Weekly Update



Above: A wooden memorial in Rozsaszentmárton (where Ben’s school is located) commemorating the outbreak of the Hungarian uprising against Soviet domination in 1956.



Above: Ben was required to attend a commemoration service where the Mayor and town leaders read poetry and showed their respect to those who had fallen in the uprising to gain freedom.




Above: With a desire to build up the handful of new believers in our church, we have begun a discipleship class. It is our hope that members will become more interconnected through these Wednesday meetings, develop a more mature understanding of God’s word and also begin serving in their unique callings in the church body. Last week in the midst of our first meeting, Miki’s wife Erika received a phone call from a friend who was struggling with great depression and hopelessness. We dropped what we were doing, stood and held hands and in unity called out for Jesus to deliver this friend. In last week’s class, we spent some time considering how Jesus knowing that he was appointed to die was willing to continue teaching those who rejected him, continue serving those who denyied him, continue loving those who ignored him and was willing to finally offer his body to the piercing of the nails as a sacrifice for our sins.

“For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die—  but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” — Rom 5:7-8



Above: To my right is Gabi S., a young man who was saved in PetÅ‘fibánya but moved to another town a few years ago because of school. Gabi has many important decisions before him and would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and God’s direction in His life.


Above: Before gametime, we gathered the teens together and had a short interview time with yours truly. We encouraged the kids to ask about life in America and had some interesting questions. Afterwards, I shared my testimony and told them the importance of seeking God in life. He was the One I was missing that led to depression, hopelessness, and a general sense of meaninglessness in my life. The majority of these kids have absolutely no religious background, and as I talked about Jesus, I could see on one of the kids faces that all that I was sharing about the life of Jesus was completely new to him. Our prayer for these kids has been that God would cause them to begin seeking truth in life having them break free of the indifference and disregard they have for Jesus. Would you also pray for these hard to reach kids?


Above L to R: Kitti and cousin Renata. Kitti attended our vacation Bible school and our Friday night outreach is a good way to continue to reach out to her.


Above L to R: Gabi and Peti. Gabi continues to attend our Monday meetings for leadership training and we hope to gradually give him more responsibility in our Friday night outreach for teens. Peti is the husband of church member Eszti (read more below).


Above: God continues to build up and bless the marriages in our church through this class. Not all of those who attend have husbands that are believers, yet they find encouragement and help as we pray together and study God’s word together.

Eszti (above with baby) shared how the marriage class is benefiting her in her interactions with her husband Peti. She is able to be more “level headed” in disagreements and seeks to consitently depend on God for her joy. She is looking for His power given to her to minister to her husband rather than manipulating him. Please pray for Peti as he is attending our Friday Teen Outreach, and while Miki helps him prepare for his drivers liscense test. Pray that God's Spirit would soften Peti's heart and give us opportunity to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to him.
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