Day 3

God has sustained beautiful weather for us to spend the majority of our time outside. This is a blessing as some of the classrooms this year are in terrible condition (mold, ants, seating, leaking...) Although the third day feels the most exhausting, God gave us strength and we continue to see campers and teachers connecting on a deeper level.

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Above L: Sharon visits every morning with the kids and we are able to eat breakfast together. Please pray for her, as she will no longer have the help of our friend Karen helping care for our three kids through this camp time. Above R: Heidi (far right) gets the girls together to make some creative announcements for the day's camp activities.


Above: Bible reading hour. On day 3, we read about Nicodemus and of course John 3:16! In the midst of the study, two students revealed that they believe that the way to heaven is through good works. I was able to direct them back to the Bible and how Nicodemus believed the same thing when he came to meet with Jesus. However, Jesus' first words to Nicodemus were, "You must be born again". Hopefully, this has helped them to think about their current beliefs, and be more aware about what Jesus actually teaches.

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Above L: Milán taking an afternoon break in the cool grass. Above R: Zoli, who had been sick for the past few days was healed by God and arrived today to camp. Zoli is staying in my room and has not yet received the gospel. Please pray for Zoli!


Above: One of the many conversation groups performing their team cheer to start tonight's activities. Each conversation group competed in games like frisbee golf, volleyball, and other fun games.

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Above L: Passing a soaked sponge overhead in a 'fill the bucket' game. Above R: Dávid (from Petôfibanya far right) getting ready to play an adapted volleyball game.

P1350698.JPG P1350722.JPG

Above L: Having some fun with a huge volleyball. Above R: Camp leader Todd directing a ball to the goal by blowing through a straw.


P1350769.JPG P1350747.JPG

Above: Ending the night by launching water balloons at Todd. Out of all the teams, only Sandy (from our home church) was able to find the target. Go Sandy!
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