who was saved from a violent life with gangs. There are a few of these mothers that have shown interest and have met personally with Heidi on various occasions. Please pray for them to be transformed by God's grace leading them to put their trust in Jesus Christ.



Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We look forward to sharing all that God does at English camp in our next report.
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