Above: Gathering those who have been saved or are young believers and teaching them the basics of growing in the faith through a memorable hand illustration.



Above: Closing ceremonies. We congratulated each student giving them a certificate of class completion and a group photo. I was able to complete a short film with highlights of the past 10 days of camp-the campers loved it! Later, we sang worship songs together and Todd encouraged the campers to continue to seek after truth and process all that we have taught them through God's word over the past 10 days.

DSC07965 DSC07970

Above: S M O R E S!!! By a campfire, Katie gave her testimony, and afterwards, Dávid (from Petôfibánya) shared how he is processing suffering in his life and encouraged students to forgive others.


Above: The next morning: Getting a group hug before entering the bus.

P1390250.JPG P1390252.JPG

Above L: Csaba (from a neighboring village) hopes to be able to visit our church service tomorrow. Above R: Niki (left) talking with our hungarian teammate Janka. Niki let someone know at camp that she made a decision for Jesus last year, but kept it to herself. Throughout the week, she was very attentive in the Bible studies and seemingly full of joy. Please pray that Niki would come to understand the importance of fellowship and a local church.


Above: Hoping to see you soon!

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