Weekly Update


Above: Kira being cute in the kitchen.


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Above L: Student Tünde talking with Brenda. The morning session which has less students allows us to have more one on one time. We sense that we are developing friendships with the students and hope to launch an optional Bible study in the near future. Above R: Heidi talking with Kata (teenager Gabi’s mother) who is now a regular student. We are thankful for Kata spending more and more time with those from the church and seeing first hand the difference in our lifestyle because of Christ. Please continue to pray for her and her daughter Niki to come to know Jesus.


Above: Two teens who attended our VBS came to our club for the first time tonight. Eszti and Kitti (far right of couch).



Above: We had our friends (Jack and Karen holding Elianna and Paul far right) from Budapest visit and participate in our English club. This is also a good shot of our church planting team (not including nationals) serving in Petőfibánya. Brenda (center) and Heidi and Roger do most of the organizing and curriculum for the English club. Heidi and Roger have just transitioned from Budapest and moved to Petőfibánya this week.




Above: Fun with various card games and also table football (mostly for the guys). After some time playing games together, we have begun a series of church members sharing their testimony as to how they came to believe in Jesus Christ. Two weeks ago, I spoke about the emptiness of life without God, last week Peti spoke about his new life in Jesus and tonight, Peti’s wife told the story of her faith in Jesus. We were thankful for the time of sharing to be free from distraction. As these teens hear both the gospel and personal testimony of how Jesus Christ transformed our lives, we pray that they would begin to seek for truth in their own lives.


Above: My right hand man (pictured on my left) Gabi helping with various responsibilities in tonight’s ministry. Gabi continues to live out his faith, and shared stories with me about how God was teaching him more about forgiveness and prioritizing his time in order to faithful carry out those responsibilities that God has entrusted to him. Please pray for Gabi to continue to mature in his faith and knowledge of the greatness of God.


Our custom in class is to break up into a men’s group and women’s group for part of our teaching. Because of various factors, we sought to break into groups strictly for prayer and then return to a larger group for tonight’s Bible study. I praise God for these times where we can be honest about our lives with each other, seek to encourage each other and pray for one another. My group included Dezső and Gabor with Miki joining us a little later. Before we began prayer, I facilitated a time of basically asking “How are you really doing?” Gábor opened up and shared some of the trials he was presently going through. Dezső with Bible open began to offer encouragement and teaching to help him process these trials with a proper perspective. I offered some teaching off and on, and was just thankful to see true Christian fellowship happening. The deep issues on men’s hearts often stay there, but this group allows us to put everything in the light and encourage each other. Praise God for using the members of His body to edify!
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