Puppets Friday


Above: A few hours after finishing Puppets yesterday morning, Heidi, Sharon and Brenda were busy preparing for last night’s English Club Christmas Party.



Above: We had a great turn out and a great time together. After having some conversation over home made chili and playing party games, Allen shared the importance of Christmas and read the Christmas story from the Bible in Hungarian.


Above: After the party, Joe hung around chatting with Miki and shared some songs on the guitar. Joe shared with me that school is tough for him because he really doesn’t connect with any of the students in his class. I sense that he is feeling more comfortable with us and finds joy in spending time with us. We praise God for the relationships He is sustaining through the English Club and the open doors He provides to share His truth with them.




Above: Erika and Heidi getting eye to eye with the cute kids from our first destination in Hatvan’s Preschool today.


Above: Helping the children learn the words to our song about the loving and merciful heart of Jesus with hand motions.


Above: Opening up with some fun pretending to sled together by locking arms and swaying left and right at Miki’s cue.



Above: Ohhh, the suspense!


After our show in Hatvan, we headed back to Petőfibánya, historically one of the toughest schools to perform in. Out of the 18 schools that we are visiting this year, our hometown of Petőfibánya is the only school that required signatures from parents in order for the kids to be allowed to attend. They also scheduled the show after school hours unlike the other schools in our region.


Above: Even with all the red tape mentioned above, we were thankful for a audience full of familiar faces from our hometown. Many of them have attended our VBS in the past years.



Above: This year’s song captured their attention and even the boys that are usually busy distracting others joined in on singing!


Above: Unfortunately, the school in Petőfibánya proved again to be the toughest. In the midst of the puppet show, there was off and on chatter of kids not paying attention at all. When Erika stood to speak, all at once everyone’s attention went elsewhere. The teachers stood idle toward the back paying no attention to the disrespectful behavior of the kids. They spoke through most of the show as well. I report this not as a complaint, but to highlight the contrast that we experience here as compared to the other schools. This town really needs Christ and we are thankful that God has put us first here to minister.




Above: After the smaller kids left the room, the teens attended our shadow puppet/drama presentation. This show held their attention and presented the gospel through the illustrative story of a dirty heart finding salvation through Jesus, the clean heart sent from God. In contrast the lack of ability of the younger kids to pay attention, the teens seem to be engaged as we talked about Jesus being the only way to escape sin, death and eternal separation from God.

Overview of this weeks answered prayer:

• God provided physical health and stamina for a tough schedule.
• God provided safety in traveling everyday
• God provided unity, patience, good communication among members and abiding love.
• God provided protection from the enemy
• God provided restful nights of sleep
• God provided spiritual stamina.
• God helped us complete the preparation for today’s shadow puppet and drama show for the teens.
• God helped all the technical elements to WORK! (lights, microphone, guitar, speaker for Puppet show, puppets, sound for drama)
• God helped all the cars to WORK!
• God helped His message of the Gospel to be delivered without distraction in most schools.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! We will be off again on Monday to continue our Puppet Ministry through Friday.

New requests:

• Brenda is coming down with a cold. Please pray for healing.
• Tomorrow night, we will be holding a Christmas party for the teens that attend our Friday night teen outreach. Please pray for God to open up doors to communicate His love and His truth to these teens.

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