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Above L: Yuck. Well, that's the best word I can think of to describe the rash on Ben's face (on Saturday) which is a 'side effect' of his bought with Scarlet Fever. By God's grace, Ben is on the road of recovery from Scarlet Fever and is looking and feeling much better as of tonght (above R). Because of his and my sickness, I haven't been able to blog as often as I would like. Once I am feeling better, I hope to be back to updating more often.


Above: On Sunday we participated in a Village Day celebration in Petőfibánya that our church was asked to help out with. We are thankful for the local government's openness to work with our church and to allow us to help in public events like this.


Above: As I was drawing on the cement with chalk (yes, I had permission), a few older men gathered to watch. They cheered me on with each letter I drew and asked what I did for a living. I told them I was a graphic designer in the States. This led to the commonly asked question, "How in the world did you end up here?" I was able to tell András briefly about God's calling in my life. I was also able to talk about the gospel message, and invited András to our church service. These events open up opportunities to introduce ourselves to the community, and to develop new relationships.

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Above: We were thankful for Zsuzsa Kovacs's help on Sunday. As most of you know Zsuzsa's husband György went to be with the Lord this year due to cancer. Zsuzsa continues to be a blessing to our church and our community as she often commutes to help out with outreach events. Please pray for her, that she would continue to expereince God's comfort and encouragement in this season of feeling the loss of her husband.

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Above: Part of our role on Sunday was facepainting. I recognized most of the kids who came because they attend the local preschool. I always smile when they call me by name "Allen Bácsi" (Uncle Allen).


Above: I don't really think Miki needed a clown outfit to entertain the kids, but hey, it doesn't hurt! Miki spent most of the day gathering crowds like this and passing out balloons. Some of them had small paper invites to our church folded up and placed inside of the inflated balloons.


Above: From L to R: Zsuzsa, Julika, Moni and Andi. It is a blessing to see Andi getting involved in ministries of the church. In Sunday's service, she also prayed out loud giving thanks to God in a time where the church was free to offer praise through prayer. I am encouraged and thankful to see her continue to blossom in her relationship with Jesus. Please continue to pray for her growing faith in Christ.


Above: Peter challenging the church to enter into the presence of God, experiencing the relatonship provided through Christ. He taught about the difference between heartless religous practices and true union with God in a relationship.


Above: The church wishing Andi and I a happy birthday with the traditional flame throwing cake. Zoli joked with me and said, "O.K, Allen, now blow it out." It actually looks more dangerous in person.


Above: Gabi, Zoli and the old man. At the end of our service, Gabi was kind enough to read a passage from Ephesians and thanked God that he called us to Petőfibánya to live as examples and friends. I give thanks to God for this privelage, and recognize His grace in allowing us to be here in this time for His glory!
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