Above: Beautiful clouds hovering over our hometown of Petfibánya. God was gracious to bless us with beautiful weather throughout our two week Easter Puppet Ministry which allowed for easier packing and unpacking and traveling.




Above: The small elementary school in the village of Szirák is located right next to a restored castle which highly contrasts the run down town and signs of poverty. The majority of kids in this school are Roma (also known as Gypsies) a segment of the Hungarian population that are often despised.


Above: The children joyfully participating in singing with us about Jesus and the message of His resurrection.



Above: Some behind the scenes shots.

THURSDAY Lőrinci Orphanage


Above: Kids in the orphanage having some fun with Miki as we waited for others before starting the show.



Above: Miki and his children Bence and Anna helping lead our time of singing.

Since we previously spent some time visiting this orphanage a few years ago, we ran into some of the kids who were now teens. Since we were planning a hiking trip on Saturday, we were able to get their phone numbers and invite them. We were thankful that many were able to join us on the hike (pictures below)!

Overall, the Easter Puppet Ministry went very well! As we participate in conferences where many teams come together, we often hear story after story as to how various problems occurred and how God worked them out. God was graciously with our team in such a way this year that we only had one instance where there was a power outage, but He quickly brought the power back and the show went on without distraction. In all the schools, the kids payed close attention when the shadow puppet portion of the show telling the story of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection is presented. The team itself was absent of friction with one another and served with joy and love for one another each day. We are very appreciative of your prayers for this ministry and see clearly His gracious answers! In the end, we were able to share the Gospel in 20 public schools and distribute evangelistic materials to over 1000 kids and many teachers and parents. One of those 20 schools was a place we have been trying to get into for years, and God opened the door for the first time this year. He is powerfully at work building HIs kingdom and we are privileged to be invited to join HIm in His work.





Above: Just behind the neighboring town of Apc, is Széles Kő Mountain where we carpooled over thirty kids and spent a day together with campfire, fishing, hiking and Dezső sharing the truth from God’s Word. Since the mining in this area had been shut down, it has now turned into a popular spot for camping and finishing for Hungarians in the area.

Usually, our core leadership church planting team does planning for these type of events. But the idea came to Peti who was saved last year. Instead of getting involved, I hoped to entrust to Peti some new responsibility as he has faithfully been serving in the background at church. I asked him to begin planning and organizing it, and Peti did an excellent job!



Above: Erik (top) and Ricsi (bottom) are two teens that began attending our Friday night outreach. Years ago, when Ricsi was just a child, he attended Miki’s Bible class, but then drifted away. Now both of them have begun attending our Sunday Worship Services. Please pray for them to personally encounter Jesus as Lord and Savior.



Above: Kira enjoying the view with Sharon.


Above: Some of the group that took the extended hike around the mountain.


Above: Peti’s daughter Alina with her newly found bouquet of flowers.
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