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Migrant Crisis


For those of you who have been following the news, you most likely have heard about the thousands of migrants flooding into Hungary from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other nations over the past month. Last week, train stations in Hungary became make-shift camps as many waited for opportunity to board trains. Many Christians in Hungary began responding along with various non-profit organizations to help alleviate the suffering as the build-up of migrants increased.


Our home and our ministries to Hungarians and Romani happen in villages and small towns outside the city, so we didn’t see what was transpiring first hand. Sharon began collecting some blankets and other supplies in our house that organizations were requesting for help. As Ziva stood by wondering what was going on, Sharon explained the situation in children’s terms. Ziva, in her three year old grown up voice said, “Wait just a minute mom, I’ll be right back.” She darted to her room and came back with the stuffed Elmo she has slept with for years and said, “Can you give this to them?” Generosity can be contagious and we’re thankful for God showing us what generosity is first through sending His Son Jesus Christ.

The day before we commuted in to the city to help, our teammate Brenda had an opportunity to volunteer using her nursing skills. In the midst of the train station with all the noise, Brenda stood by a doctor who examined the woman who ceased to feel movement from her child. As she examined the pregnant woman, the doctor told Brenda, “I can’t hear anything.” Brenda asked if that was because of all the noise at the station or because there really were no signs of life. The doctor wasn’t sure and Brenda convinced them not to tell the woman until she had further testing at a hospital. Brenda then accompanied the woman to a local hospital and by God’s grace the child was fine!


The next day Sharon and I commuted in to Hungary’s Keleti Train Station where thousands were waiting for trains to move them further into Europe. With the help of another PI member Val, we began distributing hot coffee, hot chocolate, and toiletries. We found that having everything concealed and sitting with smaller groups helped to keep distribution from turning into chaos and allowed us to have brief conversations with those we met.



Above: Sharon was giving stickers, crayons and simple things to help the kids pass the time.


God brought my attention to Deut. 10:17-19 before coming: “For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe. He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing. Love the sojourner, therefore, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.

I also wanted to pray for the sick that we encountered as we wandered from tent to tent. I believe this is one of many ways to proclaim His kingdom and that He is risen. “He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal.” (Luke 9:2) After preparing coffee for a family under one tent, I inquired if anyone was in pain. One man removed his shoe and sock and pointed to a worn blister. I placed my hand on his bare foot and prayed for freedom from the irritation and Jesus removed the pain.

As we wondered around and continued meeting more people, two women from that same tent sought us out and also asked for prayer. I think they did not ask for prayer initially because they didn’t know what to expect, but the man with the blister who was part of their group must have convinced them. Since there are more strict boundaries in their culture between men and woman, I had Sharon place her hand on the women as we prayed for Jesus to touch them with healing. One was holding back the tears with her lip quivering. Many of these have been through terrible circumstances for months on buses, on boat, on foot and experienced their share of hatred and being disregarded as animals. But Jesus sent us to show them that they are highly valued and that there is hope in Him. It is my prayer that through this crisis many from these nations will be touched time and time again by ambassadors of Jesus Christ and His kingdom. It is my prayer that they will find a new life, not in this world, not in a new country, but in God’s kingdom as His children through faith in Jesus Christ.





Above: The following week, Ziva also joined us as we mingled with migrants in limbo in Budapest.


Above: One of the families we spent some time with. Notice the writing on the wall: “I want go to Germany”. Next to it, flags representing their journey with words above the flags, “God Bless you Hungarian People.”

On this day we met a group of men from Iran who accepted our offer of hot coffee and other supplies. I was able to pray for one man who had some type of cough and congestion telling Him that I believe in Jesus. Earlier I had picked up some literature from OM in their native language to distribute which was helpful to get the point across. As the men from Iran read through the half page print out about our Father and His love, he said with broken English, “You Christian…. WE CHRISTIAN TOO!” We had been praying for sovereign appointments and this was surely one of them.


Above: Reading through the evangelistic material (in their mother tongue) that we were able to distribute.




As of today, it was clear that a large majority of those who were stuck were able to get to the border due to drastic measures taken to help. However, news reports reveal that these measures were only temporary and the crisis is surely not over. We expect another build up of migrants once again over the next few weeks. Although we can’t commit all of our time to minister in this crisis, we are seeking to do what we can. We continue to be involved in full time ministry in various villages and God is at work in so many ways. I’ll be reporting about that in upcoming updates. For now, I wanted to turn your attention to this migrant crisis so that you can join us in prayer. Leaders need wisdom to make unified decisions that will help. Volunteers need wisdom and provision to bless those who are passing through or stuck and waiting to move on. Pray that this path that these many individuals and families are on would be a path where they encounter Jesus and come to know His compassion and His Gospel.

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