Christmas Puppet Ministry Day 3

Today we headed over to Rozsaszentmarton with three cars loaded with team members and children. Our puppet show was scheduled for the first hour.



Above: Norbi getting some laughs from Hugi before the show begins.


Above: Some schools only allow the youngest children to attend. We were thankful that Rozsaszentmarton allowed their entire school to see today’s show.



Above: Our youngest daughter Ziva was also able to join us today and see the show for the first time.







Above: The kids did a great job quickly learning words and motions to the songs we are singing this year. After the show was over, the principal affirmed the message that we presented. This may not seem so shocking, but just two years ago we experienced just the opposite from him. This is a door that the Lord has opened! Last year we were received (I think) with a bit of hesitation as the school didn’t know what to expect from us. This year, we were invited into the teacher’s lounge after the show and it is clear that God is allowing our relationship to deepen. Praise God for a great first week of puppet ministry. Praise Him for his grace in continuing to share the good news with a new generation of Hungarians! After a break this weekend, we’ll be back on the road on Monday for two shows. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
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