Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 5


Above: Our first stop on Thursday's outreach was a middle school in the town of Szirak. Instead of performing our puppet show for the kids and then having a separate show for the teens, they gathered all the kids together for both.




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Above: In contrast to Wednesday's show, the teenagers were very well behaved and payed attention. I even noticed one teen telling a younger kid (maybe his brother) to quite down while Janka was teaching.


Above: The headmaster told us that he was glad we were willing to bring this message to his school. He said that most of the kids come from broken homes, and people in the neighborhood are constantly fighting and stealing property from each other.


Above: As we packed up to leave for our next show, the kids became even more warmhearted. Some gathered around Janka and sang the song they learned from last year's Christmas puppet show. It is encouraging to see the songs remaining in their hearts as they have vital truths about the Gospel.


Above: Hugi and Brenda fighting the wind at our second destination in the town of Szarvasgede.




The headmaster at Szarvasgede's preschool said that there was a recent incident where the town's religious teacher told a child that Jesus didn't love her if she wasn't baptized. The child went home in tears telling her mother what had happened. The headmaster was thankful for our teaching in the show. She said that one of the parents heard that we were coming, and asked if her two children (who were sick at home) could come in just for the show. The headmaster also asked if we would be willing to perform in the neighboring town of Csécse as well. Since we initially had no performances on Monday, we were able to schedule a show.

Friday Night Teen Outreach

Gabi K. showed up early, and we were able to continue our study of Genesis. It is our hope that the other teens will also be drawn to God and begin attending the study at 5:00.


Above: Friday's table football tournament after optional teen Bible study. A few weeks ago, I had to remove Dávid (above: tallest, center) from our Christmas program in Selyp because of his behavior. I also had to take him out of church service recently to talk to him again about disruptions. My first interactions with him have been as one giving discipline. I wondered if we could get beyond that and begin developing a friendship. On Friday, he seemed to have a different demeanor toward me. We were able to play a few games together and laugh together. I am thankful that in the discipline, Dávid didn't feel rejected by me.

Please pray for us as we continue our puppet and drama ministry. Please continue to pray for Elianna and Kira as they are still sick.
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