Sunday Worship


Above: We thankful to have Adria, Lisa, Sandy and Sara (pictured above) from our home church in Delaware visit us tonight in Petôfibánya's church service. Campers Gabi, Zoli, Ádam, Dávid (all from Petôfibánya) and Csaba (from a neighboring village) came to service tonight. Zoli brought his mother and grandmother and Dávid brought his friend Erik.

Todd, (PI teammate) did an awesome job leading our musical worship time with Andris, Lianna and Brenda. Andris and Adria gave their testimonies. I delivered a short simple gospel message based on John 3:16. I sensed that many people were praying for me and for those in our service who had not yet made a decision.

I rejoice in telling you that after the service, I saw Erik leave the room with his friend Dávid. They were headed to the room that we often go to for private conversation or prayer. Zoli and Csaba (from Petôfibánya -not camper Csaba) also joined them in that room. Erik decided to put his faith in Jesus tonight! This was his first time in our church, and it was the perfect time for him to enter to hear the good news explained! Please pray for Erik and that Dávid and I would have more opportunity to disciple Erik. Pray that he would be protected from the enemy and that he would grow in his faith as he reads God's word.

Please also pray for all of those who served in the camp that we would be refreshed and recover from the intense 10 days of ministry.
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