Above: After piling multi colored suitcases filled with our stage, puppets and audio equipment we set off on the back winding roads to the small town of Gyöngyösoroszi. Last week, these fields were coated with snow, but we rejoiced in the beautiful sunshine and warmer weather that God has provided.



Above: Miki getting our show started with a few ice-breaker games involving the audience.


Above: Though the younger kids are always a bit hesitant at the beginning of our show, after a few games and singing they are all smiles.





Above: This is one of the more technically difficult shows that the ones we have done in the past. There are multiple rearranging of the set and lots of shuffling happing behind the scenes to keep up with the timing of the audio for the show. Even with the many parts of the show that could go wrong, by God’s grace, they all went right. The kids were very attentive and most importantly payed close attention to the shadow puppet sequence which communicates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Above: Teammate Hugi offering some help with a jacket before the kids returned back to classes in school. Because of a sickness years ago, Hugi lost full mobility of her right hand and often communicates how God used this struggle in her life to draw her to Himself and to put her trust in Jesus. Even with this disability, Hugi serves with great joy and is a special addition to our puppet team.





Above: Ben, Elianna and Kira clearly related to one another. These photos were taken at a conference the kids attended with Sharon that equips parents with various educational tools and training for kids that live oversees.


We were thankful to have Klári bring her two daughters to our Bible study. One of them is a teen (also named Klári) and the other (Réka) is right between the ages of Elianna and Kira. Our kids had a great time playing with Réka and I think the younger Klári has fun being with her mom in our English study. Edina (Kira’s preschool teacher) and her husband Feri also attended. We finished chapter 6 of the book of John where Jesus claims that He is the bread of life and discussed Jesus’ teaching that only He had the words that lead to eternal life. There was a good amount of interaction and after the study, Edina brought up a question about the differences in our faith and another prominent cult that is in our area. Apparently a person is coming to her and telling her things that she feels are not true, but doesn’t know how to defend herself. I told Edina that she could best prepare herself by comparing the Jesus that the cult talks about with the Jesus of the Bible. In essence, I encouraged her to study what Jesus taught about Himself in Scripture rather than listening to theories and opinions of others.

“This is the bread that came down from heaven, not as the fathers ate and died. Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.” — John 6:58

It is disheartening to know that the enemy is using a partial truths and the name of Jesus to deceive many, but it is very encouraging that Edina is coming here each week and hearing Jesus’ teaching about Himself. Before going home, we were able to give Edina a Bible and we ask you to pray for Feri and Edina to feed on the bread that will bless them with eternal life.




Above: The number of kids keeps increasing from week to week. Some stay for just the games, but more and more are staying for our singing and discussion time that we use to talk about truths of the Gospel and personal testimony.


Above: Erik strumming on Dezső’s bass guitar while some other friends look on. Interestingly, the three kids above are from three different towns that we are targeting long term, Rozsaszentmarton, Lőrinci and our hometown of Petőfibánya.


Above: Those who stayed after to hear Dezső’s testimony and Gospel presentation were more in number than we have at a typical worship service on Sunday. God is opening up a door with these teens and we praise Him for this opportunity!

Our next Puppet show will be on Monday. We appreciate your prayers for our team and for the next generation of Hungarians to turn to Jesus Christ in faith.
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