Weekly Update



Above: A few weeks ago we invited the teens who attend our weekly Friday night ministry for overnight camping in the neighboring town of Lőrinci.


Above: God provided a beautiful sunset and beautiful weather for some volleyball and other yard games before dinner.




Above: These are great times to spend with those who don’t attend our church like Dori (left) and Zsofi (right) who have attended our VBS camps in the past. It was clear that God was continuing to draw these young teens to Himself. On the two and a half hour hike up to the campground and over the two days, Dori shared about her search for God. I believe that after our time together, both are closer to understanding what it means to be saved through Jesus Christ.


Above: Erik waving as a heavy rain storm rolled in. Thankfully there was enough shelter to keep the teens all squeezed together out of the rain. God was gracious to stop the rain even though there was a thunderstorm warning for that night. The kids’ tents were still intact (although a little wet) and it made the camping all the more challenging (in a good way).


Above: Dávid the next morning warming up by the fire.


Above L to R: Hugi, Eszti, Dori, Zsofi and Erika. Eszti was recently saved in English Camp and continues to attend church and grow in her faith in fellowship with others. Praise God for the movement of His Holy Spirit among teens in our area!


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Above L: Roland (also a new believer) with a freshly picked sunflower from a field adjacent to the campground. Above R: Norbi showing off his find of a gigantic mushroom. Yes it is edible. It looked more like an old piece of styrofoam to me, but apparently these type of mushroom are quiet valuable. A few years ago, Norbi seemed to make a decision to put his faith in Jesus, but after a few months drifted away. God has been gracious to keep us connected with Norbi and to maintain our friendship and God seems to be doing a new work in Norbi’s heart. Norbi has once again begun attending Bible studies and also church. Please pray for this young man to find salvation in Jesus and live a transformed life by the power of God’s holy Spirit.




Above: One of our partners in ministry Erika had the idea to gather some of the adults together for some volleyball on Thursday nights. This is a great leisure activity that all of them can enjoy and we get to spend some time with neighbors that we don’t often see outside of brief moments dropping off kids at preschool. Norbi’s (the teen mentioned above) mother Kati (orange shirt) also came out to play. Kati is a pharmacist and has been regularly attending our Friday night teen outreach and sitting in on the teaching time each week. After the game was over and we packed up, Kati sat down with Miki and Erika and spent another hour lounging on the grass discussing spiritual things. It is clear that God is at work in her life and I ask you to pray for Kati to understand the unique claims of Jesus and to find salvation in Him.



Above: Ben, Kira and Elianna, on their way to school. Kira continues to attend the local preschool and is doing quiet proficient already in speaking Hungarian. Ben is starting third grade and Ellie has just begun first grade. It turns out that Elianna has the same teacher that Ben had for the past two years which is a blessing.


Above: Ellie’s first day in first grade.



Above: Ellie’s first request for her birthday, “Mommy, can I draw on this old yellow sweatshirt?” Quiet the creative one.


Above: 7 years old!


Above: Ben having some birthday fun stacking the cups from VBS camp.




Above: Niki sharing some Hungarian tongue twisters (like Peter Piper picked a pepper...). Here is just one word in the tongue twister she shared: moszkvicsslusszkulcs




Above: Too bad daddy is allergic to these, or we would have a house full of them. We so thankful for the friendship that has developed with Klári who first came to know us through our English Bible study. Last week, Klári stopped by and shared her search for work. We were able to take this request to Jesus with her in prayer and the following week she shared the good news of God’s provision of a job.


Above: Our hometown of Petőfibánya.

Prayer requests:

• Both Monday and Tuesday our team will be meeting to reevaluate ministries and seek God’s direction in next steps/areas of focus over the next few months. Thankfully there is no shortage of what we could be doing in ministry. We are seeking to make the wisest and most strategic use of our time for His glory. Please pray for our team that we would be unified in our decisions and that God would direct our discussions and decisions.

• Sharon and I have been struggling with a sickness for the past few weeks. Please pray that we would be healed of this lingering virus.

• Please pray for Tamás and Ági (married) who God has brought back into fellowship with our church after a time of falling away from God. It is clear that God is at work in Tamás who has been freed from alcohol and has decided to begin theological training in an extension seminary course with Dezső, Gabi and Peti (members of our church). Please pray for Tamás and Ági.
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