Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 2

Today we visited the town of Hatvan and performed in a preschool and a special needs care center.

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Above: The children were quick to laugh and interact with us before the show. Because the Lord has given us opportunity to visit twice a year, most of the kids and teachers know us. Janka also is able to teach a Bible class to some of these preschoolers. When Miki pulled out his guitar, they were overjoyed. They even began singing some of the words to the song, "He Died For Me On The Cross" before we told them which song we were going to sing.




Above: Janka sharing the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from God's word. What a blessing to be able to deliver the gospel in this time, to this generation!



Above: Miki bringing bringing laughter to the group at the Special Needs Center in Hatvan.

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Above: As we were leaving one of the teachers above said, "God bless you." We are thankful for their welcoming spirit, giving us the privilege of sharing God's truth and God's love with them.

We praise God for beautiful weather for easy traveling and packing/unpacking vehicles. We are also thankful to be healthy in this time while perfroming. We had one technical difficulty at the end of our first show which we have no explanation for. The closing dialogue volume suddenly began fading out. This is where the grandmother in the puppet show tells the kids to remember Jesus raised from the dead at Easter and encourages them to speak with God in prayer. After the show, we checked the cords and the speaker and the player and all worked fine. Please continue to pray that these things would work well.

Tomorrow, we will be traveling back to Hatvan to visit three other schools. Please bring us and this ministry before the Lord in prayer. Below are some suggested requests:

1. Pray for our spiritual and physical health.
2. Pray for strength and the ability to get the rest we need in this intense schedule.
3. Pray for team unity and a love for one another that is apparent to team members and to those who see us in public schools.
4. Pray that we would be protected from all the schemes of the enemy to distract us from the Lord and from fulfilling our calling in this ministry with joyful hearts.
5. Pray for Hugi who is serving with us for the second time. She has a hand that is barely usable from a previous stroke and is performing in the puppet show and drama.

The Show:
1. Pray that all the technical equipment (lights, switches, sound) function in a way that would keep the message clear.
2. Pray for wisdom and strength in setting up, and tearing down the stage and props at each show.
3. Pray for Allen as he has a short time at the end of each drama show to preach from God's word, and Janka who will be translating for Allen.
4. Pray that God would help us to remember each of our parts and our lines.
5. Pray that the entirety of the show and our interaction with the children and teachers would clearly proclaim the love of God and the gospel message.

The audience:
1. Pray for the kids and teachers that they would be able to pay attention.
2. Pray that the Lord would draw them to Himself and give them understanding of God's truth.
3. Pray for hearts that would be softened and receptive to God's truth. Ask God to lift the veil of darkness that has blinded so many in this county.
4. Pray that the materials that are handed out would be effective in their homes to continue teaching the gospel.
5. Pray for their salvation!
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