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Above: Being the best big brother he can be. Ben spending some quality time with Kira.


Above: L to R: Ashley, Kate, Emily, Heidi and Katie. The 'Edge Team' has arrived on Thursday in Petôfibánya, and we made our way up the mountain Friday morning for prayer. We are grateful for their help and look forward to serving with them in our upcoming English camp on July 12th.

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Above: On Friday, the Edge Team helped us throw a 4th of July barbecue for our english students in Petôfibánya. We were able to re-connect with many students we haven't seen since last semester.


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Above: 4th of July wouldn't be the same without a balloon toss! Afterwards, Zoli found joy in drenching me with a bucket of cold water!

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Above L: Good ol' watermelon seed spittn' contest. Above R: Prepping the marshmallows for smores after the burgers.


Above: Sharon talking with Kati who is a teacher in the public school in Petôfibánya. Kati encouraged me by saying how I interacted with the teenagers, and how it was clear that they needed an example to follow in their lives.

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Above L: God was gracious to hold back the forecasted rain this morning, allowing us to go to the town of Surdokpüspöki to distribute gospel of John booklets.
Above R: Brenda making her way through the beautiful village and avoiding dogs lurking behind each fence. With the Edge Team's help, we were able to drop a copy into the 800 mailboxes representing over 2000 residents. We pray that God's word will bear fruit and cause many to be transformed by the Word of life.


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Above L: The sign says, "Feel free to place your hand in my dog's mouth". Just kidding. I think you can figure out what "HARAP" means. Above R: A very common mode of transportation, even for the elderly.

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Above: Later today, the Edge Team helped us prepare gift boxes for our upcoming Vacation Bible School in Petôfibánya next month.


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Above:To top off a great day, we celebrated Ben's 5th birthday with a special requested home-baked cake! Ben was excited to spend time with the Edge Team, and practice shooting his new suction cup bow and arrow. By the end of the night, he successfully could shoot leaving arrows suctioned to the refrigerator door (next he'll be aiming for my forehead).

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