Day 7 Puppet & Drama Ministry!


Above: Hitting a 'traffic jam' on the way to our first puppet presentation for the day in the town of Erdőtarcsa.



Above: Erdőtarcsa has always given us a warm reception. The teachers always participate in the songs we sing and make sure to tell us that they look forward to our return at Christmas.


Above: The cross, the empty tomb, and a heart with the words, "új élet" (which means "new life").

One of the teachers asked Miki after the show if she could get a copy of all the songs we teach the children in these presentations. Some of them are on the CD that we distribute, but not all of them. She said, "It would be great to have the lyrics." Miki exchanged numbers with one of the teachers so that we could visit again with our Children's Playhouse ministry. Praise God!


Above: Our next stop for the day was the town of Kálló, where we would perform our puppet show for the kids and our drama show for the teens.





Above: I remember this teacher last year sitting and with her students, and watching us with a careful eye. This year, she is standing with raised arms and singing along with us, "He died for me on the cross". God is being gracious in allowing us to build trust among teachers in schools where we visit twice a year.

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Above: Miki had to be the class clown when he was a child...or maybe he just had too much sugar today. As the children return to class after the puppet show, we set up our stage for the teens who will enter to see our drama presentation...that is, after a few jump rope exercises.


P1750260.JPG P1750279.JPG

Above: Our ice-breaker game this year: The three legged hobblin, blindfolded, balloon poppin thing-a-ma-jig. It would take too long to explain it here, but it sure is fun.

P1750325.JPG P1750328.JPG

Above: Watching our Easter drama that depicts Jesus dying on the cross for us, His resurrection from the dead, and His ministry of freeing people from the bondage to sin to follow Him in freedom and eternal life.

P1750384.JPG P1750678.JPG


P1750666.JPG P1750644.JPG

Above: Setting up in the Zagyvaszántó Culture Center for our last performance of the day. There are two ways that people deal with fatigue. One is getting short with each other and being irritable, the other way is having uncontrollable giggles. We 'suffered' from the latter in our last performance. Though the children did not know it as they watched the puppet show, there were puppeteers laying on the floor in tears at times trying to hold in their uncontrollable laughter. Miki didn't help the situation as he enjoys seeing people 'suffer' from uncontrollable giggles.





Above: Miki and Erika have met with the woman above to talk about ways in which our team may help in leading a small group Bible study in Zagyvaszántó. Zagyvaszántó is a 4 minute drive from Petőfibánya. Apparently there are more than 20 people that are interested. We are seeking God's will in this matter as the situation is not straight forward. Some of the people attend a church a few towns away and it is not our desire to build on another's foundation. However, because of false teaching in this other church, and activity in that church that does not reflect Christ's love, many from the group have stopped attending that church. The woman above said that she had fasted and prayed seeking God's will in the matter. She said that she was given peace from God to pursue a relationship with our team. Please pray for our team as we seek to know what God would have us do in this situation. We need His wisdom and His direction.

- All technical equipment (lights, speaker, mics, sound) has been working without any problems.
- The entire team is healthy, and there have been no injuries thus far in moving equipment and performing multiple times a day.
- There is unity and love for one another on the team!
- Jesus death on the cross for our sins, and His resurrection to new life is being proclaimed in public schools-AWESOME!
- Children and teachers are paying attention when the gospel is explained. Some teachers are singing songs with us that proclaim the basics of the gospel.
- God has given us safety in travel.
- God has given us refreshing night's of sleep.
- The weather has been beautiful for unpacking and packing into cars outside.
- Schools await our return and are NOT responding to our message with resistance.

Tomorrow, we will be serving in our home town of Petőfibánya again. This time, we will be in the local preschool that Elianna and Benjamin attend. Afterwards, we will travel to Egyházasdengeleg to present both the puppet and drama show.

Please continue to pray for us as this year's Easter Puppet and Drama ministry is drawing to an end! We could use prayers for a good night's rest tonight, for renewed strength for tomorrow, for God to speak through us tomorrow proclaiming His gracious gift found in Jesus Christ.
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