Sunday, Gabi's Baptism


Above: Gabi giving testimony to God's saving grace in His life. We praise God for answering all the prayer requests given in our last blog post! Thank you Jesus!

Gabi encouraged the church with his testimony. He talked about how God provided people and opportunity throughout his life to learn more about Him and finally to understand the Gospel.



Above: Gabi's grandmother talking with Erika. This was Gabi's mother and grandmother's first experience in our church. His grandmother came to me afterwards and said, "This was a special service. At first, I didn't want to come. But now I see that I can't say anything bad about this church." Their view of our church (most likely viewed as a sect) changed tonight. While talking with Miki, Gabi's grandmother admitted that she participated in the gossip about our church. In this community, gossip is powerful. And, anything that is outside of Catholic tradition is quickly labeled as a sect. Due to the unfamiliarity with the history of the Baptist church, many in the community rely on distorted hearsay, rather than reality. We praise God for revealing Himself tonight through musical worship, the preaching of His word and Gabi's obedience in baptism.

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Above: Gabi's mother showing her loving support.

Peter preached a very clear message about God's provision of grace, and His call to us to follow Him in obedience. I thought he did an excellent job diffusing the misconceptions of baptism, and making clear from God's word why those who trust in Jesus follow Him in baptism. The Gospel was proclaimed clearly in His message and also through Miki as he lead musical worship.

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Above: One thing I love about our church are the relationships that are not restricted by generational barriers and backgrounds. I think the teens look to Miki, Dezs┼Ĺ and myself as father figures. We rejoice in their steps of obedience in following Jesus and are thankful for the privilege of being able to offer encouragement to them in their relationship with God.

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