We're here


Above: All packed up and ready to fly to Hungary.


The flight to Hungary was rough on the plane, but gracious to us! There were high speed tailwinds that hurried our plane to London. The landing in these winds felt like each wing had a bungee cord being yanked in opposite directions. Upon landing, the plane dramatically swayed left and right as the 50-70 mph gusts made themselves known. We praise God that these same winds delayed our flight out of London to Budapest, giving us extra time to get to our gate with three sleepy kids, two sleepy parents and three heavy bags. 

We asked for prayer for our bags to come in without a problem (that would be 23 bags), and for ease in going through customs. All bags were accounted for (under quick transfer conditions) and for the first time I've ever seen, there were no officers in the customs hallway where we exited the terminal...Praise God!

We were thankful for various PI friends meeting us at the airport, helping us transport our stuff and even sending a care package to get us through the first few nights. 


Above: Our temporary kitchen set up in our basement.

We have been rapidly unpacking and setting up our house in a manner that allows for renovation to be completed. Miki, Erika, Dezsô, teenagers Zoli and Gabi have spent a lot of time helping us out. We are so thankful for such friends that help the transition to go so much easier.


Above: Zoli about to demolish part of our kitchen. What fun.

P1130874.JPG IMG_0259.JPG

Above: Miki spent the day installing tile on our kitchen walls.

Benjamin and Elianna attended preschool today for the first time since we've been back. On the way over, Elianna said, "Dad, why is preschool only fun at Farsang?" (Farsang is a celebration similar to halloween in the States). Ben said, "No, it's not only fun them, it's always fun. We get to play with our friends and play games..." I was thankful for Ben's encouraging words to Elianna. They were both greeted with smiles and hugs from their teachers. After school, Elianna told me that she made three friends. Ben took a field trip ice skating. They both had a great time. We would appreciate your continued prayers for them in this time of transition. 

We are currently sick along with the majority of our team and some of the children. Please pray that we would be able to get adequate rest and that God would heal us from sickness.

Thank you for your prayer support. It truly means a lot to us!
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