Above: Kira poses in front of Benjamin and Elianna’s school which was decorated for graduation day just a few weeks ago.


Above: Grandparents eagerly await their seeing their grandchildren enter the graduation ceremony.



Above: A young man rings the bell and leads the procession of graduates who will pass off the school flag to the next graduating class.




Above: Both Benjamin and Elianna were on the honor roll and received rewards for their hard work.



2012 Vacation Bible School

After weeks of preparation, we are just about set to have our Vacation Bible School in Petofibanya from Monday to Saturday! This year we have 87 kids registered, which is a record. We praise God for the facilitation team He has put together (over 20 church members) and all their hard work with a heart to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a new generation of Hungarians.



Above: Some of those helping were recently saved like Anna Maria (center back striped shirt). Our basement was the perfect place to do prep work as it was about the only cool place in the neighborhood after a week of super high temperatures.


Above: Gyozo, Fanni and Zsofia getting ready for practice for the evening skits at VBS. Fanni was saved at the Franklin Graham Festival and is already showing many signs of spiritual growth and maturity. Praise God!


Above: Erika and Jutka editing the script for the skits.





Above: We spend a few hours preparing the grounds on Friday. János who is 69 (above) also joined us and worked with all his heart in the blazing heat.

Today we will finish preparations on the grounds and Monday will be our first day with the kids!

A few support needs:

We would appreciate any financial gifts that you would like to go toward this year’s VBS. You can find support information here, and we would appreciate a note letting us know what you have given for our records. We are also seeking to raise $260 support to help our church planter partners in ministry, Erika and Miki Fülöp serve in English Camp this year. If you would like to donate toward that need, again you can find support information here. It would help us to know if you are giving so that we can let them know. Thanks!

We really need your prayers in this evangelistic outreach.

Here are some ways you can pray.

• Protection from injury and sickness for all team members and their kids as well as the 87 kids who have registered.

• Ability to rest at night and strength for each new day to serve in the extreme heat with kids.

• Unity and love among members as we work together for God’s glory.

• For God to give these children ranging in age from 3-14 understanding of His truth about Jesus Christ and revelation of His love for them.

• For wisdom for Monday’s registration of 87 kids.

• For protection from fear for kids who are not used to being away from home all day. For the peace of Christ to touch each of them as they spend time with their teachers and helpers.

• For the drama team to complete preparations and be used by God to clearly present the Gospel.

• For all technical aspects to work smoothly including craft time, game time, teaching time and singing times.

Thank you all for your continued partnership in sharing Christ’s good news with Hungarians! May Jesus be glorified in all that we do.

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